Table of Contents: 
Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age

Chapter 11

United Sovereigns of Earth

The Family of Mankind in our Global Village
All-Connected ‘
TeLeComm’ Capabilities
Culturing Social Network Conscience
Law and Order via ‘Light and Love’
Systemic Holistic Enlightenment


Web 3.0

"What tedious training, day after day, year after year, 
never ending, to learn common sense."

~ Mark Twain

A Pledge of Allegiance for Common Sense
of One for All and All for One World United

The Common Sense of the Family of Mankind
in a Global Village of Internet Reality
- All-Connected Net Reality -
for All of “
US’ as
United Sovereigns of Earth.

 As worldwide humanity “experiences itself” as the
    all-connected Family of Mankind in a global village,
there is a revolution in higher expectations with a
  new common sense of ourselves as one WHOLE:
 indivisible with liberty and justice for all of ‘
US’ as
United Sovereigns of Earth.

With this vision of empathic virtue for all of ‘US
the future of peace and prosperity looks good.

   Without vision – US as one – the people perish;
 divided and conquered by conflicting agendas
     of power elite potentates who are ethical infants.

 United with empathic cooperation, we win.
    But divided by competitive conflict, we lose.

      So keep your faith in the ordained power of love.

    Hold the vision of empathic virtue of, by and for
all of ‘
US’… on Earth as in Cosmos-at-large.

 And care to share this vision far and wide.

Sept 16, 2016 (Full Moon Eclipse)

"Activism without spirituality is blind, and 
spirituality without activism is lame... 

  What we need now is a new form of 'spiritual activism'
 as combines both spiritual and social transformation.
      Nothing less can marry the heart's longing to the world's
   need, and give birth to a truly compassionate society."

~ Will Keepin

All conflict is caused by mismatched expectations.

    Some want major change. Others want little or none.

   Some want peace. Others profit from terror and war.

Some want health. Others profit from creation and
treatment of disease.

 Some want more empathy as TLC.  Others not so much,
lacking ‘empathy’ for even their own higher conscience.

This is ALL largely an issue of ‘empathy’.
5 minute empathy overview. Are you empathic?

 Empathy is the most important virtue of good parenting.
It is the core virtue for culturing global Internet civility.
 And it’s the heart of Net reality as reflects Net worth;
the currency at the heart of the ‘Next Economy’.

The currency of social conscience will
  naturally upgrade our social networks.

Six Habits of Highly Empathic People
Sept 9, 2016 /

  Some of us want things to get better, including
  upgrade of empathy through interactive “
TeLeComm, TeLeCare and TeLeConscience
   with ethical (
heart coherent) TeLeCommerce”.

  Others see progress, from problem to solution, only
    in terms of harnessing out-of-control corporatocracy,
    the government collusion with corporate monopolies
  that want full spectrum dominance of all markets
  through ‘secret trade deals’ like “TPP” or “TPPA”
(Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement)
 which is an ‘end run’ of corporatocracy to by-pass
sovereign-universal Rights in the public Sphere.

 Perhaps the solution is more 'heart' as will
  make 'smart' accountable to public benefit.

 Culturing social conscience with TLC empathy will
naturally mature the ordained power of love at the
  heart of response-able democracy that checks and
   balances inordinate powergrabs by corporatocracy.

4+ billion global Netizens are now experiencing a
   wholly new social conscience that is emerging with
    interactive civility in our ubiquitous social networks.

 More than one billion Netizens worldwide are now
interacting every day on Facebook. And as of the
  second quarter of 2016, Facebook had 1.71 billion
monthly active users... from all around our world.

 This ‘real-time’ connection of hearts and minds
 worldwide is empathically progressing beyond
 national boundaries to culture the
Currency of
of Conscience
for the Family of Mankind in an
an all-connected ‘mind field’ that represents a
 ‘gold mind’ for all of
US if only we ‘mind it’ with
gold standard for a worldwide golden age.

Enlightened Ascent with Common Sense

 Empathy is thus an expression of ‘heart coherence
that resonates as the frequency of holy compassion,
  the spirit of cooperation, community orientation, and
   in general the nature of universal love that sees how
   ‘the other’ is an extension of one’s own kind self.

Cultural historian Roman Krznaric reveals how the art of
empathy can not only enrich one's own life but also
help to create social change that we all want.

The technology used so far for Internet communications
has evolved to culture general enlightenment regarding
 both core problems of, and solution for, global evolution
 along more enlightened lines of spherical-global unity.

Harmonizing mismatched expectations with empathy

We can’t have free-open Net reality while
indulging the tyranny that lacks empathy
   at the same time. But this is the challenge
 and opportunity for overcoming '
DUH' as
Dense, Unconscious and Heartless'.

Gross defects in the process of representing the 99%
now obscures actual gains, and it’s literally killing us.

 But that’s about to change with self-evident progress
of the computer/Internet revolution towards Web 3.0.

Unrestrained corporatacracy must be accountable
to Constitutional democracy or it is tyrannical and
harmful to all of ‘US’ - United Sovereigns of Earth.

