Table of Contents:
Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age


Insight and Outlook for Understanding the Overview of

Beyond the 'Deep State' of
 power elite corporatocracy,

A New Order of the Ages

This is the most important story
 that is not reported in the news.

SEE: October News Release HERE on the
           Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age

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NOTE: Urgent Oct. 1st video at the bottom
          regarding global economic reset.


Vision, Mission, Purpose and Plan
Personal and Planetary
Evolutionary Ascent

 Universal Rights in the Global Sphere;
     Enlightened Social Network Conscience;
   Empowering Wisdom ~ Coherent Love;
  Cooperative TeLeComm Co-Creation;
 Integral Inner Sense of Common Law
with a Common-Universal Language
   for more LIGHT and  on Earth.
    Balancing PowerWisdom and Love
   in the spirit of cooperative equanimity:
- Open Systems & Net Neutrality;
- Optimal Interactive Technology;
 - Web 3.0 Heartware CyberEthics
high touch high tech);
- Culturing ‘TeLeCommunication’
 (REAL vs ‘virtual’ Community)
TLC-TeLeCare Standards;
- The United Sovereigns of Earth
    with unity for global community.

Forgive the Past to Embrace the Future

 We can’t change what has already happened.
The justice that ‘just is’ thus happens NOW;
  the present (gift) of a fully present ‘Presence’.
   The future is thus created moment-to-moment,
building momentum that defines and refines
The Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age.

 So here’s to your insight and outlook for now;
understanding the big picture overview that
leads from global chaos to homeostasis and
 healing for blessing and sealing our future in
 the abundant life of light with global .

 “Be the change you want to see.”
~ 'Mahatma' (Great Soul) Gandhi

Global civilization has arrived at a point in time that is not unlike the Nation of India when Gandhi led the most successful non-violent independence revolution in history.

The success of Gandhi was largely due to his indomitable spirit of truth and love that he championed in the face of forceful-violent subjugation of India by the British Empire.

Today we see the same empire hubris of a global corporatocracy cabal oligarchy – the ‘Deep State’ - that suppresses sovereignty but is likewise succumbing to a new common sense of truth and love in the collective conscience of global social networks.

This emerging social conscience is the natural consequence of general enlightenment – the effect of conscious evolution revelations resulting from the computer/Internet revolution of instant-everywhere and interactive Net reality.

As truth and love matures in social networks, deception and inordinate fears are exposed, judged and ‘shamed’.

Social conscience wants only to be free with well-informed choice to know the truth and discern what to accept and what to reject.

"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to
 entertain a thought without accepting it."

~ Aristotle

So the Family of Mankind has arrived with a ‘global village’ in principle, but not yet fulfilled in practice. There are still power elite potentates who are ethical infants. General enlightenment is their nemesis, dumbing us down is their agenda, and suppression of health of body and mind – for profit and population control – is their method of operation:

          Mass fluoridation of US water supplies: this IQ-lowering policy afflicts more people in the US than all other countries in the world combined. It makes people docile, and was first used to fluoridate Hitler’s concentration camps. It’s also a primary cause of cancer – a big ‘profit center’ for the medical-industrial complex.


    Mass vaccination of the American public: this policy of injecting toxic genetic poisons and live pathogens into the blood stream has now become mandatory in California and Maryland with no exemptions. The politics and economics behind disease treatment – called ‘health care’ – are far more complex than the science documenting vaccine harm – from crib death and autism to allergies and cancer.


    Mass medication of Americans:A Nation of Pill Poppers’ (video) documents how the American people are the most drugged people on Earth. Illegal drugs get most of the headlines, but the number of Americans addicted to legal drugs is far greater than those addicted to illegal drugs. As you will see HERE, close to 70 percent of all Americans are currently on at least one prescription drug.  In addition, there are 60 million Americans that abuse alcohol and 22 million Americans that use illegal drugs.  What that means is that almost everyone you meet is going to be on something.  That sounds absolutely crazy, but it is true.
Note the suppression of the immune system and mental health of the American people caused by these three onslaughts above.


The virtual ‘religion’ of modern medicine has become a widespread “Belief System” (BS)… that chemical, vaccine and drug-pushing policies are scientifically validated, safe and effective. With some exception that's true, but as a whole it is shockingly destructive and outright killing us.

CDC Exposed: Millions of Americans Given Cancer from Polio Vax
Oct 3, 2016 /

Believe it or not, millions are dying from vaccine-induced cancer.
Keep the immune system strong to keep cancer viruses in check.

