Global Co-Creation Series

From Healing Crisis to Recovery

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Our home – planet Earth – is in a healing crisis
because fear is forging our dis-ease fetters.

This compendium claims the victory of a
Higher Power over the Deep State of
 dis-ease in the Family of Mankind.


 1- The Whole Truth Neuters the Big Lie;
   Holistic Healing Eclipses Big Pharma.
2- The Root Cause of Global Dis-ease;
  Fear Weakens Immunity to Disease.

3- Consequence for Willful Ignorance;
Either We Self-Correct Or We Suffer.

       Everyone sees our world changing very fast.
      We want to know what is really happening,
and WHY.

 The Family of Mankind wants 'knowledge'
   (the whole truth and nothing but the truth),
because the power of wisdom with love 
will prevent a future we do not want, and
will prepare a future we all want to see.  
 Netizens of Earth want Internet Freedom
  to make well-informed choices instead of
   being told what to do by those individuals
  and cabals that led the world into chaos.
So Keep the Faith, See the Good,
and Make it So!


May 7, 2020 / Wesak Full Moon in Scorpio

Skip to the bottom for some humor videos and
a Wesak message from Gautama Buddha.

1- The Whole Truth Neuters the Big Lie;
 Holistic Healing Eclipses Big Pharma.

Just as when you are sick and purging toxins
with a cold, fever, coughing, vomit, diarrhrea
  and other flu-like symptoms of viral shedding,
 so is global humanity now in a healing crisis;
  spiritually, mentally, emotionally & physically.

     Spiritually, there is inordinate mass fear which
inverts, subverts and perverts fearless faith.

Mentally, fear creates anxiety, anger, argu-
mentation, and shuts down an open mind.  

Emotionally, fear fosters negative feelings
with depression of the sense of well-being.

  Physically, fear afflicts the immune system,
weakening spiritual, mental and emotional 
resistance to dis-ease which manifests in 
 the body because they are all connected.

Obviously, holistic healing via all the above
 begins with fearless faith - the Whole Truth
that liberates us from the Big Lie that is so
  BIG and bold and so often told that billions
  of people actually believe it re: coronavirus.
So what is the Whole Truth that
liberates us from the Big Lie?
  A holistic health initiative of unbiased integrity
    - properly positioned, packaged & promoted -
    will mainstream the Aquarian dream of global
  holistic healing standards for optimal health.

  Global TeLeCare Upgrades HERE:
(It’s come a long way in 9 years)

2- The Root Cause of Global Dis-ease;
   Fear Weakens Immunity to Disease.

    '2020' is the CODE for Perfect Vision.
    It is also the year that will go down in history
  as the moment we finally opened our eyes:
   the Great Awakening - from
fear to FAITH.

From Love of Power to Power of Love.

The ordained Power of Love is the
light-side of the force’.
The inordinate Love of Power is the
‘dark-side of the force’.

This is the battle of light and darkness
as seen in the ‘Star Wars’ movies.

This is also the battle we now see on Earth
between the High State and Deep State.


Three Short Videos – Must Watch:

1- Plandemic Movie Update;
 2- CARES Act Premeditated;
 3- Finally some Good News!

1- Did you see the PLANDEMIC Movie? I sent it to list members Tuesday (HERE). YouTube took it down TWICE, so I finally loaded a Bitchute version. Plandemic exposes the scientific and political elite who run the scam that is our global health system. This 'revelation' is prelude to a new plan that allows all of humanity to reconnect with the 'healing forces of nature' [Global TeLeCare].

2- Here’s a 7 minute shocker. Apparently the 2 trillion $ bankster bailout in the CARES Act was written BEFORE the Coronavirus contagion. Just like the Patriot Act was written the year before 9-11. Plandemic BUSTED!

May 4, 2020 / HighImpactVlogs
Documented proof from the Government's
 Own websites:

- Trump Signs HR 748:
- White House Transcript:
- WHO Indicates start of "pandemic":
- Proof HR 748 was introduced a YEAR
  and TWO months BEFORE anyone
  heard of Coronavirus:
- Track the Bill as it passed through Congress:

3- Finally some GOOD NEWS!  Here’s a 5 minute shocker from Internet sensation Dr. Rashid Buttar, who explains how the Coronavirus Task Force has effectively dumped the Bill Gates, CDC and World Health Organization predictive contagion model, and is now working with the REAL DATA!

May 5, 2020 /
Dr Rashid A Buttar
Why Did The Media Not Talk About This?
This just came out Tuesday, but watch it ASAP
 because YouTube is rapidly taking down videos
that challenge the CDC's dictatorial fake news.
 See also Buttar's
URGENT May 7 video HERE.

And what is the REAL DATA showing us?

Two-thirds of New Yorkers hospitalized with the coronavirus were admitted from their homes, a "shocking" statistic that defies social-distancing logic, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Wednesday. The curious conclusion was reached in a three-day survey of patients hospitalized with the bug conducted this week, and revealed by Cuomo during his daily press briefing. "Sixty-six percent of the people were at home, which is shocking to us," said Cuomo. The same survey found that 46 percent were unemployed, and 37 percent retired. "So, that says they're not working, they're not traveling," said Cuomo. "These people were literally at home." Despite the facts, Cuomo doubled down on his calls for social-distancing... even though it's obviously NOT the causal factor! This is what liars do when caught. They lie 'harder' (double-down).

