Jan. 4-5 / 1st Full Moon of 2015

atONEment for 'atonement'

Decoding the Mysteries of 'G.O.D.'
Geometric Ordered Divinity ~ )
for Co-Creation with 'Creator'

by Christopher Rudy

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The world, as senior adults have known it, has rapidly changed with new instant-everywhere and interactive Internet abilities.

Young adults didn't experience this massive paradigm shift but will more likely look forward to its meaning in their future.

You can only expect mass responsibility for our future with greater response ability consistent with Internet capabilities.

Interactive mass-to-mass communication requires a universal interface that represents the language of consciousness.

Global humanity is thus returning to its 'roots' in conscious evolution with understanding of universal principles as common archetypes within ancient and modern maps of consciousness.

In modern psychology, pioneered by Carl Jung, it is revealed how the collective mind of humanity is represented throughout history by repeating patterns (maps) of consciousness seen in dream symbolism, religious ritual structures, astrology geometry, alchemy formulas, design of cultural artifacts, systems of government and those core processes of consciousness that define creative learning with a conscience.
This correct model of 'The Global Mind' is 'holistic', recognizing the holographic universe at work within one's brain holodeck.

In Christian mysticism, there are numerous references to the '4-square gospel' and 'New Jerusalem' depicted as the 'City Foursquare'. These all refer to the same archetypal pattern geometrized by the '' in , a mandalic reference to the U.S. Founders' symbolism on the Great Seal of the U.S, the capstone of the 4-sided pyramid of 'Self' and 'Civilization'.

 Spirit (fire) ~ Mind (air) ~ Emotion (water) ~ Physical (earth)
Government  ~  Education  ~  Health Care  ~  Economy
(Management)         (Media)        (Medicine)    (Marketing)

In New Age mysticism, advanced by Theosophy and teachings of the Ascended Masters, the same 4-sided archetype is referred to as the most powerful thought-form in the universe and the key to ascension of the planet.

In native cultures worldwide, we see the same archetypal mandalas of Christian mysticism and modern psychology as seen in Hopi and Tibetan sand paintings, the Mayan calendar, and Aztec and Hopi symbols on pottery and weavings.

Native Americans had a language for the four archetype 'codes' that represent the four 'powers' or 'spirits' that are represented  holographically throughout all creation.

In the model of universal archetypes, there are
  4 'directions' towards the same centered and connected
  "CAPstone" (Creative Ascent Process) representing
conscious evolution via "Great Spirit" (Power of Love)

 for global
power shift & movement towards wholEness:

  Etheric blueprint via Law of the ne;
       holistic holographic wholEness.

     Mental framing via Law of Two-in-ne;
          polarity versus divisive duality.

         Energy-in-motion via Law of the "Thrne";
            three-in-ne synergy of the trinity.

  Integration via Law of the Four-in-ne;
Hermetian Matrix 4 wholEness.

In quantum science of the source field, it is known that three
energy 'forces' -- right dynamic (), round magnetic () and
  "radiant" () -- are all integrated () to geometrize the fractal
 order of the holographic universe as represented in the brain
'holodeck' as "processes of consciousness" (light language).

The True Test of Spirituality is Integrated Practicality
The Key to Worldwide Enlightenment is
Integration of ALL the Archetypal Keys
 for WholEness and Holistic Healing via
  Universal for Global TeLeComm.

Global TeLeComm and 'The TLC Project'

 Since the best way to predict the future is to create it,
 predictive modeling will ideally see 2015 manifest with
  a holistic whole systems approach to systemic change
   with more TLC of an archetypal -centric nature.

Cultural DNA for
Global TeLeComm

Networking for the Net worth of
a more Enlightened Net reality

Linking the Light of Conscience
with the Language of Light

May the light on your path in 2015
  lead to atONEment and wholEness.
  And may your health be optimal with
    Super-Immunity Combo.
 ~ 'Dr. Christopher'