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Dec 31, 2018 / 2018 Global Upgrade

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Part One – 2018 Review

Wow! – What a Year of Revelations!

“Fear not the ‘Path of Truth’
for the lack of People
walking on it.”

~ Robert F. Kennedy

   Some would say we’re seeing a perfect storm.
  Global ‘awakening’ has reached critical mass.
     The Internet has now enlightened billions of us.
    The ‘Whole Truth’ is transcending the ‘Big Lie’.
   The High State is transmuting the Deep State.

  And a new common sense unity is emerging;
   the new ‘U.S.’ as United Sovereigns of Earth.

  A ‘Secret’ Space Program has been unveiled
  with extremely advanced stargate technology
  that has connected Earthlings with advanced
  beings from across our galaxy – and beyond.

This ‘genie’ is not going back into the bottle,
 and as a High State of disclosure integrates,
 the Deep State truth blockade disintegrates.

This process was ordained for this time,
 and so was Deep State opposition to the
 High State as neutralizes the Deep State.

  Witness the disruption of systemic corruption.
   The corrupt perpetrators use covert deception.
    Fear is weaponized for coercive subservience.
   Cognitive dissonance is caused by fake news.

"Beware of false knowledge; it is more
dangerous than ignorance."
~ George Bernard Shaw

 Moving forward is challenged by old records.
The Deep State – like the ego – won’t let go.

   Endless war insanity has become too normal.
  The health care cabal is mostly disease care.
  Wall Street profits from our disease and war.
    The incentive for war and disease is killing us.

 But as we become more conscious of HOW
   we are conscious - upgrade of Net freedom -
  self-correcting ‘wisdom of the crowd’ (cloud)
   upgrades evolving ascent for upward-mobile

  Energy naturally flows where intention goes.
  The flow of our collective co-creation energy
   through a system acts to evolve that system.

 The High State understands this cosmic law
 whereby what goes around, comes around.

The current system is now about to reset.
  The world we design for is the one we get.
The moral imperative compels collective
co-creation with for a High State.

  So claim the Vision of our emerging Victory.
  Embrace the Virtue of this Vision with Valor.
  And pay intention with pure intention for our
   ascension in the High State –
5th dimension
    of full-spectrum enlightened comprehension.

The Big Picture of 2018 Upgrade:
Insight and Outlook re: the High State

The collective consciousness of the Family of Mankind is going through accelerated transformation… ready or not. There is a systemic ‘sea change’ from relative calm to turbulent change waves that are rocking the boat – the ‘Ship of State’ – big time.

As readers of 2018 Global Upgrade are aware, since the first of the year, I’ve been processing independent Internet news each week, publishing noteworthy videos and articles that are rarely if ever mentioned by the Deep State fakestream news.

Most of my bi-weekly Cosmic Shows on BBS Radio this year have been a commentary on the weekly compendiums I’ve been publishing.

These ‘reality reports’ can be rather disturbing to one’s comfort zone that fears change from one’s prevailing normalcy bias.

That’s why I’ve ‘wrapped’ many of these weekly compendiums with ‘Cosmic Codes’: sacred geometry, infographics, quotes, articles and videos that provide inspired food for thought like a ‘ sandwich’ that adds flavor to some of the ‘unsavory’ topics I often cover… as timely as they may be.

Cherished illusions of Western civilization are coming apart. Once secret societies running things behind the scenes are being disclosed. A shift in paradigms from centralized power to decentralized power has created a power shift. And the old ‘New World Order’ agenda of power elite potentates is being ‘reset’… one way or the other.

As a philosophic mystic and long time metaphysician, I’ve tried to keep my finger on the pulse of the body of humanity. The heartbeat is irregular. The immune system is weak. The circulation is poor. And the global mind is fraught with fears of too much change too fast.

This is a collective healing crisis. Signs and symptoms of collective dis-ease are self-evident. Civil discourse is afflicted with extreme polarization. Independent Internet media channels are being censored by Big Media, demonetized on YouTube, and shadow-banned on Facebook.


Agregious Big Tech excesses go far beyond just censorship and data mining for mass mind manipulation.

The Weaponization of Social Media [video]
Dec 28, 2018 / Corbettreport.com

Video Excerpt: Now openly admitted, governments, militaries and political lobby groups are already employing armies of keyboard warriors to wage information warfare in the social media battlespace. Their goal? To shape public discourse around global events in a way favorable to their standing military and geopolitical objectives. Their method? The Weaponization of Social Media.