"Making a Killing"
The Untold Story of Drugging America! (Full Movie)

Being a moral human being requires discernment of
RIGHT and WRONG, and doing the right thing
even when authority tells you not to!


“The basic rules for being a good person are
 very simple. Treat every person as if he
owns himself, because he does!”

   Owning your own life is a moral-universal right
  recognized by all of ‘US’ (United Sovereigns)
  on Earth as in "Heaven" (Cosmos-at-large).

There is virtue in respecting universal rights
 and rejecting inordinate authority just for the
sake of being obedient, as robots or slaves,
especially if immorality betrays sovereignty.

   Unfortunately, some moral reprobates in high
  positions of authority have no respect for the
   rights of anyone or anything except their own
    special interests in profit and power over ‘US’
as United Sovereigns of Earth.

   The current politic circus in the United States
  can be seen as a political process designed
    to dupe the public into cooperating with, and
   even demanding, their own subjugation with
   a dark psychology of subservience to those
   with ‘militant mal-intent’ to control the world.

But that's all about to change - here's why!
(Debriefing following the first election debate)

"As long as those in power can trick people into:       
arguing over how government power should be used,
arguing over who should be robbed and how much,
arguing over who should be bossed and controlled,
   then the masses will always be at war with each other
   and will keep empowering tyrants and throwing away
    their own freedom.”


  "Most people already understand and abide by the
        non-agression principle even if they've never          
   heard it called that. In short, the non-aggression
      principle states: it's NOT ok to commit agression,
   to start a fight, to attack someone else, and that
   physical force is only justfied to defend against

     Ethical authority with global cyberEthics is emerging
       with a social conscious upgrade process that involves
       and evolves our individual and collective Conscience:
 The Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age.

  The opportunity we have is a challenge for
deeply entrenched divisive

Realize that the solution to the divide-to-disempower agenda
is quite simply a unite-to-empower agenda that knows better
 how to do better in service to all of ‘
US’ in heart, mind & soul.

 The VISION ‘alone – all one – can truly be the catalyst for a
self-fulfilling prophecy to the extent it is conceived, believed
and achieved when positioned, packaged & promoted to be
 whole enough, bold enough and told enough to
make it so!

How we unite the global tribes of “IS REAL”
- what IS REAL in
G.O.D.~ Source -
  for unity-in-diversity principle and processes
 at the
interactive heart of global TeLeComm.

Or by default, witness 'Part Two of TRIBALISM':
How Globalists Occupy Your Mind To Control Everything

“There is a war on reality, and the battlefield for that war
   is your consciousness.”
~ Mike Adams, The Health Ranger

 The history of the ‘war on reality’ is actually the long history
of the corporatocracy that has challenged democracy with
  plutocracy and autocracy of the ‘oil-igarchy’ that has over-
ruled energy production and power to control the banking
    system, health care system, education system, mass media
  and corporate collusion with government – the
Deep State.

(Skip to Part 3 at 41 min. for summary.)

This is the whole unvarnished history of the Rockefeller
 oligarchy (oil-igarchy) that epitomizes the love of power
in extreme – compromising the ordained power of love
  with inordinate power over people, NOT of the people.

Guess what the opposite of that looks like?

  Have you grasped the essence of this book?

    Do you see how it’s not just a history lesson?


 Is it true the 'Deep State Media Cabal' has been
    trying to consolidate control through mergers, but
     is loosing control due to a free and open Internet?

If you had a hunch that the News Media
 was somehow rigged by the Deep State
cabal of powerful special interests, but
 didn’t know how, this makes it obvious:

ABC News executive producer Ian Cameron is married to Susan Rice, National Security Adviser. 

CBS President David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, Obama's Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications. 

ABC News correspondent Claire Shipman is married to former Whitehouse Press Secretary Jay Carney 

ABC News and Univision reporter Matthew Jaffe is married to Katie Hogan, Obama's Deputy Press Secretary 

ABC President Ben Sherwood is the brother of Obama's Special Adviser Elizabeth Sherwood 

CNN President Virginia Moseley is married to former Hillary Clinton's Deputy Secretary Tom Nides. 

The Clinton Foundation subsidizes the Deep State with deep ties to Big Banks, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Media and Big Government collusion.

Ya think there might be a little bias in the news?

False-flag terror-for-tyranny tactics exposed
with article on faked terrorist videos HERE.

