2022 Great Turn-Around Series

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podcast - 13th year

Solstice New Moon ~ Christ Mass ~ New Year
Global rEVOLUTION Revelations

We've come a long way this year folks!

Great Awakening has spurred the
The Great Turn-Around of collective
consciousness from Deep State
psychology of victim dictum to
High State victory virtue and
the discerning spirit to see
Christ Mass
for the Family of Man.

Dec 21, 2022 / Solstice  

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As the deepest night gives way to greater light
we once again honor the turning of cycles
with a great Christ Mass celebration.
  What goes around comes around.
What we think about we bring about.
 The flow of Christic energy through
 any system or model of wholeness
  acts to integrate that whole system
  - the interconnection of all parts -    
  in a High State of Christic .
   This is our conscientious evolutionary
  ascent with the Spirit that matters for
   'The Great Christ Mass Awakening'
(previous article).

Review of 2022 / Preview of 2023

Listen to Bach - 'Sleepers Wake' - while
reading the headers and content before
 customizing your own multi-media show.

4 minutes of music is aprox length of reading

New World Next Year 2023

Dec 15, 2022 / Corbett Report
It's the story of the year! It's predictions for next year!
It's James and James in Christmas mode!
It's New World Next Year 2023.

From Doctors Around the World
Health Sovereignty - A Global Proclamation
Dec 19, 2022 / Robert W Malone MD, MS
(click or tap on video at the top)
Keep the Faith: First Principles of Public Health.
See the Good: Pro-Life for Your Life and All Life.
Make it So! Gold Standard for Global TeLeCare.

Behind the Twitter Files Hype
Dec 20, 2022 / The Corbett Report
 Two of the most brilliant journalists on the Internet
- James Corbett and Whitney Webb -
discuss what is trustworthy with Elon Musk and
the sophisticated information warfare as waged
 in social media as well as in lamestream media.

Keep in Mind - TeLeComm Just in Time
Dec 21, 2022 / Heartcom Network
First introduced almost 50 years ago to
 ten agencies of Fed-Gov on Capitol Hill,
    interactive mass-to-mass TeLeComm will
    define and refine the global rEVOLUTION
 with a High State of 'Common Sense'  
(Effective Sensory Perception).

'The Most Courageous Newscast in 60 Years'
(video begins at 4 minutes for 3 minute brevity)
Dec 18, 2022 / Tucker Carlson

  Tucker's team spoke to someone who had access to

  the still-hidden CIA documents clearly revealing that
  the CIA was indeed involved in JFK's assassination.
 (Note: Big 'Red Pill' for mainstream 'normies' ~CR).

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr:
"The CIA's murder of my uncle was a

successful coup d'etat..."

Dec. 17, 2022 / patriotalerts.com
"... from which our democracy has never recovered."
 ~ Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Biggest Story that No One is Reporting?
New Carbon Tax for the Freezing European Union

Dec 19, 2022 / Paul Joseph Watson

Climate Disruption? It's Not Due to CO2
Dec 18, 2022 / GlobalResearch.ca

CO2 is a gas that is invisible and doesn't smell so you don't see it. Just as humans require oxygen that we metabolize and exhale as CO2, plants require CO2 that they metabolize and exhale as oxygen. This is the natural co-creation synergy of the human and plant kingdoms.
     In general, the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is about 0.038% only. Most of that is vapor - water vapor - some 80 or 70%. So, this tiny amount of CO2 cannot change something huge like the climate of this planet. This is impossible.
     The actual crisis is NOT too much CO2 but diminishing oxygen. Climate change hyperbole is another psy-op. It's dis-info, division and dis-ease - more dystopian fear and cognitive dissonance - masking as planatary salvation.
     That freak-out fake science is like fake religious 'Belief Sytem' (BS); another form of mass hypnotic psychosis formation to keep us from wising up - their greatest fear. It's Deep State demise as we get wise -
Mainstream Awakening.

