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Dec 3, 2020 / Heartcom Network

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Trump Addresses the Nation on Election Fraud:

Dec 2, 2020 / Factbase Videos
"This may be the most important speech
I've ever made."
Donald Trump makes a previously-unannounced, pre-recorded
  speech on the election, released on Facebook Dec 2, 2020.
Archived on YouTube by Factba.se (https://factba.se)
Trump invokes foreign interference provision of his  
2018 executive order, authorizing military response
to cyberwarfare, i.e. cyber-hacking of the election. 

There's an Info-War going on between Trump's command
of military intelligence (white hats) and the 'black hats'
dark side) of 'Deep State (empire) corporatocracy'
(Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Media & Big Banks)
who want Trump GONE so they can finish
the 'Great Reset' rebranding of their
same old 'New World Order'.
Bill Gates is the blackest of black hats who is bankrolling
Big Tech, Big Pharma and Big Media in collusion with
military-industrial contractors under 'Warp Speed'
deployment of nanoparticle-laced vaccines
that will interact with 5G to morph our
DNA and steal our humanity with
an AI transhumanism agenda

 by stealing the election.

In May 2019, Microsoft announced the release of a new software program called 'ElectionGuard' that the company claimed would protect American elections against interference. The true purpose of ElectionGuard, however, was to steal reelection in 2020 from President Trump... under duress via the Gates Biosecurity State:

Sept 11, 2020
From Homeland Security to Biosecurity

"The final solution" to COVID-19 and over population", according to Bill Gates, "is a vaccine." Gates is not a doctor nor health scientist. Mr. Gates' conflicting interests are showing. As Moderna's co-investor with Dr. Fauci, Gates' eugenicist father officiated Planned Parenthood. That organization favored infanticide, especially in "developing countries" and Black communities. Gates has lectured extensively on the use of vaccinations to reduce global populations. That controverts Gates' claims that vaccines will secure the human race. His money buys a lot of propaganda, vaccines, and political support for his depopulation agenda.
     Fifteen percent (15%) of the world's population can be reduced via vaccinations, Gates lectured at a TED Conference. The
"Final Solution" to over-population and COVID-19 are one-and-the-same, according to Gates. His propaganda belies the genocide committed by Microsoft's predecessor-in-interest, IBM, whose Nazi partners, scientists and eugenicists, administered the Third Reich, WWII holocaust, and victim-tracking using computer punch cards linked to number tattoos on prisoners arms.
     Today, that crude holocaust technology is succeeded by Silicon Valley's most advanced data mining, 5G wireless communications, and Cloud technologies.
     We see the rise of the Biosecurity State with billionaire investors in genetic biotechnology who advertise their computers, online services, 5G, trans-humanism movement, and Cloud administration as the 'Fourth Industrial Revolution'... but actually it's the rise of the Fourth Reich. To conclude otherwise is recklessly ignorant, negligent, or complicit in the genocide.

    The whole world is watching the drama unfold.
  This is Aquarian Spring - it's all going 'global'.
  The global Internet offers instant-everywhere
and interactive worldwide consciousness of
 the global Plandemic with global economic 
devastation caused by corporate globalists

  who do not honor Constitutional sovereignty.

 Enlightened Netizens worldwide are witnessing
a mind-numbing combination of election fraud,
medical tyranny, and unabashed media bias.    
Cyber Command Forensics Expose
Election Fraud Sting Going Well

(entirely blacked out in lamestream media)

Dec 2, 2020 / InfoWars
Steve Piecznik Doubles Down:
Trump's sting operation against Deep State
    fraudsters is going well, media sedition aside.

Two 3-Star Generals call it "treason" and explain
that 'Kraken'
 is a crack military intelligence team
Dec 1, 2020 / NaturalNews.com
 Two minute video excerpt

 The Digital Coup and the Great Exposure
Nov 27, 2020 / Martin Geddes
The unavoidable picture that is emerging is one of a Digital Coup. The rogue intelligence agencies in the US and elsewhere had perfected a toolkit for 'colour revolutions'. This included sophisticated election hacking, designed to deliver the desired result in a highly plausible manner. The Dominion voting solution was not for vote counting, but for election fraud - by design.
     In the next few weeks, the awful truth about the recent US election and the attempted theft of the Presidency from the People will become impossible to ignore. The Director of National Intelligence is tasked with delivering his assessment of the integrity of the election within 45 days - the deadline being December 18th. Other lawsuits and events are progressing in the interim.
These tools were deployed against the US population in an illegal act of war. There is evidence of involvement by both China and Iran; other powers may also be exposed, including supposed allies, if the Russiagate precedent tells us anything.
     The enormous Trump landslide was outside of the range the fraud systems were configured for, which caused a panic insertion of fake paper ballots and extreme and obvious levels of digital 'vote switching'.

