How do you heal the greed of service-to-self economics and politics
that have eclipsed the spirit of public service, public health
 and survival of core freedoms in a sick Republic?

Since the degenerative dysfunction in the sick health care system is systemic in the body politic
-- politicized institutions that serve economic interests moreso than public health --
how do we address the spiritual disease (immorality) behind the mental disease (corruption)
that sustains the sick politics and economics taking advantage of, or otherwise profiting from,
our physical, mental and spiritual pathologies?
Healing the Sick Health Care System.
by Christopher Rudy

Part One at .

My long experience in the trenches of holistic health care has taught me that the ethics and morality of "holism" is the core issue facing not just the health care system, but also, all our social, political and economic institutions. 

I keep asking myself, WHO are the true healers?  How do we connect with them?  WHO cares enough to look at the CORE issue with resolve to address the CORE solution to the dise-ease and dying of morality, intelligence and our lives as healthy people?

I've found many of the answers with some of the world's leaders in holistic healing.  See: "Meetings with Miraculous People".

And what will a global holistic vision of free, online "Universal Self Care" actually look like? (See: Universal Self Care)

Since the degenerative dysfunction in the sick health care system is systemic in the body politic -- politicized institutions that serve economic interests moreso than public health -- how do we address the spiritual disease (immorality) behind the mental disease (corruption) that sustains the sick politics and economics profiteering on physical disease?

With this sick degenerative "health care" system now inverted to 97.5% disease care, corporate law has effectively subverted Constitutional Law, rationalizing profits before people, and literally "making a killing" perverting the common sense "once of prevention" into a pound's worth of sickness care.  This is not just immoral.  It betrays the purpose of health care and our core "freedom of choice" to own our own bodies, minds and spirits.

The very public issues of mandatory vaccines and expanded "surge" war plans for Iraq and Iran reflect this core attack on public health and sanity itself.  Both represent the policies of power elite potentates with more interest in a totalitarian-controlled society rather than a free-open society. You can frame this issue politically as tyranny vs. freedom or frame it theologically as principalities of darkness vs. Christlike virtues.  Obviously there are shades of gray in that "black and white" rendition, but you get the picture.  This is a serious healing crisis in the global body of humanity.

The choice for healing is not a matter for elections among democracies of the world.
If there was an informed vote tomorrow by the citizens of all nations,
99% would chose to utilize the numerous innovations
for health and freedom that are suppressed
by 1% who profit via ownership
and control of our
The "holistic" (whole system) solution needed will require a core modality of "self care" (health freedom) , "self-education" (informed choice), and "self-government" of, by and for ALL people -- NOT a superrich power-mad 1% who are destroying freedom and life on Earth for their short-term "bottom line" of profit through captive markets and tyrannical control.

Common sense would say that the best government is self-government via the Constitution, and we can all see how the public's Constitution is being destroyed by private corporations that have co-opted government.  Likewise the best health care is holistic/preventive self care.  An ounce of prevention is still worth a pound of cure.  It is corrupted morality that rationalizes how treatment is 16 times more profitable than an once of prevention.  It's the same corruption in the FDA that suppresses preventive health policies and natural healing modalities.  The FDA has become little more than a policing agency to protect giant corporations that profit from chemical-laced, nutrition-stripped "foodless food" (that makes people sick) while drug pushers in Big Pharma sell us drugs for whatever ails us.

Back in 1987 I had my 2nd holistic health center in a clinic with three doctors.  As a clinical nutritionist with an advanced computer program for nutritional deficiency analysis, and with an iridology camera that photographed the iris of the eye, my clients and I both enjoyed the process of projecting slides of their iris on the wall of a darken room -- looking themselves in the eye -- and then pointing out how the tissue anomalies in their iris corresponded to organ systems with charts also correlating nutrition deficiencies as corroborated by the computer analysis from the questionnaire they had filled out.  Other non-invasive techniques such a metabolic typing, reflexology and oriental face diagnosis further confirmed the nutrition deficiencies behind their health problems. 

With these modern tools, it was relatively easy to educate clients with charts that showed the corresponding organ systems effected and the corresponding nutrient deficiencies involved.  As clients strengthen their bodies with the corresponding nutrition therapy, we could later see the white "knitting lines" where earlier separation of tissues in their eyes showed where healing of their organ systems was progressing.  Indeed, iridology was taught at Harvard Medical School in the early 1900's before Rockefeller's drug cartel took over  the health care system in the U.S..  Details in Part One at .

I was so inspired with this amazing truth of biologically correct health care that I developed a computer model for the analysis, prevention and treatment of disease on both a self-care and physician care level.  This was a self-perfecting database model based on biochemical individuality.  It incorporated a breakthrough model of metabolic typing by Drs. Richard and Laura Powers who spent years researching at the three national medical libraries in Bethesda Maryland, discovering how the blood type corresponds to one's glandular/metabolic type with specific health and nutrition needs.

