2021 Aquarian Spring Prelude Series

Beyond Fear and Tyranny Tactics
August 8, 2021 / New Moon in Leo

The war for our hearts and mind has intensified.
(many hearts but one mind of fearless faith)

 The collective consciousness of global humanity
 is extremely polarized with divisive 'FEAR'
(False Evidence Appearing Real).

As Aquarius surges, the Deep State purges.

 In the past month, there's been a sudden deluge
of covid vaccination and passport propaganda...
 documented in my previous compendium

The global rEVOLUTION is accelerating.

This is a natural consequence of the  
Lightbearers worldwide ‘see the light’
 and are waking up to a ‘social control’
agenda - as I've reported for years -  
PLUS a global liberation opportunity.

  The instant-everywhere and interactive
  computer/Internet revolution is globally
 being fulfilled; a new 'Common Sense'
  (Family of Mankind) in a global village.

 Aquarian principles of Light &
- representing all Netizens of Earth -
are being integrated with the upgrade
of our 'Five Core Internet Freedoms'   
 within local and global social networks
  that are self-regulated and self-healing;
TeLeComm & Global TeLeCare.


Skip to the bottom for a Master's 8-8 message on
Holy Spirit, Holy Purpose and Violet Ray Joy.

Faith is the Friend of Freedom.

The Nemesis of Freedom is Fear.

And the whole world is watching closely.

This is the time of Biblical “tribulations”.
But it’s not what we thought that meant.
(at least, not yet)

Witness the Pharmacidal Civil War
- orchestrated by the ‘corporatocracy’
(media-medical-market 'banksters')
to deny the right of all Americans
- and ‘I Am Race’ by extension -
to choose what we inject, or  
even ingest, in our bodies.  


REALIZE (real eyes wide open)…
  that the lamestream media is factually bankrupt.
Too much unabashed propaganda for too long.  
    Too many Internet whistleblowers to hide the truth.
  Too much cognitive dissonance and control freak
  urgencies… while generating extreme fear porn.
And too much hubris to admit to any criminality.

All they have left is 'tyranny tactics'
(no golden rule for a golden age).



This problem goes away as the
Great Awakening goes 'viral'.

So please care to share this important news
with loved ones who are still open-minded.

Dr. Destroys the Entire COVID Narrative
(in 7 minutes! - must watch!)

Dr. Stock speaks to the school board with more
   Covid facts the CDC does NOT want you to hear.
 "The CDC and NIH have chosen to ignore the
very science that they paid to have done."
~ Dr. Stock

Israel, Australia Report that 95-99% Hospitalized
Are Fully Vaccinated
August 8, 2021 / infowars.com
More and more vaccinated people are becoming sick with
the very illness they're supposed to be protected against.

Covid Deception: 'Worst Criminal Act in History'
August 10, 2021 / PaulCraigRoberts.org
The 'Covid Pandemic' Is a Money-making Hoax
and Perhaps Serves Darker Agendas

The COVID 'vaccine' violates the Nuremberg Code
 against human experimentation
August 1, 2021 / AmericanThinker.com
Mengele would be proud.

Pfizer document describes vaccine 'shedding'
from person to person

August 6, 2021 / Jon Rappoport
Witness Pfizer's document, admitting and warning of
  person-to-person transfer of dangerous vax shedding.

If Spike Protein Facilitates Gain-Of-Function entry
of Coronavirus Into Cells, Why Are We Coerced   
To Submit To Spike Protein-Generating Vaccines?

July 31, 2021 / Bill Sardi

EXCERPT: So the public is told spike protein is what facilitates the entry of a gain-of-function mutated, laboratory-created virus into living cells in the lungs, so spike protein vaccines are developed to do what?  Create more entry of viruses into cells? So, why is the public surprised to learn that COVID-19 vaccinated individuals are getting infected again and again which is being blamed on a mutated variant?  75% of the new COVID-19 cases in Singapore already got the shot.  But spike protein facilitates entry of all viruses, regardless of viral strain.

'Virus variants' are the cover story
 for jab side effects.