"Very Big Brotherish"

An example of this weaponization of social media is the short clip at 9:05 minutes (video above) that shows how Wikipedia is now edited by Zionist gatekeepers "to be sure it is balanced and Zionist in nature."


Not to mention that the U.S. economy is gyrating like 1929 while Deep State media assures us ‘all is well’ – ‘core fundamentals are good’.

Fortunately, there are positive megatrends
emerging that we rarely hear of.

Highlights of the Year
#1 - Divine Feminine Rising

Witness the Rise of the Divine Feminine in
2018, and not just the #MeToo movement.
 The principle and person of loving kindness
   is more than the shaming of heartless males
  who overpower woman for self-gratification.

 The 'Divine Feminine' represents sensitivity
   which truly cares for every individual, family,
    community and nation. This polarity-balance
  with the 'Divine Masculine' is more intuitive
     than logical, more empathic than intellectual,
 and a more nonlinear common sense than
   compartmentalized 'egoic sense', i.e. more
     heart coherence as key to mind congruence.

Rise of the Divine Feminine
and The Art of Manliness
Courage Vs. Boldness:
How to Live With Spartan Bravery
"Boldness Seeks Glory; Courage Seeks Honor."

EXCERPT: “The bold man seeks to divide; he wants his own and will shoulder his brother aside to loot it. The brave man unites. He succors his fellow, knowing that which belongs to the commonwealth belongs to him as well.
   “In troubled times the bold man flails about in effeminate anguish, seeking to draw his neighbors into his misfortune, for he has no strength of character to fall back upon other than to drag others down to his own state of wickedness.”

   Conscious Evolution Revelations

 Unity Conscience - the new Common Sense
 is going mainstream worldwide with our new
instant-everywhere and interactive Internet.

    See recent article on Common Sense 2.0.

"We are like islands in the sea,
separate on the surface,
but connected in the deep."
~  William James

Quantum reality is going mainstream.

Nothing Is Solid & Everything Is Energy
Scientists Explain The World of
Quantum Physics

Nov 18, 2018 / Collective-Evolution.com

EXCERPT: "...planet Earth is made up of a huge collection of billions of minds. If consciousness does have an effect on our physical material reality, that means in some sense, we are all co-creating our human experience here. We are responsible for the human experience and what happens then on the planet, because we are all, collectively, creating it."

General enlightenment challenges all
that is less than common kindness.

Call it enlightenment, awakening, transcendence, self-realization or any of the myriad terms used to describe the ultimate High State of consciousness. People have been seeking it for millennia, but an unprecedented awakening has been underway since the instant-everywhere and interactive Internet has jump-started social conscience in our global social networks.

  As Christic consciousness matriculates the matrix
of conscientious common sense, the dynamic of
5D co-creation with the Spirit that matters fulfills

the purpose & plan of as above – so below
on Earth as in heaven-cosmos at large.

Witness the global upgrade megatrends: 

"More than half the world's population
 is now middle class."

Sept 30, 2018, Financial Times

More than half the world’s population is for the first time living in households earning enough to be considered middle or upper class, with five people joining their ranks every second. The rapid growth of the middle class, most of which is taking place in Asia, will have significant economic and political effects, as people become more demanding of businesses and governments, said Kristofer Hamel, chief operating officer of World Data Lab, the non-profit organisation that compiled the figures. The milestone is important because the middle class is the engine of modern economies, Mr Hamel said, adding that about half of global economic demand is generated by household consumption, with half of this coming from the middle class.

The public is awakening to
the challenge of Big Tech.

Did 2018 usher in a creeping tech dystopia?
12-26-2018 / https://phys.org

We may remember 2018 as the year when technology's dystopian potential became clear, from Facebook's role enabling the harvesting of our personal data for election interference to a seemingly unending series of revelations about the dark side of Big Tech… as if that were reason for government regulation as a protection racket for Big Tech… like the FDA protection racket for Big Pharma… or the ‘Federal Reserve’ protection racket for Big Banks, etc.

Rise of the High State naturally
leads to Deep State demise.
More light => less dark.

What we have witnessed in 2018 is 'end game' for patriarchal Deep State ownership and control values at the expense of public co-creation and cooperation virtues that nurture our holistic health.

General enlightenment with our new Net reality has been the inadvertant 'judgment' on psychopathic and sociopathic agendas that sabotage civility on purpose.

Understand the High State
as -in-action
that is
for giving.