In 1988 I took my software model to the OTC Stock Expo in Denver where I had a booth and met with investors, market makers and deal brokers.  I explained how definitive database standards for holistic analysis, prevention and treatment of disease would get underwriting by insurance companies for birth of a wholly new "health assurance" industry.  One handout that positioned this model for shifting the paradigm of health care is at .

There was interest but also concern.  Twice I was told my savvy investors that "they would kill me" before such a system challenged Big Pharma and the medical-industrial complex built around drugs.  Who would risk money that takes on the medical monopoly?

What I have since learned is that the medical-industrial complex that profits from disease is far more entrenched then the military-industrial complex that profits from endless war. What the medical-industrial complex wants is a lowest common denominator disease care system whereby drugs fit every symptom; NO biochemical individuality.  It's like the "military Intelligence" that manipulated facts of WMD's to force the agenda of the Iraq war.  Truth, honor and morality have nothing to do with the Big Lie of "health care" nor the "Department of Defense".  Both are "offensive" to truth, honor and morality.  Both the "war on cancer" and "war on terror" front for giant corporations that profit from disease and war.
The real "cancer" in the health care system and body of the Republic
has its genesis in dishonor, deceit and disinformation.
The system is corrupt.  It suppresses holistic alternatives and has indeed attacked holistic practitioners and even killed those with cures for cancer.  Examples at .  The story of Royal Raymond Rife in particular says it all -- how millions of American are now dead because of the heartless corruption of a medical system and government that suppresses real solutions to public health.  A typical cancer patient spends $300,000 on treatment.  By contrast, there is little money in prevention and inexpensive cures.

The politically incorrect truth is that the Big Lie has become so BIG and so bold and so often told that the public believes it religiously -- "BS" as Belief System.  The high priests of medicine with their drug sacraments rule the "health care" system. People believe in their meds for salvation, and an estimated quarter million Americans die yearly from drug complications. 

What to do about this moral and political issue is another matter.  Believe me, I've given it a lot of thought.  In the early 90's I networked with some leading holistic doctors with the intent to organize "The First International Conference on Holistic Health Standards".  There were doctors willing to fly in and conduct this Conference.  But no financial backing.  So I'm left to think and write about it -- what could be.

The Internet revolution has now arrived at the point where the new "web 2.0" platform for interactive applications could take a database model of holistic self-care and physician care to the global masses.  The public could enter the website after passing through a "gateway" that identifies their metabolic type through a simple questionnaire.  Then they will enter a database for their biochemically unique metabolic type that provides a self-assessment health profile that I've developed over many years to provide a simple objectified understanding of one's spiritual, mental, emotional and physical correlates to "whole" (holistic) health.  Each of those four quintessential components then provide another "gateway" to an in-depth "symptom profile" that links to a database of similar symptom profiles and the corresponding treatment protocols that show what has worked best for that pattern of symptoms... whether it be nutrition, homeopathics, chiropractic, acupuncture, allopathy, etc... or some eclectic combination.  There would be protocols for reporting results back to the database.  Whatever modality of treatment is chosen from what is indicated will work best, the RESULTS go back into the public domain so that it become more evident what is like to work best for any health condition.

Free online Universal Self Care

As the database expands with empirical evidence of "what works best", choices are qualified with collective wisdom.  This is a "self-perfecting" model for healing the sick disease care system.  The database technology for generating participatory wisdom has been well demonstrated with the Wikipedia database encyclopedia; .  It could provide "informed choice" for both "self-care" and "physician care" services.

Back in the late 80's, a study was done that showed how diagnostic software was besting doctors in diagnosis of health conditions in nine out out ten test cases.  Think about that.  Such software could be far superior now, and available on-line.  Why must we go to a doctor for a health condition when most of their current education is from drug detail reps who visit them regularly to tell them which drugs are best for whatever ails you.  The only reason that sick system dominates is because of economic and politics -- not science, honor or morality.

The example of the Wikipedia encyclopedia shows how an interactive self-perfecting database of knowledge can work to define, refine, "combine" (synergy" and shine the light of collective wisdom on any subject... or any "symptom profile".  Common sense would say that it could resurrect our core freedom of "informed choice" for healing the health care system.  There's no moral reason why this should be denied humanity.

The concept is simple enough.  What can be unique to a correct application is the way it can be "holistically" framed by the Constitution of LOVE as a model for holographic-holistic "wholeness" in terms of a health body, whole mind and holy spirit as are ALL CONNECTED.  And not just connected in an integrated health care system.  ALL our institutions are CONNECTED to -- and made whole through -- principles and processes that culture "holism". 

It's not a stretch to understand how an electronic upgrade of our Five Core Freedoms and interactive "web 2.0" platforms could provide a universal interface for mass-to-mass interaction that is centered and connected with the same principles of holism.  The implications for self-perfecting self-healing of all our institutions becomes self-evident when this holism-centric model of self-governance is utilized to define, refine, combine-synergize and shine our God-given gifts and talents for the benefit of all. 