US Troops Deployed Near Russian Border
Dec 16, 2022 / RT com
Estonia's defense ministry has announced the
arrival of an American infantry company as
part of NATO's presence in the country.
Getting ready for Putin's winter blitz.
This is a global 'bitter cup' event.

History of Transhumanism - the New Eugenics
Dec 16, 2022 / Whitney Webb

This video begins at 11 minutes into a #DarkJournalist interview that dives deep in the dark-deep National Security State. Whitney Webb here describes the eugenics history of the word, 'transhumanism'. In brief, Julian Huxley was President of the British Eugenics Society, and after WWII was placed in charge of UNESCO, the social and cultural arm of the UN. In a speech to UNESCO, Julian said, "We need to make the unthinkable thinkable again", referring to eugenics. Ten years later, Julian wrote a book called, 'New Bottle for New Wine' where he coins the term 'transhumanism' as the merging of man with mechanical or genetic manipulation of the body... which is exactly what we've see the last two years with the experimental mRNA 'vaccines' classified as 'gene therapies' with nanoparticle replicators, blue-tooth IDs and AI cyborg properties; a giant transhuman experiment on a global scale.

Bezos and Gates Invest in Synchron,
a Brain Implant that Competes
with Musk's Neuralink
Dec 21, 2022 / Need To Know
Trans-humans are about to be merged with the "cloud"
   in a new clinical trial involving brain-machine interfaces,
   turning humans into AI robots; cloud-controlled cyborgs.

Transhuman Side-Effect - The 'Zombie Contagion'
Dec 19, 2022 / SGTReport
James Roguski returns to SGT Report to expose WHO
   and to discuss vax gene editing, zombies and Bill Gates'
  'Catastrophic Contagion' (COVID 2.0) 'simulation' for our
     predictive programming; manipulating the human genome
     with a transhuman agenda of chipping, tracking & tracing.

The experimental vaccine is a catastrophe.
There is NO good science for this, nor for
   lockdowns or masking or social distancing.
 Readers of this newsletter are well aware
    that this was all part of a social engineering
psy-op to compel compliance to a digital 
    control matrix with digital IDs (QR code) for
 a digital passport, and for digital currency
    that rations freedom based on social credit,
  and can digitally empty your bank account
   if you disrespect centralized digital tyranny
by technocrat minions of the power elite  
who have made a killing during 'COVID'
 (Certificate Of Vaccination I.D.)
    and are afraid of worldwide public
The Great Awakening -
 'interjecting' (projecting) their fear onto us,
  trying to keep us down with a digital gulag
  as their last gasp measure for domination.

That does not end well for the perps.
Forgive them fast - be humane.
Rally for Revival & Reset
Christ Mass Spirit.

  Always remember that Jesus the Christ
     was the rEVOLUTIONARY of his day, and
     we celebrate his spirit being born anew for

Where you put your attention and how you  
 spend your $'s is how you 'vote' day-to-day.
 Voting is volition; YOUR CHOICE.

A vote for Christ Mass up-rising
is a vote for
 Deep State down-sizing.

The Great Awakening has spurred the
The Great Turn-Around of collective
consciousness from Deep State
psychology of victim dictum to
High State victory virtue and
the discerning spirit to see
Christ Mass
for 'The Foundation' of
Aquarian Freedom.

  Forging the Foundation of Aquarian
with Mass Mediation Modalities for Raising
Net Reality Standards via Global Netizens;
all of 'US' as 'United Sovereigns of Earth'.  

Look to SEE… Know to BE
Geometric Ordered Divinity;   

Pure Geometry Thoughtforms
  (G.O.D.~ Constitution),
   for Effective Sensory Perception
   via interactive TeLeCommunion:
TeLeComm for TeLeCommunity,
TeLeConscienceTeLeCare and
TeLeCommerce economy.