Conscientious common sense may be uncommon but there's nothing more valuable than a vision of wise discernment with the Spirit that matters on Earth as in the quantum field at large.

The High State IS what
Sovereignty DOES.

Sovereignty reflects and perfects the High State of eternal progression. And not just one's soul, but also our core institutions serving local and global civility.

The High State represents Unity
United Sovereigns of Earth.

The victory of sovereignty on Earth means we will own our own lives, learning, heath and systems of self-governance.

This High State represents 'AMERICA' as
the '
(anagram) worldwide.

The instant-everywhere and interactive capabilities of our new Net reality has made it increasingly obvious how we are ALL-connected... ALL ways... ALways.

This High State is a 'co-creative'
dance with universe - becoming
 aware of our connection.

This is the dance of delight for the ordained power of love that can spin with perfect poise and balance through co-Operative commUNIcaTIon co-Creation that organizes ALL information IN FORMATION.

This is a process called 'information's ecology' - recycling general knowledge in the way that generates specific wisdom; upgrading Internet freedom by updating five core Constitutional freedoms at the heart of a New American rEVOLUTION worldwide... emphasizing 90% of the word.

The High State is a decentralized
'global village' (I-net commons)
 as an enlightened
unified field.

Global decentralization with our new Net reality has been rapidly morphing 3D density - through 4D (in time) - with 5D direction for self-correction along more enlightened 'lines' that frame the univeral interface 'holodeck' for global interaction with the language of consciousness - light language.

The High State self-corrects with
more Light-as-Conscience.

More light of the High State naturally neutralizes the dark-side Deep State whose time is short and fear-of-loss is greater than faith in public benefit. Self-preservation instincts of egoic 3-D density is enmity with High State intention for ascension.

"Highly evolved people have their own
conscience as pure law."
~ Lao Tzu

Whether on the scale of local community or global village, pure intention of, by and for the High State is epitomized in a universal law standard for upgrading Conscience with a capital 'C' - as in 'see' - what 'five D' can be... for free.

Attributes of the High State includes
gifts of the whol spirit known as
Effective Sensory Perception.

Either we're busy being born in the likeness of G.O.D.~ – the heart of the Source Field – or we're busy dying via dimwit denial as in ‘DUH’.

The High State Power of Love is
the best antidote for 'DUH'.

The goal of conscious evolution revelations is to involve and evolve our individual and collective Conscience along more enlightened lines that frame the first principles of Five Core Constitutional Freedoms.

The High State of heart coherence is
the master key to mind congruence.

As an interdisciplinary and interdependent function of core ancient and modern maps of consciousness (Jung), universal archetypes of can synergize with a coherence standard for local/global interaction on a mass-to-mass scale.

The High State of Global TeLeComm
is a vision of global

A more direct, objective, and otherwise pure form of representative sovereignty requires a high standard that empowers wisdom for wholEness and healing of the sense of separation from Universal Law as a High State operating system.

The High State of Global TeLeCare is for
healing of the sick 'health care' system.

The fact that a free online holistic self care service could now provide global Netizens a much higher standard of personalized health care – but  is denied by Deep State 'medical malpractice' – is the #1 indictment against the medical-industrial complex that has been privatized for profit from disease - not it's prevention.

Claiming the Victory in 2018 is to
Claim the Power of now.

The 2nd Coming of Christ mass consciousness - with interactive mass-to-mass TeLeComm and TeLeCare - can reboot/reset social networks worldwide with the High State of social Conscience that empowers wisdom via Co-Creation with G.O.D.~~ Source.

The Mystical Prescience of
Christic Consciousness:

"According to the mystical tradition, Christ is born into the world through each of us. As we open our hearts, he is born into the world. As we choose to forgive, he is born into the world. As we rise to the occasion, he is born into the world. As we make our hearts true conduits for love, and our minds true conduits for higher thoughts, then absolutely a divine birth takes place. Who we're capable of being emerges into the world, and weaknesses of the former self begin to fade. Thus are the spiritual mysteries of the universe, the constant process of dying to who we used to be as we actualize our divine potential." ~ Marianne Williamson

Assimilate the Mystical Elements of
Your 'I Am' Presence;
Message from the Master Kuthumi
HERE (video)
Dec 27, 2018 / HeartsCenter.org


2018 Global Upgrade began with a lot of Deep State and High State revelations - what is really going on behind the scenes of global evolution revolution. And 2018 finished on a high note regarding the High State of Christ mass consciousness that is surging this time of year.