Coronavirus hype biggest
political hoax in history

April 28, 2020 /
The new coronavirus is real. The response to the
coronavirus is hyped. And in time, this hype
will be revealed as politically hoaxed.

There's a war on truth going on.
More on this at:

Digital Book Burning in a Totalitarian Age
May 6, 2020 /

We are fast becoming a nation - nay, a world -
of book burners.

Facebook's 'Ministry of Truth' Goes Live:
Social Media Giant Names 20 People to Its
 'Supreme Court' for Content Moderation

May 6, 2020 /

Facebook on Wednesday appointed 20 people from around the world to serve on what will effectively be the social media network's "Supreme Court" for speech, issuing rulings on what kind of posts will be allowed and what should be taken down.The rules, including Facebook's "community standards," have evolved to prohibit not only illegal images...but also hate speech, harassment and, most recently, false information about the coronavirus p[l]andemic [i.e., facts that run contrary to the goals of Bill Gates, Big Pharma, CDC, NIH and WHO]. The board's decisions will be binding "unless implementation could violate the law," Facebook said... Day-to-day enforcement of the rules will still be up to Facebook, which uses a combination of computer algorithms and human moderators to decide which posts violate its rules. ###

Note from CR: Facebook is a public forum that has been 'privatized', meaning it puts stockholder profits above public rights under the Constitution. Corporate law violates Constitutional law when profits trump people. When people trump profits, Aquarian Spring will mature with social network platforms licensing TeLeComm capabilities for co-creating 'The Alliance' of alliances on 'The Network' of networks - the Cosmic Web of Aquarian Light & .

3- The Consequence for willful ignorance;
Either We Self-Correct Or We Suffer.

Either we do better – as much and as well as
we know better with well-informed choice –
or we suffer with the moral equivalence
 of divorce from the spirit that matters.


“When you speak of who you were, 
    remember who you are becoming.”
~ Gautama’s Wesak video (below)

 We are what we believe at the core
pure intention 
having become what we believed.

We are who we seek in ourselves
having become what we sought.

We are how we feel about ourselves
self esteem
having become what we felt.

We are what we DO with all this
our integrity
having become what we did.


   There is no future for humanity if we continue
   to make crap out of our DNA and bodies with
 toxic genetic poisons in food, air, water, and
injected into our bodies with toxic vaccines,
and mutating all our cells with 5G radiation.

 Heaven knows that if we do not self-correct
in a holistic systemic way with enlightened
of a truly universal-cosmic nature,
then the fear-monger media will have won
as our worst fears will then come upon us.

 We could have heaven on Earth folks.
But first we’ve got to claim the victory
  via intention, attention and retention of
unprecedented for ascension
 in dimensions of unity comprehension

Really Graceful Summary of THE CRISIS:

May 4, 2020 /

The compelling reason for

Either we’re busy being ‘reborn’ (self-correcting),
or we’re busy dying (self-destructing).

When our system of global government is corrupted
by power elite potentates who are ethical infants,
the superrich rig the system so they get richer
while the 99.99 percent suffer the pathology
of subservience to encroaching tyranny.

This is what happened in 1776 in America,
and this is now the global rEVOLUTION.

In the larger quantum field scheme of things,
Pluto has now finished a complete orbit to
the same degree of alignment with the
 1776 deep space field of Capricorn;
a conflicted time of
from a top-downward spiral
(corporatocracy tyranny)
'bottom-up ascent'

  It’s a global affair now. A new Common Sense is
  matriculating the 3D matrix of global intelligence
 with 5D ‘spherical’ (spiritual) Conscience… and
just in time (4D)… from Internet to 

The Movement Towards WholEness

From Internet => To Web 3.0 InnerNet
(from cyberspace to inner space)

Centralized => Decentralized

One Way => Interactive

Closed Systems => Open Systems

Lock-Step => Self Regulating

Best for Elite => Best for All

When the government becomes the Deep State
   of corporate interests with a vested interest in the
  ownership and control of all physical and human
 resources, IT’S TIME TO DECENTRALIZE with
  interactive open systems that represent all ‘US’:
United Sovereigns of Earth’.

  Our horse-and-buggy representation systems
   are getting a space age 
TeLeComm upgrade.

    Just as the best education is life-long self education,
  and the best health care is conscientious self care,
  so is the best government truly self government of,
   by and for ALL people – the Family of Mankind in a
  global village of instant-everywhere and interactive
TeLeComm capability for unity in our diversity.

So Keep the Faith and See the Good:
A Vision for the Future of Humanity

- Universal ‘Rights'
- Public 'Sphere'
- 'Co~Creating'
- TeLeComm

Bottom Line ~ Just in Time!

A little humor and inspiration to top it off.

May 1, 2020 / Bill Maher
"Your immune system says, We got this."

What a hoot!  Have a good laugh:)
'What It's Like to Believe Everything
the Media Tells You'


May 6, 2020 / AwakenWithJP
More than 3 million views in 5 days


May 7, 2020 /

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