Executive Summary for
United Self Care

by Christopher Rudy,
HEARTcom Services

 United Self Care provides a model of
 Organizational Development Services
   with 'good ODS' that such services will
compliment Google, Apple, Microsoft
and combined Internet infrastructure
that can now provide unprecedented
 liberation of the 'abundant life' for all.

Providing definitive database standards for the
analysis, prevention and treatment of dis-ease:

1- New standards for a new industry: health
  policies that optimize holistic health for less cost...
      with insurance companies competing to underwrite.

2- '
ICS' standards defining 'Informed Choice Services'
        with health options defined by well-informed choices
         and empirical results via interactive response ability.

   3- '
PPO' standards for 'Preferred Provider Opportunity'
      with health practitioners organizing their expertise
          to compliment "cloud source" (ICS/PPO) user results.

     4- '
BMS' standards for 'Body-Mind-Spirit' wholeness and
         healing with products and services recommended by
        ICS users and PPO providers via BMS Yellow Pages.

 5- 'SNC' standards culturing 'Social Network Conscience'
          as will integrate ICS, PPO and BMS care capabilities
         with specific health condition support networks that
            utilize heartware's interactive interface for qualifying
optimal care-for-health consensus.

 Planetary conscious evolution has arrived
at this point whereby we either utilize the
 physical tools and human resources now
  available, for self elevation as 'salvation',
or by default we may destroy ourselves.

       We now have global communications infrastructure
       with smartphones, lap top and desk top computers
 to optimize
care-for-health response abilities
   with the computer/Internet revolution - web 3.0 -
   as uses HEARTware
TM and 'Universal Self Care'
  for involving/evolving our
conscientious caring
'Net reality' in terms of social conscience and
healing care in our ubiquitous social networks.

At the heart of this opportunity is
a simple yet profound frame of
reference for universal law
as a common language,
The '
for mass-to-mass

Holy Spirit as -in-action via:

  1- Mass-to-Mass TeLeComm;
2- Free Universal Self Care;
 3- Global Conscious Ascent.


The parent company, HEARTcom Services, is set up
non-profit, with all proceeds going towards upgrades
   for users of HEARTware
TM and 'Universal Self Care'.

 As HEARTware comes on line with social networks,
a governing board of 7 will be selected by utilizing
HEARTware Process among users. That
"Board of Advisors" (Judicial Branch) will
mediate policy as represents both the
"Board of Directors" (5 members)
- the '
Executive Branch' -
and all users directly


Coordinates at 3-fold LOVE.

The same HEARTware Process will be used
to elect quorums of 12 to represent mature
social networks as will utilize this service.
It is these quorums that are represented
as the
round table of representatives
which select the
Advisory Board and
make the
Directors accountable to
The cyberEthics Conscience'
cultured by HEARTware.

   Those who are best at representing
   unmitigated truth -- via
heartware --
are those who will be
rising like cream to the top of our
 social networked
Conscience by
  representing the 'milk of kindness',
ethical wisdom and authentic power
  as is cultured by

This is the core vision that is
 winning from the beginning
with thinning of the veil for
our common awakening to
optimal opportunity for our
liberation of 'light' and 'life'


Infrastructure Development for
United Self Care with a

See: 2014 HEARTware Intro

More information per request.

Christopher Rudy, CEO
HEARTcom Services