Full Spectrum 5D 'TLC' Enlightenment


Lots of in many 'packages' for you.
Unpack some of them at codes.

There are rules whereby Creator's intention… 
self-evident to those who focus attention...
within 'as above' - with
great joy retention… 
up to rise up; conscious ascension…
in a 
Unity State; co-Creation's dimension...  Image88

In good faith, there's comprehension.
Heaven's blessings flow from this intention 

as focuses attention with retention
for conscious ascension in 5D+ dimensions
(many 'mansions' of the Lord)
beyond "I'm only human" reprehension.      
is the key to our Aquarian destiny.
"For millennia...
mankind had wandered in the darkness...
but now, as had been prophesied,
there was a change coming. 
After hurtling blindly through history,
 mankind has reached a crossroads. 
 This moment had been predicted long ago,
prophesied by the ancient texts,
by the primeval calendars,
and even by the stars themselves.
The date was specific, its arrival imminent.   
 It would be preceded by a brilliant
explosion of knowledge...
a flash of clarity to illuminate the darkness
     and give mankind a final chance to veer away
     from the abyss and take the path of wisdom."
 ~ Dan Brown, The Lost Symbol

"explosion of knowledge" with the Internet
has opened the Aquarian portal - the InnerNet
for a 'New Common Sense' - a Unity State
with instant-everywhere and interactive
capabilities for Global TeLeComm.

The 'Lost Symbol' is a 2-D representation
of a 3-D 'Cosmic Cube' as frames the
Constitution of Cosmic Law at the
  heart of 4D temporal coherence
for 5D mental congruence.

"The most powerful thoughtform in the universe,
and key to ascension of the planet."

~ Universal Interface for Global Interaction
(historical origins)

Look to SEE ~ Know to BE
'Geometric Ordered Divinity'
(Christ Mass Affinity)

The Christ mass gift of G.O.D. Vision
is fulfillment of the Prime Directive
 to integrate the 'Four Directions' in
  the 5D Vision of/for the 'CAPstone'
 (Creative Ascent Process)
 in the 'pyra-mid' (fire in the middle)
of 'Self' and 'Civilization-at-large'. 

This Vision of Victory is
Dedicated to the
 One Eye


   - The ockdown ockstep PROBLEM with inear
       ogic and eft-brain 'etter of the Great Law'.
        (dogma - compartmentalized closed systems);
   - The 'spherical' (-nonlinear)
SOLUTION as social
         conscience - conscientious common sense in the
          Spirit of the Great Law; interactive open systems;
   - The synergy in the trinity for
      'mediation' from -
      with balance in the 3-fold flame of ~ ~ ; 
- The key to whole systems integrity is integration
   of the lost symbol key to universal sovereignty
      with 5D
TLC; Effective Sense Perception as the
       Aquarian destiny for
United Sovereigns of Earth.

     All Ways ... Always,
~ Christos
  PS: Bonus for those who have read this far:

 The Queen of Light Initiates Us with Light!

(click on image for video replay)
The Queen of Light descends to initiate us with
 light and the blessing of cosmic ascension fire.


Thanks for being with me on this 2022 journey

 We're at the 2022 Turning Point to
2023 Mainstream Awakening

. Aquarian communities are emerging in global social networks.
 There's a Big Shift to intolerance for Big Lie propaganda.
 The Whole Truth is decimating Big Lie disinformation.
 Our Cooperative Spirit bridges contrived divisions.
Victory virtues are overcoming victim dictum.

Christ Mass Awakening is Globally Surging.
Long Dark Night of Our Souls is Purging.
Claim the Victory - Aquarius Emerging.

With as the rule - the gold standard,
welcome the Aquarian Frequency Shift with
 freedom sparks flying for the rEVOLUTION:
The 2023 Mainstream Awakening.


2023 may be much different than you imagined,
  and yet more wondrous than you ever hoped for.

 So Keep the Faith, See the Good,
Have a Wonderful Year!
~ Christopher