Because of the Internet, people worldwide know
that vaccines are risky at least - deadly at worst,
 seeding the body with toxins and pathogens that
   can undermine health - a lifetime of disease - and
    extremely profitable for Big Pharma while causing
  mass suffering and premature death for millions;
  a well documented Rockefeller eugenics agenda
  that the corporatocracy promotes... via vaccines.

Sept 13, 2016 /


Published on Sep 12, 2016

The CDC issued a Federal Register notice on August 15th
    to amend the Public Health Act. This notice states that CDC
 would like to expand government police powers... to arrest
    people who look "unwell". Public comment is open until Oct.
    14, 2016. Watch this video and learn more. Visit to
     read this fully referenced commentary and access resources
   to understand this threat of expanded police state powers...
and take action today.

Live cancer viruses have been vaccine injected
 like a biological time-bomb that is triggered by a
  weak immune system, sometimes decades later.
More at: ‘The True Story of Vaccine Danger

There’s nothing more nefarious than public ‘health care’ that has been privatized for disease treatment profits – an obvious conflict of interest that is literally killing us by plan and intent – a population control and reduction agenda for the profit of powerful corporate interests, accountable to stockholder profits above all... whether for more war, disease or the 'prison-industrial complex' - privatized punishment for profit.

  If that sounds pathologically insane, that’s because it is.
 And every since the nefarious Supreme Court decision
  of ‘
Citizens United’, the corporatocracy has been raised
 above democracy.  Profits-before-people policies often
  pit Corporate Law against ordained Constitutional Law.


  By popular demand, thanks to global enlightenment,
our institutions will evolve with good representation
 of, by and for the public as a whole. New metrics for
  culturing public consensus, Web 3.0, are emerging.

 Ready or not, big changes are rapidly transforming
 all our core social, political & economic institutions.

 The next phase of the computer/Internet revolution
is emerging as the capability to upgrade our tired
horse-and-buggy representation systems with an
instant-everywhere and interactive Internet that is
navigated with a
Universal TeLeComm interface.

Universal TLC at the heart of global social networks
(The VISION emphasized in Chapter Ten)

  One important application of Universal TeLeComm
Global TeLeCare – free online self care service
    that optimizes well-informed choice for the analysis,
  prevention and management of all known disease,
     serving Netizens worldwide with highly personalized
      self care capabilities to OWN YOUR OWN HEALTH.

This is a priority issue of SOVEREIGNTY.

 If we don’t own our own health, all other universal
Rights in the global Sphere are as compromised
  as was the ‘public option’ for health care CHOICE
  that was surrendered to the corporatocracy under
‘ObamaCare’ which has failed because there are
more corporate incentives to profit from disease,
 and virtually no incentive to prevent those profits.

Maryland Schools Ban Thousands Of Students
Without Government-Mandated Vaccinations

Sept 16, 2016 /
First California and now Maryland: corporatocracy tyranny
risks education over profit-guzzling policies of Big Pharma.
 This battle will heat up to a fever-pitch before it is resolved.

Obama promised CHANGE we can all believe in.
  That now includes mandatory insurance for health
    ‘care’ that pushes mandatory vaccines – no choice.

  Note how Obama has changed his tune in 8 years:

6.7+ million views on Facebook

     So Obama has been co-opted by the corporatocracy
      and now endorses Hillary to take over 'health reform'
that Hillary tried to push through Congress when
     Bill was elected President, but failed. Will she fix it?

   The fix is in folks. The corporatocracy wants Hillary
  -- for a medical-media-miltary industrial complex --
  to dictate policies that serve primarily themselves.

 They want ownership and control of body and soul.

That includes corporate media as seen in this clip
that shows how 'talking points' are distributed to
corporate media to spin 'news' in Hillary's favor.

Obviously, the corporatocracy elite is backing Hillary.

 But billions of Netizens worldwide get their news
  from the Internet and KNOW that corporatocracy
is serving profits of the 1% at the expense of all
of ‘
US’ as United Sovereigns of Earth who want
well-informed CHOICE to own our own lives.

Transcript with hot-links: HERE.

 A crowdfunding campaign for Global TeLeCare
to produce a video documentary about it
has already contributed toward developments,
but is still a long way from funds for fulfillment.

Social Conscience must be raised
- divided we fall but united we rise -
for liberation of our ‘Net reality’
with the wealth of public health
as a foundation for prosperity.

For the United Sovereigns
of Earth… Make it So!


Full Spectrum TeLeComm

To  with all your strength, mindheart and soul,
and your all-connected Netizen neighbors as thyself.

~~~~~~~~~ ASCENT BONUS ~~~~~~~~~

 For those Initiates, Lightworkers & makers
   who have read this far, here's a recent 13 min. audio
  recording of an Ascended 'BEING' (BE
 IN God) who
  has a timely message on mindful conscious ascent.

Center in the heart of your heart and listen
with that coherence (audio replay) at:

Planetary Alchemy in Mindfulness
Created Sept 14, 2016
(Padma Sambhava via David C. Lewis)
or the video with audio HERE.

   All Ways , Always...

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