2022 Great Turn-Around Series

Spooky Stuff in Headline News

Food for thought for the truly thoughtful

Inner Child Reality Check

It has been said that you must be like children
to enter the kingdom of heaven, at heart,
with pure intention for love retention.
This is the 'KINGdom' whereby
all are K.IN.G. via '
INternalization of
G.O.D.' ()

The Sovereignty Mandate

So how is your ‘inner child’ (inner sense)
faring these days? Are you ‘innocent’
(without fear)? Or are you ‘guilty’
(sense of suffering) with fear
and victim dictum that is
Stuck In Negativity’

Do you surf the mass media mass mind
with pure intent of a discerning heart
- Love of God / G.O.D. of -
as unveils wisdom in a myriad
of information with a moral
compass for direction to
what is true & good?

If so, perhaps you can handle this
Spooky Stuff in Headline News
(without mainstream views).

Oct 29, 2022 / Heartcom Network

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WWIII False-Flag Psych War

If the big lie is BIG enough and bold enough
and told enough, people naturally believe it;
BS as a Belief System:

The Haunting Reality of Global Deception


2-2-2022 / Tiabbi.substack.com
Lab Leak 'Conspiracy Theory' Mashup...
omitting the link to US biowar labs
that has been tightly censored.

New Study Blames COVID on NIH,
University of North Carolina,
and Finds Fauci's Fingerprints...

Oct 22, 2022 / Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
   New study blames COVID on NIH, and with
Fauci fingerprints prominent at the scene.

Horror Show:
Boston Lab's New COVID Strain
with 80% Death Rate
Oct 19, 2022 / Gateway Pundit
Top NIH Director says the research was not authorized.
 But if Fauci funded the research for 'defense' against it,
as he did with COVID, didn't he, in effect, authorize it?

Died Suddenly (Trailer)

Oct 30, 2022 / EarthNewspaper.com
 For centuries, the global elite have broadcast their intention
to depopulate the world - even to the point of carving them
 into the Georgia Guide Stones. Yet we never believe them.

The CDC Pressured the FDA to Authorize
COVID Boosters Without Clinical Trials
Oct 28, 2022 / technocracy.now
The Center for Disease Control (CDC) and FDA have 
 destroyed public trust and must be totally reconstituted
and re-chartered to do what they are supposed to do,
   free of corruption, greed and control by Big Pharma and
 the biotech industry.


The Scourge of State-Sponsored
Mass Murder by Kill Shots

Oct 30, 2022 / Stephen Lendman
  Pushing what destroys health - on the phony pretext
 of protecting and preserving it - reflects the worst of
evil intentions, throughout the West and worldwide.

Oct 31, 2022 / www.naturalnews.com
Corporate food, corporate prescription drugs, and corporate-
funded vaccinations are a trifecta of systemic toxicity...


The Silicon Valley Psychopaths;
Cult-Owned Satan's Spawn

 Oct 27, 2022 / David Icke Videocast
How Big Tech manages perception
to manage our behavior for control,
NOT for well-informed CHOICE.
  Begin at 6 min to skip Hell Fire stuff.

Note from CR: When Big Tech matures with a moral compass - don't hold your breath - we will see a Quantum Age upgrade of Five Core Internet Freedoms. In the meantime, we can all witness blatant Big Media censorship of any other narrative that does not fit their mass mind control agenda to impose - rather than disclose - their betrayal of American values with endless disease, war and supply chain crisis in the name of false-flag 'emergency'... to cover for economic collapse they created... to consolidate power elite tyranny with digital passports and a CCP-style social credit system. What a nightmare.  

That 'Emergency Ship' has sailed, but was full of holes... and sinking. But with all the smoke and mirrors in the lamestream media, you can only hear their desparate screams for credibility.

They Hated Us for Our Freedoms.
So We Enslaved Ourselves
Sept 21, 2022 / RonPaulInstitute.org
 They said fascism would come again wrapped in the flag
and carrying a cross. Instead it's wrapped in a lab coat
and carrying a syringe.

As META Plunges To Double-Digits,
Wall Street Gives Up On Facebook

Why the Administrative State is Willing to Kill You
August 27, 2022 / Dr. Robert Malone
 The Administrative Deep State fears public uprising.
They project their fear of death into deadly policies,
 and accuse truth-tellers of harm the 'DS' has done.

Excerpt from the Babylon Bee article:
  The committee began its investigation by issuing subpoenas
 to Senators Ron Johnson, Rand Paul, and other lawmakers
who - according to CNN and MSNBC - were pro-lockdown 
 from the start. At publishing time, the committee announced
   the results of their thorough investigation. According to them,
it was Ron DeSantis all along.
[All politics aside, of course]

The Biden Regime Wants You Dead
Oct 27, 2022 / Stephen Lendman
   Has the night of the living dead arrived?

Oct 29, 2022 / AwakenWithJP
Our House of Cards is Crumbling! News Update
Results Of National COVID Vax Survey Are Alarming:
More Than 30 Million Adult Americans...
Oct 29, 2022 / allnewspipeline.com
More than 30 Million Adult Americans Harmed by Jabs
With 15% Diagnosed With New Medical Condition
Within Weeks To Months!

Klaus the Puppet Master

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~ Christopher
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"It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us."
~ Marianne Williamson

"Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? Your playing small does not serve the world. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.

Accessing LIGHT as the Self-Mastery Key

Oct 31, 2022 / Heartscenter.org
David Christopher Lewis discourses on divine intelligence
and the power within the rays of God that emanate through
 the sun, and the importance of absorbing light from the sun
 during meditation.


Celebrating All Saints Day November 1st

With all the spooky news going around,
keep in mind a higher vibe with our
celebration of All Saints Day.

 If it wasn’t for all the dark-side fear,
we wouldn’t appreciate the light of
faith as has inspired all the saints.

  So here’s to honoring all saints who
 have raised the consciousness of
mankind as kind men.

This is the time when the Hosts of Heaven
  tangibly step through the veil of 3D density
    to bring the living presence of love, freedom
   and brotherhood to the Earth. So listen up!

'Saint' (ascended master) Afra has a new initiative whereby we should call to the Lords of Light, the Lords of Creation, the Lords of Form, and the Lords of Individuality to coalesce greater energy within our communities to grow and sustain them through this current dark time.


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