Yet we're told, 'Don't ask questions!' Just accept - under the influence of incessant fear porn - the official-authoritative interpretation of events without question. Really?
     Sometimes the obvious skips right past us. We have all viewed film footage of multiple shots hitting President John F. Kennedy's neck and head in a frontal attack, and part of his head was blown onto the trunk of his open limousine, but the story was a shooter behind the President's moving vehicle with a crude rifle with no gunsight, was the lone assassin.
     Commercial aircraft were hijacked beginning at 7:59 AM and flying off course on 9-11-2001 and struck the World Trade Center Towers almost an hour later and no radar system detected or alerted the military in a timely manner. Then Building 7 was "pulled" and fell when explosives would have had to have been placed prior to the event to do this.
LET'S GET REAL FOLKS! Lamestream media is pushing a giant corp/gov psy-op. They've been pushing drugs on TV for a long time, which is outlawed in all but two nations on Earth. Now they're pushing vaccines and vaccine passports for CONTROL - not our health - and to profit from our demise. It's diabolical RACKETEERING.

(17 minutes)

August 8, 2021 / White Coat Summit
Dr. Ryan N Cole: A Pathologist's Summary of

EXCERPT: The doctors on this panel got around to talking about the VAERS numbers, that is the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.
     Ardis, Fuellmich and Wodarg speculated that VAERS numbers were too low by 5, 10 or 100 times. Ardis quoted a Harvard study - a three year review - which concluded that less that 1 percent of injuries and deaths were actually reported.
That would mean that a recent VAERS report stating that 11,000 people had died after receiving vaccines really meant that the actual total - MORE THAN A MILLION DEATHS - had been vaccine-related.
     Yet governments still continue to bludgeon their captive populations into accepting these poison jabs.

For the untold history of medical monopoly, 
  watch this 'blast from the past' (28 years ago)
 with the brilliant (deceased) Eustace Mullins,
who was censored by Big Media all his life.  
This is 'alternative media' way back then!


1993 / Bobby Lee Show

The Technocrat narrative says that being vaccine hesitant means you are an ignorant, psychopathic and stupid knuckle-dragging hillbilly Neanderthal, but a new study proves just the opposite: the more highly educated are the ones most likely to refuse the shot.

Three quarters of new COVID cases are in
vaccinated people - CDC study

August 4, 2021 / by Jon Rappoport

G. Edward Griffin: Investigative journalist and author Jon Rappoport, after analyzing the CDC report '07/21/2021: Lab Alert: Changes to CDC RT-PCR for SARS-CoV-2 Testing', said their request to withdraw the Emergency Use Authorization for the PCR diagnostic test is not a sign that the CDC and the FDA are giving up on PCR testing but, instead, are preparing for an upgrade. The CDC's document admits it did not have a SARS-CoV-2 virus when it concocted the PCR test. They created a theoretical fabrication of it by using 'contrived specimens' generated from a range of SARS-CoV-2 material sources. The CDC granted emergency authorizations to 59 different PCR tests, based on 59 varieties of 'contrived specimens', in which no two were alike. The tests, of course, were useless. The CDC and FDA now are claiming they finally do have virus samples of SARS-CoV-2 from patients; that they now know what to look for, and that labs should start gearing up for new and improved PCR tests. They have yet to present the isolated virus to back their claims.

So the CDC is discontinuing their faulty PCR test. But don’t worry. Bill Gates has teamed up with George Soros to buy into British company Mologic with a new and improved ten minute test. What could go wrong when leading pandemic profiteers are vested in the testing, treatment and tracking of an invisible enemy?

Like the 9-11 Patriot Act, we may be giving up more freedom for security until we have neither.

This may be a different crisis but be aware that vaccine mandates are being pushed worldwide, and vaccine passports will lead to Chinese-style tyranny where Big Tech has test-marketed total surveillance and population control systems.

That’s always been the agenda. Care ‘for public health’ has just been the cover story. And who doesn’t want to believe that?

If everyone began networking this message to
their lists of true friends, who do the same,
mass upwising and uprising happens
(general enlightenment & ascent)
to mitigate the ominous portents
of economic collapse and war.