Pentagon Paid $540 Million to Create Fake Terrorist Videos

Still image from ISIS propaganda video. (photo: PA)
Excerpt: "The Pentagon gave a controversial UK PR firm over
half a billion dollars to run a top secret propaganda program
 in Iraq, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism can reveal."


(Facebook / Corbett Report)

 Paradigm Shift to Truth and Reconciliation:

Do you see why the Internet scares the cabal
 and 'paradigm paralysis' of the Deep State?

Are you aware that a whole systems upgrade
is waiting to fulfill universal rights worldwide?

Would you agree that 'US' United Sovereigns
have the ordained power to define and refine
 a golden rule/law language for a golden age?

 This is the Prime Directive in
Emerging Blueprint:

Affirmation: global self-rule with cyberEthics,
our self-healing with TeLeCare,
cooperative co-creation, and
common sense unity Conscience.

     Based on your resonance with these 1st principles,
   please care to share
Emerging Blueprint. It’s free.
    And it’s important. A free-open Internet is at stake.


Obama-UN Internet 'Takeover' by Oct. 1st
Sept 29, 2016 /
Excerpt: A stellar coalition of 77 generals, admirals, intelligence experts, cybersecurity professionals, and industry leaders sent a letter to Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Joseph Dunford, calling on them to intervene in opposition to President Obama's radical plan to jeopardize the security of the Internet, which is vital to national (and global) security.
If you follow the Corbett Report, this is a complete
 misrepresentation of what is actually happening.
Worse, hyperbole about a
"UN takeover" of
the Internet obscures the real solution with
worldwide decentralized 'Net neutrality'.
So is the alarmist 'UN Takeover' a Deep State ploy to
own the Internet for limiting open source disclosure
of unprecedented opportunity for global Netizens?
Who knows? Powershift can be messy, and without
 vision of virtue and valor for the victory of 'Big Love',
  the inordinate love of power will resent and resist an
   open Internet maturing in the ordained power of love.

"Where love rules, there is no will to power. 
And where power predominates,
there love is lacking. 
The one is the shadow of the other."

~ Father of Modern Psychology, Carl Gustav Jung

The Most Important Story You Didn't See In The News

Published Oct 1, 2016 /
This explains the timeline dynamics of global economic reset now.
 It explains how Western powers are being checked and balanced.


   Oct 11th - Understanding the 'Deep State' of Things
   Oct 13th - The Global Crisis and Opportunity Now
   Oct 19 - Rumors of War and Blueprint for Peace
Oct 22 - Global Enlightenment FLASHPOINT

The evolutionary ascent of global humanity
is accelerating with enlightened opportunity.

Seize the VISION Emerging Blueprint

   Embrace the Virtue United Sovereigns

   Commit with Valor – Network the Vision

     Claim the Victory – Peace and Prosperity

There’s no security without purity of intention for
focused attention on global retention of
TLC for
 ascension in a dimension of full comprehension
 on Earth –
United Sovereigns – as in ‘Cosmos’.

For More … Easier and Faster…
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So I’m sending a link to a free e-book that discusses
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The author’s story begins with his miraculous
experience documented with photos in 1971:
On the Path of God and Country’.

  The 12 chapters of Emerging Blueprint were
    written over 3 months in the latter part of 2016.
   This includes dozens of embedded videos and
     hundreds of links to recent enlightened articles.

    There’s a very positive message in this e-book,
       highlighted in contrast to dark signs of the times.

    Seize the vision of the 'Big Picture' of 'Big Shift'
   that defines and refines Aquarian Age virtues

    Please forward this to your sphere of influence.


PS: Universal Love for global peace and prosperity
          may be much different from what you conceived
        yet far better than you ever believed possible:)


"You may never know what results come of your actions
but if you do nothing there will be no results."
~ Mahatma (Great Soul) Gandhi

“We have it in our power to begin the world over again.”
~ Thomas Paine, COMMON SENSE, the catalyst for
  birthing freedom in the New World of America.

Keep the Faith, See the Good, and Make it So!

Host of BBS Radio's Cosmic LOVE

Oct. 1st show on the Emerging Blueprint HERE.

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The Spiritual Work - Our Mission Together
for Enlightened Transformation of Earth

Oct. 2, 2016 /

 David C. Lewis explains the four archetypes in
   Christian mysticism from Revelations regarding
    the lineage of spiritual teachers, East and West,
 and their message to enlighten humanity now.


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