     We are already witnessing the run-up to the
disclosure of fraud and foreign interference prior to the December 14th electoral college vote. Fraud vitiates everything and annuls the Biden candidacy; foreign interference makes this a matter of military law. You are going to see a mass treason event and huge numbers of people brought to justice. This wasn't really an election; it was a military intelligence sting operation against a corrupt establishment.
     The controlled mass media is deliberately pushing a desperate false narrative to cover for their own criminality. They say "no evidence of fraud" and "unsubstantiated" allegations, even as that hard evidence mounts up in court filings and open source intelligence analysis.
     There are numerous districts with more votes than voters. [Yet the Big Lie in lamestream media is so BIG and so bold and so often told that many well-meaning people believe it - a kind of mass psychosis like good sheeple led over a cliff by wolves in sheep's clothing ~CR]
"You have been hoodwinked by a system of social engineering that was covertly established, mainly after the 1963 de facto coup following the assassination of President Kennedy, and installation of a permanent criminal shadow government." (Deep State ~CR). Continued HERE.
Dec 1, 2020 / Rutherford.org
Like it or not, the COVID-19 pandemic with its veiled threat of forced vaccinations, contact tracing, and genetically encoded vaccines is propelling humanity at warp speed into a whole new frontier - a surveillance matrix - the likes of which we've only previously encountered in science fiction.
Operation Warp Speed:
Your One-Way Ticket To Total Surveillance

Dec 2, 2020 / Technocracy.news / Dr. Mercola
"Incredibly precise... tracking systems... very active pharmaco-vigilance surveillance system." These are not idle words, but express a decades-old plan to track and monitor every person on earth. The COVID vaccine will open the door into a surveillance nightmare worthy of 1984. ~TN Editor
Is THE GREAT RESET Really Designed to
Advance Transhumanism at Warp Speed?

Dec 2, 2020 / New American
"Great Reset" Transhumanism:
Merging Man & Machine

US - UK Intel Agencies Declare Cyber War
on Independent Media...
Nov 29, 2020 / Whitney Webb
Deploying cyber warfare weapons against anyone
questioning propaganda re: covid-19 vaccines.

'"British and American state intelligence agencies are 'weaponizing truth' to quash vaccine hesitancy as both nations prepare for mass inoculations, in a recently announced 'cyber war' to be commanded by AI-powered arbiters of truth against information sources that challenge official narratives." ~Whitney Webb at Unlimited Hangout

UK OKs Experimental COVID Vaccine;
Could Roll Out in Days

Dec 3, 2020 / The Corbett Report
IMPORTANT Vaccine Report at 2-7 minutes.
"Are you willing to be a human guinea pig in
this mass scale vaccination experiment?"

Gen. Flynn's Emergency Message To America:
Evidence of Widespread Election Fraud

Nov 29, 2020 / BANNED.video
     In his first interview since receiving a full pardon from President Trump, Flynn outlined to WVW-TV hosts Lt. General McInerney and conservative activist Mary Fanning on Saturday the legal path to victory laid out before President Trump.
     General Flynn presents clear evidence of widespread election fraud. Our ballots were not even counted in America. Our ballots were counted in Germany, and in Spain, by a company owned by supporters of communism.
     This is not just about this one stolen election. This is about the future of liberty worldwide. If we do not stop the total corruption and destruction of the America republic, liberty will end worldwide, and the entire world will enter into a another era identical to what is now referred to as the 'Dark Ages'.
     Here is our dilemma: Every SINGLE Deep State, fake news, media source is telling the same lies.
     The average intellect is concluding that these lies must be true, just because they have heard them so many times, from what appears to be many different sources. Our media is controlled by six corporations that are all controlled by New World Order globalists. What is called the 'main stream media' is pure propaganda and fake news. What is called the 'alternative media' is the only free-open media that still exists.
     Do not be surprised if this very video is censored by the Deep State controlled media. This video is placed here with an expectation that it will be censored by the Deep State controlled media.
We did not have an election. We had a charade that was supposed to appear to be an election. America must not be a corrupt third world banana republic.
     President Trump won this election by a landslide. If the criminal Deep State tries to steal this election, they will foment civil war.
     The desperate audaciousness of the criminal Deep State is inconceivable until we understand that for these criminals this is a matter of life and death.
     These criminals have been above the law for their entire lives. They have run out of tactics for delaying their prosecution. The 'Russian Collusion' hoax did not work. The totally baseless impeachment scam did not work. The Covid-19 hoax did not work. The George Floyd martyr diversion did not work. Now the only thing that they have left is to steal the landslide re-election using every tactic that they have.
The fake news media is calling easily provable facts 'false claims'.
At the same time the fake news media is flooding the country with blatant lies. Large numbers of people honestly believe that Biden won the election, and that Trump is a usurper for trying to stop this Coup D'etat.
     What is being called 'fact checkers' should actually be called TRUTH CONCEALERS.
     The Democratic Party, the American media, the major corporations, social media, and many colleges are now virtually owned by Communist China.
     We have the best politicians that money can buy.
     Anyone who would sellout our country to Communists is a traitor, and should be on the next plane to Gitmo.
     Communists have 'infiltrated' (bought off) our election tabulation system, and the evidence is massive.
     The electoral college will vote on December 14, 2020. And unless the people wake up and take action NOW Communist China will be running the American government.
     What is happening in America now, has happened  in many other places, and has been explained in the Communists own training manuals: 'And Not a Shot Is Fired' by Jan Kozak
  Everyone who believes in liberty and justice are allies without regard to the color of their skin. Those who seek to create tyranny want those who believe in liberty and justice to fight each other. Communists call this a "class struggle", but it is really the destruction of a peaceful world, where liberty and justice... ~ Continue reading 

Health Ranger Report:

Dec 3, 2020 / NaturalNews.com
Mike Adams on Trump's Speech at 7:30 minutes.

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