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Response from Readers of the Last Two Articles:
Trumping Elections and Remember September

THANKS for response from readers of these two articles. ~ CR

1- The Hubris and Horror of Donald Trump
Franz shared this: The GOP Presidential front-runner revealed his foreign policy to Fox News's Hannity during the second part of the highly-rated sitdown interview: Donald Trump Tells Sean Hannity That "We Have To Go In With Force And Take The Oil" From Iran
Thanks to Franz, I also saw this: Trump Calls Jesus A Socialist Loser: Washington Donald Trump said Tuesday that Jesus Christ was a socialist loser because he used to feed the poor and heal the sick.
Both articles are very revealing as to Trump's true character.
2- Urgent Alert for September 
Thanks to Charles for sharing this:
"I especially enjoyed your listing of the video of Simon Adkins on the YouTube video: Dire Predictions for 2015 by Dr. Simon Atkins... that 10 to 17% of people will get crazy for two days in September because they will not be able to process the energy shift. Some will not be able to sleep. Some leaders will be removed from office because they will not be able to process the energies."
Charles went on to say that earlier he discovered a video by Mat Kahn at www.truedivinenature.com/ who says that: One third of the planet begins rapid ascension into fifth dimension on September 27, 2015. This is the first wave of ascension. It is the energetic sensitive beings who will ascend. 'Ascension' is actually not an ascension but a descending of spirit into the body.
That descent of 'cosmic light' is what's morphing our DNA and consciousness. But as frequency shift in cosmic rays penetrate the crystal-like DNA transceivers in our cells, it refracts into spectral light in different arrays for different DNA, ranging from full-spectrum conscience to spectral autism. For many that will mean enlightenment of a systemic nature. For others that may mean brilliance in certain ways on certain rays of the consciousness spectrum, but "Dark, Unconscious & Heartless" (DUH) on other rays of the spectrum.

The 'crazies' in all walks of life may be popping off with brilliance in some ways but DUH in ways that are "Stuck In Negativity" (SIN) that interferes with the Spirit of Freedom-in-Love at the heart of global civility.
Or as reader Zach responded:
"Hi Chris, Remember what I told you long ago. The change WILL come, "like a thief at night", meaning we will not know the day or even period. The last phase of this process was started mid 1990 and went into full power beginning of 2000. It can't be stopped since it was requested by Gaia for her own sake (NOT humans) and granted by the Creator of All. In this perspective mankind is relatively insignificant. Those who wish to follow Gaia may do so if they qualify. Meaning living from heart and good will towards humanity without any thought of personal payback (the normal human way). The current view "what's in it for me" is the guaranteed way NOT to be able to follow Gaia on her adventure towards JOY."
Summary of the Two Articles:
The 'crazies' are already parading right before our eyes. People who like Trump are like Trump. They would take Iran's oil like they took Iraq's oil and Libya's oil, destroying a higher level of civility that sent refugees and angry terrorists rampaging across the Middle East. This is godless, loveless, dimwit insanity folks, exactly the kind of insanity we may see from a large percentage of the population when the September SHIFT hits the 'fan' of cosmic light flooding the Earth.
Perhaps that's what Jade Helm is really about - the Feds extracting the crazies from state and local governments. But what about Fed crazies? Who extracts the crazies who make a killing on war, disease and destruction of civility at home and abroad for their profit, power and control? Thanks to the Internet, that self serving insanity is quickly exposed with a collective conscience that shames the crazies.
The game is up for power elite potentates who are ethical infants. The wheels are still turning but the hamster is dead.
The power of prayer and devotion to divine order will come through the mainstream hearts and minds of global humanity, but the crazies won't see God, won't represent divine love, and will over-react to the craziness of others with their own bizarre out-of-balance 'solutions'.
This is a complex dynamic that requires conscientious common sense to comprehend.
Global humanity is a critical stage where it needs universal rights in the public sphere. Rigged horse-and-buggy representation systems will sooner or later be upgraded with direct representation of social conscience in social networks... utilizing interactive mass-to-mass TeLeComm for culturing coherent conscience beyond the matrix of lock-step left-brain political correctness that is morally wrong.

That's a highly decentralized open system of cooperation and coordination through interactive TeLeComm of, by and for ALL people, rather than a closed system of highly centralized command-and-control over the physical and human resources of Earth.

Universal love of, by and for the Family of Mankind in our global village is our divine destiny, and it will take 'Great Love' in the hearts of the multitude to check and balance the crazies who would trump our civility.
Be realistic. The 'veil' is thinning rapidly. The Schumann Resonance frequency of Earth governs consciousness in the "brain field" (holodeck), and it is shifting rapidly. Prepare your awareness of shift dynamics. Read, 'Nonlinear Perception'.
Mark my words, there will be a shift away from lock-step linear left-hemisphere thinking that is self-absorbed, self-serving or otherwise selfish with an inordinate love of power for profit at the expense of the ordained public power of love.
The Schumann Resonance frequency of the Earth is just between the brain-wave frequencies of Alpha and Theta in the left and right hemispheres of the personal and planetary holodeck respectively... and the surge of cosmic light at this time has carrier frequencies that culture resonance at higher brain wave frequencies of co-Operative co-Creation co-Ordination, ordained for regenesis of Earth.
This could get messy, but a global rEVOLUTION in higher Conscience is ordained for this time in order - with - to crystallize, geometrize or otherwise catalyze a more enlightened shift into collective Conscience of a global
TLC nature.
So pray and prepare with all your strength of heart, mind and soul. And love your global village 'neighbor' as thyself.
Shift Happens:) 


PS: Or as the 'ascended' Forest Gumption might say,
"Shift is what shift does."


 For Preppers - May your Conscience be your Guide
None of us know what will happen, but aside from pure chance or luck, 
those who are prepared are those with the best promise of thrival. 
Prepare spiritually, mentally, emotionally & physically for come what may.

Stock up on food reserves for savings, health and security.