2021 Aquarian Spring Prelude Series

MLK Day - 'I Have A Dream'

Jan 18, 2021
What’s your dream?
How do we make it all better?
What world do you want to live in?

Here’s my long-held dream
for a better world.

 I Dream a World…
A global Reality Show
for everyone on Earth.
 Everyone will wake up,
wise up and rise up to
claim Earth’s rebirth.   

I Dream a World…
Where is the standard,
and the frequency of
-in-action is
holy spirit;
naturally neutralizing
negativity and
 (Stuck In Negativity).

I Dream a World…
Where the enthusiasm for
general enlightenment
and specific wisdom

neutralizes DUH
(Dense, Unconscious
and Heartless)

I Dream a World…
where conscious evolution revelations
will involve and evolve global
- TeLeComm and TeLeCare -
for conscientious common sense.

I Dream a World…
where ‘TLC’ will check & balance
  the left and right – East and West
with the interactive
holy spirit of
  culturing private-individual rights-
  in social networks/public sphere-
  for synergy in the trinity of ~~
  in the Cosmic Cube of 5D
(The Heartware Project).

I Dream a World…
where the Family of Mankind unites
in a global village of all-connected
Heartware capabilities for
United Sovereigns of Earth.

I Dream a World…
where the Language of Angels of
Law of the Angles of G.O.D.;
where the Spirit of the Great Law is
greater than the Letter of the Law.

I Dream a World…
where the univeral language of light
and Law of is the
heart of
open source code for navigation
from Internet to
'InnerNet ESP'
(Effective Sense Perception).

This is the Spirit that matters to establish:
"Thy kingdom come on earth..."

KINGdom Conscience -
Whereby All Sovereign Netizens
'KING' with
Keys to INternalization of God-love.

Is 'Q' the Aquarian Spirit of Saint Germain
(Freedom and Opportunity) in disguise?

Global Netizens Network for the Net Worth
of Enlightened TLC Net Reality

~ Saint Germain, Jan. 1, 1997, via E. C. Prophet 
(when the Internet revolution peaked in growth rate)
"Let us have one plan, and let us go with that plan,
and let us go with it big time. 
Let us do that. Let us not have little groups here
and little groups there, thinking they know what
to do when you have to have MasterMind conscience
that you are going to transform not only a nation but
a world. This is a global situation and nothing less, 
so you must think globally and you must realize... 
This is a pivotal moment... There will never be 
a greater moment, a greater opportunity 
to solve the problems of Earth..."

 Full Spectrum (5D) TLC
   with pure geometry thoughtforms
G.O.D.~ Constitution), for
  Effective Sense Perception (ESP)
   via enlightened
 TeLeComm for TeLeCommunity,
TeLeConscience, TeLeCare