2020's Global Co-Creation Series

Making Sense of Media Madness

Oct 16, 2020 / New Moon in Libra 

Cosmic Show Podcast HERE
Extreme Pre-Election Mass Psychopathy
Witness the 'crazy' signs of the times worldwide.
There is blatant psychological warfare being
waged to manipulate the mass media's
'mass mind matrix' for compliance
 with a global lockdown agenda.
Mainstream media has gone 'full China'
 with incessant totalitarian propaganda
and censorship of any challenge to
this lockstep lockdown agenda.  
Social media giant Google/YouTube
de-platformed 16 popular 'truther'
channels yesterday, including
Amazing Polly, X22 Report
and others I've published
in these compendiums.
Conscientious common sense
may be uncommon,
but it sure beats divisiveness.

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on spirirtual science from Hilarian

The following is an exclusive special report titled, 'Exposure - The Electromagnetic Human Test'. This eye opening piece was written by investigative journalist, James Grundvig. There is far more to the global shutdown, enacted by the Architects of the Plandemic than meets the eye. Much of this is now being revealed if you look in the right places.
Exposure - The Electromagnetic Human Test? Just what does this mean? Put on your seatbelts. You are about to find out.

Sept 7, 2020 / Making Sense Of The Madness
The Electromagnetic Human Test
The Deep State 'Method of Operating' (MO)

 to further their 5G/AI agenda by utilizing the
key strategy of successful stage magicians.
Transcript-article HERE

The Root of the Madness (video of the YEAR?)

Oct 16, 2020 / Jon Rappoport
 There are many implications with this completely
fraudulent PCR diagnostic test, which includes 
meaningless case numbers and meaningless   
death numbers - on which the whole fiction of   
  the pandemic is built - and then finally you get to
      the justification for all the lockdowns and economic
   and human destruction resulting from the closure
     of businesses, the worldwide states of emergency,
       and so on; all stemming from this complete insanity
         which at the root is NO PROVEN ISOLATED VIRUS.

Emergency in the Heavens
Oct 14, 2020 / TheTruthSeeker.co.uk
This is very serious folks. But the danger is not
an unseen virus or asymptomatic carriers.
That's just the cover story diversion.

Oct 13, 2020 / AwakenWithJP
A little comic relief from 'crazy' revelations above.
Try to be cool - keep your composure - while
watching the intense 8 min video following:

Are You Ready for the Whole Truth…
So Help You God?

The Unspeakable Truth Wants to be Heard

Oct 11, 2020 / HighImpactFlix

When a man who is honestly mistaken
hears the truth,
he will either cease being mistaken,
 or cease being honest.
~ Conscientious Common Sense

Behavioral Analysis: The Covidian Cult
Oct 15, 2020 / technocracy.news
Among the many forces and objectives playing out
 with the globalist-driven Great Panic Reset of 2020,
covidiot behavior is coalescing into a definable cult
 that has all the markings typical of other major cults
in modern history. ~TN Editor

King George III's Stamp Act Versus
Bill Gates III's Digital Certificates

Video at that link above (banned on YouTube).
Punch line at 29:50 minutes.
Oct 10, 2020
'We the People' have not come this far just to
 regress back into serfdom and subservience.
We the People will not be ruled over by modern digital kings, anymore than the colonists were willing to submit to a tax wherein they were not only burdened, and denied due representation - but under which every last aspect of their colonial lives would have been regulated and controlled.
It is no exaggeration to say that today - if something as odious as a 'digital certificate' or any other forced-proof of compliance were instituted - that we would be facing something not only as bad as the 1765 Stamp Act, but magnitudes worse.
What has been suggested, and surely is being attempted, is nothing short of an 'authorization gate' to control and lock us out of our ordinary, physical 'base reality' lives.
But those aspects of life not only predate computers, the Internet and the men-who-would-be-kings, but they outweigh them. Our rights and freedoms are inherent - not granted by a piece of paper, and damn sure not to be given back to us by digital overlords with a penchant for power and absolute control.
Whereas far too many people remain stuck in the 'whatever it takes to prevent a crisis' mindset, We the People need to urge them to see the truth about what is at stake - the base liberties and freedoms that inherently belong to us all, and are not to be sold and given away under not just pretenses of health and safety but any pretense at all.

"We need to be free-thinking enough to
   recognize what is really at stake here."
~ Melissa Dykes

Bottom Line ~ Just in Time

As we become more conscious of HOW we are conscious - with the language of light-as-consciousness - we naturally involve and evolve our individual and collective Conscience - with a capital 'C' - as in the long-prophesied '2nd Coming' of Christlike Consciousness - Aquarian Cosmic - in the collective social networks of global humanity.

Aquarian Christic light brings up all   
unlike its 5D Self for transmutation;  
like the refiners
FIRE that brings up 
slag impurities in molten metal to     
the surface to be skimmed off.

   This is the HEART of Aquarian Spring,
HEART of TeLeCommunications
 for culturing common sense unity for
US United Sovereigns of Earth.

Heartware is a universal interface for personal/planetary interaction that is framed by the first principles of Cosmic-Natural Law for culturing the holy spirit of -in-action with 'unity in diversity' (common sense social conscience) in our ubiquitous social networks.
The point is that either modern communications
technology is used to upgrade our

Five Core Internet Freedoms
- as with
Global TeLeComm -
or it will be used to enslave us with artificial

intelligence as betrays the real thing.

So Keep the Faith, See the Good
and Make it So...

Co-Creating the Aquarian

  The pure in heart will see 'G.O.D.'
- Geometric Ordered Divinity -
 framing the order of the universe
 via pure geometry thought-forms
  for full spectrum
 TeLeComm for TeLeCommunity,
TeLeConscience, TeLeCare

  See also the following article:
2020 Vision of Our Election Made Sure


Oct 16, 2020 / HeartsCenter.org

 In this week's Hour of Truth, beloved green ray master
  Hilarian, encourages us to focus on reality, concentrate
 on the divine and consciously Invest in Truth... via       
David Christopher Lewis, spiritual author and teacher.

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