Executive Summary for
 United Self Care - Part II

by Christopher Rudy,
HEARTcom Services

~~~~~ BUSINESS PLAN ~~~~~

Infrastructure Development of
 United Self Care with a
Culturing social
in our global social networks
with HEARTware.

    A $330,000 dollar 'fundraising campaign' (1st phase)
will capitalize infrastructure development whereby
 United Self Care (USC) with HEARTware
TM will be
 developed and deployed to culture global healing.

  Both services are structured with free public access
  yet highly profitable benefits on the backend for both
users and investors.

  For users of these synergistic services, the benefits are
self-evident as conscious evolution of informed choice
tools and processes for culturing one's optimal health.

For investors in infrastructure development and deployment,
all profits from HEARTware
TM traffic and USC services
-- '
Self Care Health Assurance Policies' --
will be split 50/50 with $33,000 investors of the initial
$330,000... until 2nd round of financing of
$3.3 million when the initial investors have
1st option with their initial 50% ROI split
50/50 with the 2nd round investors...
as with the 3rd round investors, etc.

50/50 'profit sharing' with non-profit services
is thus maintained, with the importance of
avoiding any conflict of interest with the
vested interests of any USC investor.

This is a public/private nonprofit/profit model
that represents the balanced win/win of the
"next economy" (Currency of Conscience).

More information per request.

Christopher Rudy, CEO
HEARTcom Services