Election Debate:
'Deep State' Debriefing

Christopher Rudy / Heartcom Network

Updated Oct 11, 2016

Are you open to a somewhat unconventional
perspective on this election?  If so, read on.

The "Deep State" Behind U.S. Democracy 
Peter Dale Scott / VoltaireNet.org

In his book The Road to 9/11, now available in French, Professor Scott traces back the history of the ‘Deep State’ in the U.S., that is to say the secret structure steering defense and foreign policy behind the façade of democracy. His analysis lifts the veil on the group that organized the September 11 attacks and finances itself through international trafficking networks. Regarded as a reference book, The Road to 9/11 is already featured as recommended reading at military and diplomatic academies.
Why The Deep State Is Dumping Hillary
Sep 25, 2016 / OfTwoMinds.com
"The governed are ready for a period of consolidation
and diplomatic solutions to unwinnable conflicts,
as imperfect as the peace might be to hawks."

"A decade after the collapse of the U.S.S.R. and 25 years after Vietnam, the Deep State was once again enamored of expansion, hot wars, conquest and nation-building. Fifteen years on, despite endless neocon PR and saber-rattling, the smarter and more adept elements of the Deep State [the "White Hats" ~CR], have given up on expansion, hot wars, conquest and nation-building." ~ Charles Hugh Smith

ARE YOU AWARE that the 'Deep State' is the unelected power centers of the central government that continue on regardless of which person or party is in elected office?

IS IT TRUTH that this election has been rigged from the beginning to 'elect' the candidate selected by 'Black Hats' of the 'Deep State'?
WOULD YOU AGREE that both candidates are warfare state advocates but one is a proven war hawk who represents the dark side of the Deep State?
That's clearly demonstrated in this short video clip:
Who is the better bull in the
global china shop?

The American people have had it with endless war ambitions of the 'Deep State' that never learned the lesson of Vietnam - the Imperial over-reach that led to the costly, drawn-out failure of 'nation-building' in the name of exporting democracy.
The same pattern has been repeated with the Mideast wars that have exceeded Vietnam in murderous carnage, refugee populations, and length of duration.
Most Americans and billions of global Netizens are tired of Imperial expansion, quagmires, proxy wars and 'nation-building' that ends up destroying sovereign nations abroad.
Enlightened global Netizens are well aware of the 'Deep State' agenda to restrict sovereignty at home in the name of securing freedoms until we have neither freedom nor security - just a high surveillance police state.
But that's about to change. The oligarchy is loosing its grip, resorting to blatant propaganda with 'atrocity porn':

How the American Media Monopoly Serves
as a Transmission Belt for Wars of Choice

Sept 21, 2016 / ChroniclesMagazine.org

Global geopolitical and economic 'reset' is imminent.
The Deep State is disintegrating while a New Order of the Ages is integrating. The Deep State corporatocracy media is NOT reporting this while they distract us with the election circus.

"ARISE" - Intel SITREP Sept 27, 2016
EXCERPT: "China is going to release their gold holdings on or before September 30 as they agreed back in 2009 when they choose to reform the IMF and become the fifth IMF Special Drawing Rights (SDR) currency - which is a basket of currencies designed to form one global reserve currency along with the Japanese Yen (bankrupt), United States Dollar (bankrupt), British Pound (Brexit), European Dollar (bankrupt) and Chinese Yuan/Renimbi (gold backed).
"You tell me which currency is the dog and which is the tail in this scenario?"
"And so when China announces their gold holdings sometime this week, they're politely telling the world it's time to move back to the gold standard in a non-threatening soft power kinda way. But nonetheless,
there's a new standard of value globally, and all better get on board ASAP." ~ Continued at "ARISE" - Intel SITREP Sept 27, 2016  (999 numerology timecode)
Keep in mind the new standard of value globally - the VALUE of the golden rule/law language at the heart of the soft power gold standard  for non-violent global transformation: Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age.
The FORM of the Next Economy - to be successful - will naturally follow the FUNCTION JUNCTION: the interactive interface for mass-to-mass
TeLeComm with Web 3.0 CyberEthics.
So consider how billions of global Netizens have become enlightened with our new Net reality opportunity to wise up and rise up for unity in diversity... for all of 'US' as 'United Sovereigns' of Earth.
There's no getting past pathological history without a clear vision of global truth and love for reconciliation and healing.
The global Internet has unveiled the horrific truth of US
  and NATO financing of ISIS mercenaries with the same
  pre-planned intent and agenda that began the Iraq war.
General Wesley Clark - Wars Were Planned:
Seven Counties in Five Years


 The Syrian war is not a 'Civil War'.
It's a US-NATO invasion.

Published on Sept 17, 2016
 US Peace Council Representatives CONFRONT
a hostile American press after visiting Syria and
 learning that the American public is being lied to
 in a systemic, gross and morally repugnant way.

Will the USA Ever Come Clean
About Supporting ISIS?

Published on Sept 26, 2016
   The Syrian envoy to the United Nations dismissed the
    accusations of NATO's UN Security Council members
 that Syria used weapons to harm their own people...
   blaming the victims with baseless disinformation.

    "Let the world community judge them
for their actions and their words."
~ Mike Harris in the video

Wake up Call, America - We're Being Played:
The Real Reason People Are Voting for
Hillary and Trump

Sept 26, 2016 / ActivistPost.com
If Americans continue to accept “lesser of two evilism,
the only thing we will end up with is increased evil.

The Most Important Story Not Reported in the Media
[VIDEO at the bottom of EPILOGUE]


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