Your Immune System Needs Your Support

If you haven’t noticed, large cancer clinics are being built
locally, in both rural and metro areas, across the nation.

This is to accommodate a major growth industry
 due to the surge in a wide variety of cancers
in children, teenagers, adults and seniors.

Local TV stations often run prime-time news features on
these modern high tech cancer treatment centers.

Note the advertisements for the burgeoning
hospice and funereal services.

You need to know what’s going on,
and why your immune system
needs your full support.

by Dr. Christopher

The immune system is typically weakest this time of year, especially in the northern tier of states with long winters, indoor activities, and little vitamin D from sunshine. Sunlight is therapeutic. Numerous clinical trials have shown that vitamin D-3 supplementation is one of the most effective boosts for the immune system.

But you won’t see that on TV.
It’s not a drug – it’s inexpensive
so there’s no money in it for the
    corporate media/medical complex.

Having worked as a clinical nutritionist in three holistic health centers, I’ve had a lot of experience focusing on ways to build health and
prevent disease. For 33 years I’ve kept my finger on the pulse of the health care system; I’ve watched how it has seriously degenerated to the point where America has the highest infant mortality and lowest life expectancy of industrialized nations worldwide.

America’s 'immune system' is weak.
 The health care system is sick because
97.5% of it focuses on drug treatment
   with side-effects of weakened immunity.

If people are healthy, there’s no money for the giant media/medical industrial complex which includes Big Pharma, Big Insurance and Big Industry behind the latest MRI scanner or robot micro-surgery tool. 

     It is not in the financial interests of the pharmaceutical industry to
prevent common diseases; the maintenance and expansion of
      diseases is a precondition for the financial growth of this industry.

I’m not asking you to believe there is some kind of conspiracy to control or reduce population in America for profit. We all know the truth of Wall Street interests that have profited at the expense of Main Street America. Wall Street is virtually making a killing on exponential growth of the ‘disease care’ industry we call ‘health care’. 

Although you can’t do much about that, you can be proactive,
avoid the leading causes of cancer, and be conscientious
to compensate for assaults to your immune system.

One of those biggest assaults is unlabeled GMOs that are systemic in many supermarket foods. A major independent research project in France has shown that rats got major cancers AFTER the 4th month consuming GMO corn. 

Five more video's on GMOs

Monsanto got FDA approval of GMOs by showing – in ONLY a 3 month study -- that rats were cancer free consuming their GMO corn. They knew the cancers erupted in the 4th month. Of course, former Monsanto executives have been on the FDA commission for years, but I digress to make a point. 

It’s not a conspiracy when big business and
    big government openly work together for their
    ‘win/win’ that puts their profit
before the public.
 It is simply well-established
corporate law
   that stockholders come 1st, before the public,
whenever profits are at stake.

That’s my point. Your immune system is under assault by highly organized corporate greed in collusion with politicians who keep in power with campaign support from self-serving corporatocracy. 

GMOs are killing us - quietly. Corporate media won’t bite the corporate hand that feeds it. You must learn this on your own!  

It’s not just GMOs that are making a killing. Giant chemical companies are dumping toxic industrial waste (sodium fluoride) into city water supplies, and ‘chem-dumping’ in the air as is the term being used for ‘chemtrails’ sprayed from airplanes.

There is NO FUTURE in these policies that destroy
our health and the genetic future of humanity.

I could go into other causes of the burgeoning cancer industry that keeps Wall Street profits soaring… like carcinogens in vaccines and food additives like the neuro-toxin aspartame. And there’s also a news black-out on the ionizing radiation from the on-going Fukushima meltdown that is jet-streaming across America. But I’ll spare you! 

There are plenty of stressors that whack the immune system, but a little common sense goes a long way to keep your immune system strong – your first line of defense against the pandemic of degenerative diseases epitomized by cancer. 

  Most important is to buy organic, grow your own,
  support community co-ops and farmer markets.

Of course, exercise and fresh air is important, but you are what you eat.  You are also what you believe and think, so believe in your body’s ability to rejuvenate, and think what you can do to make it so. 

Besides vitamin D-3’s important role for the immune system, most Americans are severely deficient in Omega 3 fatty acids which are precursors to hormone production for the seven major glands of your immune system. 

Each person’s nutrition needs are as unique as their DNA and lifestyle habits, so tune-in to your body to check out what will most likely serve your optimal immunity against toxic influences in your life.  

Assimilation and elimination
  govern the immune system.

Cutting edge nutrition research has shown that as much as 80% of your immune system is governed by not just WHAT food you eat, but HOW it is processed in the digestive tract and assimilated into the blood stream feeding every cell in your body.  A toxic gut, from poor digestion or toxic prescription drugs, creates toxic blood and a weakened immune system. That’s when a superior probiotic like Prescript-Assist is recommended.

In general, my on-going research into ‘superfoods’ for building the immune system has found no parallel to Swedish Pollen Extract, which is nutraceutical grade ‘royal jelly’. Peer-reviewed clinical trials by medical experts worldwide have convinced me that it has unequaled results for the immune system, which is why U.S. doctors use it in drip-IV’s for cancer immunotherapy, typically after chemo suppresses immunity.

Your optimal health is your most precious wealth. You may take it for granted until you lose it, but then you’ll probably pay just about anything to get it back. So remember...  

There's no insurance like health.
Be aware of ‘money-changers’
and media/medical interests
who bank on their wealth
 rather than your health.

Be proactive. An ounce of prevention is still worth a pound of cure.
Take stock of your options for investing in your immune system.

Healthy ‘dividends’ guaranteed:)  

~ 'Dr. Christopher'

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        combined, are far more efficacious (synergy) than the sum of their
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