We the People – ‘US’ as ALL People
- United Sovereigns of Earth -
have God-given rights under a
 Constitution and Bill or Rights
that can now be upgraded with

Five Core Internet Freedoms
that fulfill the Spirit and intent
of 'US' Founding Fathers…

"The cause of America is in a great measure
 the cause of all mankind. We have it in our
 power to begin the world over again."
~ Thomas Paine, Common Sense, 1776

The pharmacidal faction of the Deep State
cabal - corporatocracy/bankster alliance -
will only be running the show as long as
the public tolerates it.

"Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did, and it never will. Find out just what people will submit to, and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them; and these will continue until they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress."
~ Thomas Paine, Common Sense

August 9, 2021 / Dr. Coleman

Time Is Running Out To Stop The
'Vaccine' Control Project

August 9, 2021 / Daniel Miller
We have a limited time to act. The essence of the situation now is clear: what is still perceived by many as a medical emergency is in reality a highly organized global corporate and political agenda. This agenda is directed towards imposing unimaginable control over the global human population though mandatory vaccination, connected to a digital passport, which will be linked to digital currency and a social credit score. These technologies enable power to be centralized to a level of intensity never seen before in history. At the controls of the machine will be the network which has orchestrated everything that has unfolded over the past eighteen months. Here is what has happened in Great Britain since March last year. The Ministry of Health under the direction of Matt Hancock has presided over the deaths of tens of thousands of the elderly in care homes. These deaths were not caused by deciding to lock down too slowly, but were the outcome of a series of political decisions. These included turning care homes into prisons, and banning relatives from visiting, and placing an enormous order for Midazolam, a sedative which has been used for euthanasia. (Death blamed on 'Covid' ~CR)

Health Freedom is the core of all other freedoms
because without it, we lose all the others under  
bogus ‘health emergency’ that removes freedom
in the name of bio-security until we have neither.

“Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered;
 yet we have this consolation with us,
 that the harder the conflict,
the more glorious the triumph.”
~ Thomas Paine, Cognitive Dissident

because they need an emergency cover story
to begin locking down everything, including   
the Internet. And once they get the vaccine  
 card mandated, for public good of course, it’s
easy to upgrade to a passport that links your
 social credit score: ‘Your passport please!’
(Whether you can travel or eat out… just as
Big Tech has test-marketed across China)

June 2021 / brighteon.com
Dr. Lee Merritt joins the Health Ranger to discuss
  vaccine MIND CONTROL and medical MADNESS.

 There’s too much unfettered truth across the
 ‘independent Internet’ (wisdom of the crowd)
 to let the Big Show be dominated by traitors
 who prefer Hunger Games to a Golden Age.

 It’s easy to complain. But in fact, it is often a
    sign of weakness when not accompanied with
TLC solutions to systemic problems.

As the Host of Cosmic , 13th year…

 I can assure you on the highest authority that
co-Creation of United Sovereigns of Earth is 
 the ‘Big Show’ in Cosmos, for ‘the Watchers’.

Thanks to the Prime Directive,
they're not interfering:)

Update on Galactic Federation Activities
in our Solar System

August 6, 2021 / IntoTheLight.news
Dr. Michael Salla and Elena Danaan

 More than a million starships are cloaked
 around the Earth to watch the Big Show
as an entire global civilization rises up
in a unified field of Aquarian ;
conscientious common sense;
Effective Sensory Perception
that is dedicated to the
one ‘I’ (eye) love. 


Full Spectrum (5D) TLC:
Pure Geometry Thoughtforms
G.O.D.~ Constitution),
for Effective Sensory Perception
 via interactive
TeLeComm for TeLeCommunity,
TeLeConscience, TeLeCare 
next TeLeCommerce 

 Bottom Line... Just In Time!

August 8, 2021 / HeartsCenter.org

The Buddha of the Violet Ray expounds on qualities  
of the violet ray, coming to instill in mankind the holy
 purpose of worldwide love dawning; Earth's new era.


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