This surge is the beginning of
of the criminal Deep State.

What I Know About Warnings and Arrests
Dec 27, 2018 / Judge Anna Von Reitz,
   Constitutional scholar

Operation Clean Sweep, 70,000 indictments,
high level arrests and social disruption.

Sustaining the surge of Christ mass

Ultimate success for 2019 is predicated on a sustained surge of Christ mass Conscience as an alliance of hearts and minds for the highest and best service to humanity as can be provided; a vision of, by and for global healing, blessing and sealing via Keepers of the Frequency of Christ-like -in-action... as in frequently.

This is the Aquarian Mandate
and 'The 2019 rEVOLUTION'
   coming to The Field near you!

This web of Christic Conscience is a web of light that links the light of lightworkers through a higher frequency of light language-in-action on the worldwide web of consciousness.

First this occurs on the InnerNet - the quantum innerspace at the heart of cyberspace; the inner sense of coherence at the heart of enlightened innocense... and finally on the worldwide web of social networks that provide a chalice for our maturing social Conscience as the Family of Sovereigns on Earth as in Cosmos-at-large.

'US' as United Sovereigns

There is a unique metaphysical process whereby coherent of a 5D+ nature matriculates the matrix of 3D with the Spirit that matters for self-correcting 'self-elevation' (conscious ascent) of a salvation nature.

This alchemical transformation process is based on universal laws of sacred geometry framing the constitution of the whole-holistic-holy holographic universe.

"In the beginning, God geometrized."
~ ancient Hermetic wisdom

This alchemy will naturally 'crystallize' (geometrize) 'G.O.D. VISION' (Geometric Ordered Divinity) at the heart of Natural Law principles - 'heartware' - as a universal interface for TLC mediation of global TeLeCommunity.

"In the end, we become
 what we geometrize."
~ modern GeoNotes wisdom

The '2nd Coming' of Christic Conscience
~ initiation of Aquarian consciousness ~
 is the process that involves and evolves our
 individual and collective consciousness with
the Language of Light and Law of

  for culturing conscientious 'Common Sense'
through a universal interactive interface for
global mass-to-mass
 as upgrades Five Core Internet Freedoms

This is the vision of virtue & valor for
the VICTORY OF 2019
emphasizing 90% of the word 'revolution' 
  by emphasizing
TLC at the heart of
TeLeCommunication for
TeLeCommunity and
and blockchain-secure
 that underwrites & fulfills all the above.

The Blockchain Technology Revolution Is
About To Remake The Stock Market
12-26-2018 / Investors.com

Blockchain technology was one of this year's hottest buzzwords among stock market investors. Early in 2019, that technology could begin to reshape the stock market itself.

The Next Economy will make the old economics of
 scarcity - and debt slavery - increasingly obsolete
 as an economics of abundance naturally emerges
  with increasing disclosure of high touch high tech;
personalized vision of virtue and valor for victory
holistic healing models socially and politically
  for ALL of 'US' as the United Sovereigns of Earth.

The VISION of this alchemy 'ALONE'
- ONE for all and ALL for atONEment -
can be the catalyst for rEVOLUTION
  along more enlightened 'lines' of pure
 geometry framing universal language
  for global interactive unity in diversity.

This is Great Drama at the
turning of the Ages.

  Nobody knows how this will play out in 2019.
It may be far different from what most think,
 yet far better than we ever thought possible.

All Ways ... Always

Full Spectrum

"Without Vision"…
Vow for Virtues at the heart of Victory,
"the people perish" 

via values that vindicate victim dictum.

 So seize the Vision... Keep the Faith,
Embrace the Virtue... See the Good,
And Claim the Victory... Make it So!


Inspirational Videos of the Month

Nicholas Roerich on Inspired Co-Creation:

Dec 22, 2018 / HeartsCenter.org
 Art is the deployment of one’s
inspired gifts and talents.

See also:
Three Wise Men Step Through the Veil

These three Eastern adepts are well known
  to Theosophical teachings (early 1900's) and
  the 'I Am' movement and Ascended Masters'
  teachings as have inspired mystic devotees.

1st - El Morya on the Will of God:

Dec 27, 2018 / HeartsCenter.org

2nd - Djwal Kul on Wise Dominion

Dec 27, 2018 / HeartsCenter.org

 3rd - Kuthumi on Loving the Earth

Dec 27, 2018 / HeartsCenter.org


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United Sovereigns of Earth