Christ Mass 104

Graduating with Full-Spectrum Conscience

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Good Will Gifting of, by & for Christ Mass Awakening

·        Universal  Gifting Self-Evident Truth Globally.

·        Mass Awakening of All-Connected Self-Realization.

·        Mass Enlightenment for Conscientious Self-Healing;

·        Conscience Currency; Economy’s Self-Correction;

·        Mass “Salvation” (Self-Elevation) as an upward-mobile
 Self-Fulfilling Prophecy.

“Deliverance is needed and necessity is the mother of invention”.

Faith in the Spirit that matters is at the heart of each soul's on-going rEVOLUTION in higher consciousness. This is the Good Will that is gifting the worldwide web of consciousness with up-wising and uprising when we get it... the concept of 'Universal Co-Creation' through heart coherence in the quantum field of all sentient life on Earth.  It is this Good Will to know better and do better that understands Galactic Shift and appreciates how dimensional shift is accelerating in 2013-2014... and how we naturally ascend or otherwise graduate when we
                                                       "Get it? Got it. Good!"

I have great faith in the inherent good will of humanity as is rapidly culturing a global revolution in higher consciousness.  The Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age is the blueprint for a personal and planetary POWER SHIFT of an evolutionary ascent nature.  This upward-mobile up-wising process is moving consciousness in more positive direction, governed by the prime directive for humanity, “TO DO NOW HARM”.  You know, the emerging Peace on Earth that naturally follows the outpicturing of the worldwide  foundation in our heart of hearts.

"The issue today is the same as it has been throughout all history,
whether man shall be allowed to govern himself
or be ruled by a small elite."

~ Thomas Jefferson

Heaven knows, most will agree that what the world needs now is Love Sweet Love.  Practical spirituality will make it so… on Earth as in Heaven.

The concept is simple enough.  Make  the universal interface for mass-to-mass interaction in our social networks, and  will culture TeLeComm and TeLeCommuity with TeLeConscience and TeLeCommerce of a more enlightened salvation nature.

Call it 'The Blessing' of ,by and for the Constitution of Conscience for global TLC of a more mainstream natures. Self-governing social networks work better with the Golden Rule/Law Language of Universal at the heart of governing “Operating Systems” (OS).
Resurrect the OS with an information infrastructure that upgrades the pure intention of
core Constitutional freedoms, and voila!  The Power of Love goes global. That when the Power Shift in the collective conscience of our global village finishes worldwide what U.S. Founders began “locally”... mainstreaming the message of global freedom and opportunity.

The pure intention of U.S. Founders naturally favors
Christ Mass disruption of all corruption.

In other words, those who would graduate from the schoolroom of life will get it – how “Universal-Cosmic” (Christ-like)  is the pure intention “mediator” for Higher Power through focused attention with love's retention for conscious ascension in a 'blessing dimension' where love rules.  It is this intent of higher Christ-like hearts and minds that will naturally make it so… the Big Shift in global consciousness along more enlightened lines of the Aquarian Dispensation – global freedom in the Spirit and form of universal .

So here's to some Christmas cheer with an upgraded Christ Mass 2013 message.  This is a gift for all humanity from and for the 'Presence' of the Spirit that matters for birthing of the Aquarian Dispensation. 

There are three parts to this gift… to make it somore gifting of the Spirit that matters -- easier and faster – in a new all-connected world that is like the humble manger where a Christ-like Spirit is being born.  I emphasize the word “humble” because this is bigger than any one of us individually.  The prophesied “Second Coming” is the Christ Mass Conscience in this Spirit -- “more light” neutralizing dark-side corruption and disruption of the gold standard for Peace on Earth.

If you want a feel for this gift, what it looks like, how you can get it, and what you can do to make it so… consider how this is the gift of self-fulfilling prophecy in YOUR world.  Give it pure intention with focused attention and evolutionary ascension naturally follows -- as the “Second Coming” in YOUR world!  You have to own it before you can give it.

This gift is, indeed, the global awakening of a higher conscience that naturally cultures the form and frequency of civility in all our social networks…  just as it resurrects the global economy with core Constitutional processes that define, refine, combine (synergize) and shine our individual and collective gifts and talents.

To own it – the rewards of this gift -- you must give it away, pass it on, or otherwise pay it forward with a giving heart.  We all know that the most priceless things in life are free and that you can’t take them with you – past this life – unless as blessings for having loved fully and freely.

Of course, that’s why it is always more blessed to give than to receive, and I’m not talking about “things” here.  The higher your concept of the Holy Spirit – divine -in-action – the greater the results.  And with the pure intention of good will running your cognitive operating system – the greater the results in YOUR world.  

Indeed, the 'Second Coming' is synonymous with 'World Peace'.  It may cause disruption of the corruption that profits from endless terror, war, disease and death of the sacred, but the new millennial dispensation of Aquarius inadvertently brings the larger scheme of justice for all souls.  And the justice we each and all get is the justice that just is the fruit of what we have given to our world at this critical time in Earth’s evolution.

“There’s nothing more valuable than a vision that has found its time.”
“More powerful than standing armies is a vision that has found its time.”

~ both quotes attributed to Victor Hugo

In a world of cause and effect, we reap what we sow.  Call it the universal law of 'action-reaction' (physics) or “stimulus-response” (biology).  The ancients understood this as “as above – so below”… how we are in the universe and the universe is within us.  Or as understood by the living Christ in mankind – that raises humanity as kind men – “the kingdom of heaven is within you”

This quantum reality of “on Earth as in Heaven” reflects in the natural evolution of our “all-connected” global village at this unique moment in Earth’s history.  And the idea that has found it’s time is the Second Coming of Christ Mass Conscience in our all-connected social networks.

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