I introduced that model to ten agencies of the federal government on Capitol Hill in 1974.  The healing of sick "representative government" will progress when such a simple-yet-profound model is acknowledged for its self-perfecting value.  Internet technology is now mature enough to cultivate this potential as a global revolution in higher consciousness.  Call it a paradigm shift to a 4th Wave virtue-centric economics of abundance - the NEXT economy that follows from the "Next Big Thing" in the computer/Internet revolution.

The vision alone -- how INFORMED CHOICE could resurrect health and freedom in America -- can provide the catalyst for a self-fulfilling prophecy.  But who cares for real "health care" enough to "make it so"?  What does it take?  Who will listen?

The issue to me has become more of "spiritual health" -- the immorality of a sick system that profits from disease and death while maintaining the pretense of "care".  Obviously, the "gold standard" for holistic health care has always been the golden rule/law "language" of holistic self care; to "Love thy body" as a temple for the living spirit of universal LOVE; heal-thy self for a healthy Self."  Quantum-holistic healing includes a spiritual component that represents the morality of holism in health care. Without such vision, the people perish.

A working model of self-correcting vision will require a chain-reaction of enlightened networking for the Net worth of a moral-spiritual nature. We can't expect that from politically correct institutions that "wag the dog" with "wrong-headed" (corrupt) economics which put profit in disease care above the health of people.  How do you heal the greed
of self-serving special interests that have taken over the politics and economics of public health?

"Society everywhere is in conspiracy against the manhood of every one of its members."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson, first philosopher of the American spirit
Victor Hugo once said that, "More powerful than standing armies is an idea that has found its time."  That idea is simply free, online Universal Self Care.  The fact that it could now be done easily and inexpensively brings compelling cause to the self-evident promise this vision provides.

Clearly, the current course of the health care system and our governing institutions are pathological -- sick to the extreme -- and self-destructing at an alarming rate. 

When the public consumes media insanity that sells war and dis-ease (mass negativity) with terror, shock and awe -- like the corporate spin-meisters sell any other product -- the public is consequently consumed by that that insanity.  Hollywood glitz, mindless diversion, and perversion of the sacred is poor substitute for impoverished spirits, confused minds and sick bodies who look to drugs, sex or some product to fill the vacuum.  There is no love in that downward spiral.

The dehumanizing influence of incessant consumption of vicarious sex, violence, shock and awe may arouse one's base desires -- to embed commercials into the psyche -- but the overall message degrades the spirit of humanity even as commercials selling denatured foodless "food" (that makes us sick) and toxic genetic-altering drugs (that compound the core dis-ease) both degrade our physical health.

Mass healing commences when we do what the poor in spirit are not able or willing to do.  The path to wholeness and healing is guided by those core "maps of consciousness" that reflect the same Jungian archetypes for "soul integration" (manhood) that Jung referred to as "individualization".  To be "undivided" is to be "in-dividual".  The process of individualization is to "grow up" through psychological transformation of the base elements of consciousness into the "gold" (wisdom) of "integrated" (individualized) holism.

This process is characterized as the spiritual transformation from the ego's love of power to the soul's power in love.  This is how one builds "character" through the integrity of internal "checks and balances" between unconditional love and conditional power.  Either one in excess creates imbalance, both individually and collectively.  But the pure intent of the soul reconciles this paradox: "to be in the world but not of the world".

"Where love rules, there is no will to power.
And where power predominates, there love is lacking.
The one is the shadow of the other."
- Father of Modern Psychology, Carl Gustav Jung

The path to quantum healing is a course chartered when love rules.  That's a difficult course when love is lacking and power predominates. The real test of power is how it is used to empower the whole, holistic, healthy or otherwise holy spirit of LOVE in the world.  It is the power of love that brings the ego’s love of power back into balance.

Enlightened power -- wise dominion -- understands the meaning of universal LOVE as a "holographic" (holistic) frame of reference for honorable power.

"God is love; God is light; God is truth.  To these great synonyms, I add another: When it is civil, God is power.  The power belongs to God, and the proper role of the civil leader is merely to be a conduit and to steward that power as God's agent.  Merely!  What a paradox!  To exercise temporal power with civility is to undertake a role of great glory, and it can only be undertaken with genuine humility." ~ Dr. Scott Peck, M.D., from his book, A WORLD WAITING TO BE BORN - Civility Rediscovered

When love rules, raw power is balanced with wisdom so that the holy spirit of compassion-in-action can thrive in creative, constructive ways.

"Let individuals and nations ally themselves no longer with death,
  but with life; Not with destruction, but with construction:
Not with hatred and violence but with
the creative miracle of LOVE."
- "Mahatma" (great soul) Gandhi




The most common critical nutrient deficiency of Americans is essential fatty acids which are destroyed by commercial food processing. Essential fatty acids are a critical precursor of glandular hormones that regulate physiological "checks and balances" (homeostasis) for optimal health and healing of any body imbalance.
A good source is flax seed oil or evening primrose oil.
There is a principle of "symbiosis" (biological synergy) whereby there is an extraordinary combined effect when essential fatty acids are taken with the richest source of ALL essential micronutrients found in nature - flower pollen extract.  The combined symbiotic benefit is far greater than the sum of their separate benefits. - CR