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Dave MacArthur on Cosmic Love
Saturday, November 16,
8pm EST (5pm PST)

Dave MacArthur

By Christopher Rudy, Host of Cosmic Love

Dave MacArthur has given 700+ presentations worldwide on a life extension breakthrough that won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2009.

Over the years, I've reported on many breakthroughs for optimal health, ranging from quantum field health diagnostics to Swedish Pollen Extract.
But the excitement with this new breakthrough is unprecedented. 

Aging conditions don't just slow down. They are reversed!

New discoveries with genetics research has arrived at this breakthrough that changes everything we thought we knew about aging.

Everyone who is serious about optimal health and life extension is probably already aware how important it is to decrease toxins, address obesity, improve nutrition and reduce physical and mental oxidative stress. But few are aware of this huge breakthrough that essentially turns back one's biological clock... and BE YOUNGER! 

To say that this is HUGE is an understatement.

Here are three ways to discover the breakthrough health benefits for you:

1- Call 1-866-920-3359 (toll free), for a 4 minute recorded intro.
2- Watch this short video on the science behind this breakthrough:

Note: Doctors and professional networkers prefer this 39 minute intro:

3- Listen to my interview with Dave MacArthur on Cosmic Love Saturday
    Nov. 16, 8pm EST (5pm PST). Dave has an amazing story that
    highlights recent advances with the health/wealth opportunity now.
An inferior product costing 5 times as much was sold to movie stars and the elite a few years ago, but this new breakthrough is far more effective for less than $100 dollars. This telomeres bio-tech is moving very fast.

For a consultation before ordering, call me at 406-333-4274.

To Your Optimal Longevity,
'Dr. Christopher'

PS:  One way to pay for an on-going monthly supply is to find a few others
        who would also like to turn back the biological clock. With an opportunity
        like this, that's not hard:) ~ CR