Networking for the Net worth of a more enlightened Net reality

Global   Co-Creation

And Rebooting the Belief Matrix
with Good Judgment for "
United Sovereigns of Earth)

(self portrait, 1976)
Bicentennial Revolutionary"
See: 'Capitol Hill'

by Christos Lightweaver

I Am’ is identification with ‘Creator’.
 You are the ‘
Creator’ of this Reality.

 We are the ‘
Creators’ of this World.
 Our ‘co-
Creation’ with the ‘Creator
‘fulfillment of Creation’ on Earth

 as it is throughout cosmos at large.

I Am’ is what ‘I Am’ does.
~ the ascended Forest Gumption

"For community to be whole and healthy, it's got to be
 based on people's love and concern for each other."
~ Millard Fuller, Founder of Habitat for Humanity

Community  Debriefing:

The Thrive Movement is Thriving

Watch for... Creative Inspiration: Cliff Young - Farmer Runs a Marathon. This amazing short video story of Cliff Young reminds us of the power of belief to overcome the sense of limitation that people consider 'normal'.  Reminds me of the miracle of healing at: 'The Power of Love'.

Listen for...
Creative Insight and Outlook for Understanding the Overview:
Gregg Braden - The Good News is that We Already Have Solutions to the Biggest Problems in the World (And Our Lives). Original Air Date: January 30, 2014.  We're at the turning point with an emerging new 'normal'.  We have the capability to overcome '
normalcy bias'... transitioning from fear and resistance to change to faith in a resilient change process.

Gregg Braden
=> THE NEW NORMAL: Overcoming Three Universal Fears:

     1- Fear of separation and abandonment => KNOWING we are ALL connected with the
                                                       'New Net Reality'.
     2- Fear of our own self worth => FEELING that we deserve the abundant life with
                                               mass-to-mass TeLeComm.
     3- Fear of betrayal of trust  => HONORING the process of conscientious
                                                     evolutionary ascent.

Decoding: The Aquarian Mandate

Universal Rights in the Public Sphere, Co-Creating with Global TeLeComm

  Universal Rights   Public Sphere   Co-Creating   Global 

In the larger scheme of eternal progression
 there’s common law, patterns of perfection,
  and common language for inspired direction
   centering love within, so when we all enter in
  we find a unity state with 
one clear mandate:
 either we optimize unity or we’re insensate.

 There are universal principles of, by and for
conscious evolution that will not budge.

Co-Creation with the
 Unified Source Field:
(Color codes for newbies HERE)
Channel intention… the “Will of God”
(prime directive: rules.)

Focus attention… the “Mind of God”
 (atONEment reflective: ‘Source Code’)

Love’s retention… the “Heart of God”
(frequency corrective: heart coherence)

Evolution as ascension in the “Conscience of God”
(systemic perfective: Global TeLeComm)

The TLC Blessing’ for all of US’,
United Sovereigns of Earth.


Now is the time ordained for a global
rEVOLUTION in Unity Conscience:

Our New Net Reality is Shifting to Quantum Reality.
The Mass Media 'Mind Matrix' is Morphing
(from centralized to decentralized)
with Aquarius Awakening.

The Internet is Morphing into the "Inner Net"
(from cyberspace to Inner Space)
with web 3.0 cyberEthics.

The higher the concept of Global
- 'grounded' with practical applications -
the great the results for worldwide


Rebooting the 'Belief Matrix' with
Good Judgment

We are what we believe,
having become what
we believed.

  Your beliefs create your reality.

What you believe determines
   your judgment - choices made
  and the judgment in terms of
 consequences for choices.

Rebooting your 'Belief Matrix'
is co-Creating your world
for better Judgment.

To know better regarding
'The Field'
is to do better co-Creating with it.

Excerpts from 'The Field':
Conscious evolution is at heart  a process of 'Co-Creation'
with your understanding of the Creative Ascent Process
as your
creation of patterns of perfection in
  'The Field'
as will consequently Make It So: CAPstone Vision.

Gregg Braden calls 'The Field' the 'Divine Matrix', and
 the brilliance in his video at 'The Field' is extraordinary,
    including the many names for the 'Quantum Source Field'
     that are defining and refining the 'Aquarian Dispensation':

 "The Matrix" ~ Max Planck, Father of Quantum Physics;
 "Quantum Holodeck" ~ re: The Holographic Universe;
  "Nature's Mind" ~ Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 Astronaut;
   "The Mind of God" ~ Stephen Hawking, Astrophysicist;
 "Source Field" ~ David Wilcock, see his video HERE;
     Also known as "The Cloud" (from Internet to InnerNet).
Indigenous cultures worldwide have understood
The Field as the "web of life" :
"Man did not weave the web of life; he is merely a strand in it.
Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself."
~ Chief Seattle


Liberating "the web" with social Conscience in our ubiquitous social networks begins with enlightenment regarding the 'whole truth' of our individual and collective relationship with 'The Field'. This is, in principle, the initiation of the Aquarian Dispensation with the language of light for MORE LIGHT, EASIER AND FASTER... in our local and global social networks.

There's no stopping the conscious evolution revolution
that the computer/Internet revolution is fulfilling.

There's no putting that genie back into the bottle.

The only question at the heart of mass awakening
is WHAT three things can we ALL agree on...
and HOW will that 3-fold flame of Creator
work at the heart of our


Insight and Outlook for Understanding the Overview:

If you are a 'fundamentalist', is it true that
"the kingdom of heaven is within you"?

Are you aware that this universal 'heaven field'
is one's quantum reality for 'the judgment?

Would you agree that what goes around
 with our beliefs, thoughts & actions will
come around with karmic (quantum)
consequences in 'The Field'?

~ Continued with descriptive videos at:

Global TeLeComm
for 'The Blessing'

There are rules whereby Creator's intention… 
is self-evident to those who 
focus attention 
within and with all via true 
Love's retention… 
wising up to rise up; 
conscious ascension… 
in a 
United State; Co-Creation's Dimension:   

Whatever we do to the web of quantum reality
we do to ourselves, co-Creating '
United Sovereigns of Earth.

To  with all your strength, mind, heart and soul...
and your netizen neighbor in our global village as thyself.


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