Co-Creation Co-Ordinates

Defining, Refining, Combining and "Shining" the First Principles of




               ~ "inear" eft-brain ogic of the “ogos” (aw) of  as “form” (space frame).  
                    This is the “spatial reasoning” (Law of the Angles) that “frames” (geometrizes)
                      the mind of “
G.O.D.” as "Geometrically Ordered Divinity" (sacred geometry).
           Note: The left brain processes “visually” (pattern recognition) and is optimized by
                      compartmentalized thoughtforms that reflect and perfect "divine order" ("looks" good).
                      In excess, the "
etter" of the "aw" creates walls in the mind that divide, "conquer"
                       or otherwise "killeth" the Spirit of the
aw of .

  ~ "Spherical (Spirit) at the heart of nonlinear right-brain language of light-as-consciousness;
“frequency" as a
time frame,  from moment to moment, as in frequently.
               This is the “frequent feeling” (Language of the Angels) that “resonates” (harmonizes)
               with the on-going synchronicity of holy compassion --
the music of the spheres”.
     Note: The right brain processes “frequencies” (audio) with an open mind that is optimized by
                   timing (frequently) that naturally flows and intuitively knows the "
" that "sounds" good.
               In excess, one's nonlinear feelings disconnect from higher mental frames of reference that
                    process energy-in-motion (e-motion) from a more linear grasp of the
anguage of .

~ "Co-Creation" through BALANCE of the  and  is synergized in the  "inter-action" frame.
              This is the “smart with a heart” that optimizes the holy spirit of
               via checks and balances on the extremes of left-right brain "polarization" (disconnect).
     Note: The Co-Creative left-right “brain switching” from a “third eye” (trinity) perspective
               neutralizes ”fight or flight” reactive reflexes of the lower reptilian brain with a more
                proactive frontal brain processing for the good consequences of "forward thinking";
                BALANCING the extremes of linear
aw without "freedom" ()... as in tyranny, and
                BALANCING the extremes of non-linear "
" freedom without aw... as in anarchy.

  ~  "Holism" via integration of a balanced --spirit in all 4-D "pyramid sides" ();
           This 4-D whole is greater than the sum of the
---parts; the 5-D "capstone".
               This framing of universal law represents the holographic brain-mind languaging process.
Note: the whol-
brain operates as a holographic interface for cognition that empowers
        soul evolution to the extent we comprehend the "Cosmic Cube" process involved.
             As you "frame" your awareness of the "golden rule" of natural law seen in the shape
                   of the gold molecule -- a cube within a cube -- you'll appreciate how this "Cosmic Cube"
       can frame the first principles of a "gold standard" for mass-to-mass


Organizing all information IN FORMATION in order to...

Get the vision~... Embrace the virtue~... Make the vow~... Claim the victory~.

Consider how these four dimensional constructs of the holographic universe truly represent
components to the "capstone conscience" (5th dimension) whereby rules
in our global instant-everywhere-interactive social networks and our social conscience thereby.

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