0-point Energy and the Aquarian Dispensation

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by Christos Lightweaver
, Summer Solstice 08

On the subject of New Power sources, the biggest taboo subject of all is the free-energy [0-point] technology developed by Tom Bearden -- see http://www.cheniere.org/ -- which utilizes the same extremely advanced free-energy technology that has been reverse-engineered from downed UFO's for more than half a century. 


As Bearden also explains on his website, applications of the same breakthrough use of quantum 0-Point energies could be used for healing virtually all infectious disease in the human body; for example, see healing breakthroughs.  Obviously this technology would make both Big Oil and Big Pharma largely obsolete.  It is likewise obvious that the status quo "mammon scam'n" (love of monied power) does not want "disruptive technology" ending their "New World Odor agenda" ("benevolent" dictatorship) that stinks to high heaven.  And the status quo of interlocking Rockefeller investments in militarized corporate government is reluctant to see their Big Brother "Monopoly Game" embrace the New World Game at the heart of the Aquarian Dispensation. 

But the Power Shift to Aquarius is inescapable as you can see at www.heartcom.org/2012TimelessTruth.htm

Since power elite plutocrats and their corporate minions have systemically infiltrated the infrastructure of "public"  government, we've seen these self-serving parasites consume the body politic through inordinate love of power at the expense of ordained-Constitutional power of love.

John D. Rockefeller was the first billionaire with his Big Oil monopoly in the U.S.  He parlayed that into a Health Care monopoly early in the century when he financed 1,100 medical schools across the U.S. that made pharmacology -- with petrochemical-derived drugs -- the core of the curriculum.  His "philanthropic" contribution to hospitals was in fact a self-serving ploy to monopolize medicine with "ethical" drug pushers for the drug companies he owned... while financing legislation that made allopathic "drugs-per-symptom" medicine the "legal standard" (monopoly) which the industry-embedded FDA has enforced to suppress natural "biologically correct" health care to this day. 

Rocky and friends went on to create the privately owned Federal Reserve banking monopoly to further consolidate his power over legislators, regulators, and Big Media where Big Money pays the piper and calls the tune.  Mass media mind manipulation controls perceptions via "embedded news" -- in bed with Big Oil and Big Pharma -- to maintain the Big Lie of "war for democracy" when it is in fact a war for monopolistic Martial law management of markets, medicine, military and the "mass media's mass mind" (the CONSCIENCE of mankind).

Since 9-11, the on-going terror war power grab of militarized corporate government has privatized power in the hands of Big Oil and Big War fascists in the Oval Office.  It has become self-evident to all but the "living dead" that the power to own our own lives has been sabotaged by an orchestrated campaign of deceit and fear-mongering that subordinates genuine freedom and security to the power-mad ambitions of those who would monopolize profits and power in order to keep health, freedom and peace FROM the people rather than "of, by and for the people."

"When I despair, I remember that all through history,
the way of truth and love has always won."
- "Mahatma" (Great Soul) Gandhi
There is extraordinary opportunity with the Internet to network TRUTH of real solutions regarding the cause and core of the "energy crisis" -- a lack of inner sense (innocence) aligned with SPIRITUAL POWER at the cusp of the Aquarian Dispensation.

"When humans truly discover the power of love,
it will prove more important than
the harnessing of fire."
- Teilhard de Chardin

If it is our vow to "Tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God", then that pure intent for the TRUTH will set us free to embrace the Aquarian Dispensation of Freedom and Universal LOVE whereby the Family of Man will own our own power, our own lives and peace on Earth.

The Aquarian Dispensation is indeed the "judgment" for each and all... to BE THOU MADE WHOLE.

- Christos

"I'm not trying to counsel any of you to do anything really special,
except to dare to think, and to dare to go with the truth,
and to dare to really love completely."
- Buckminster Fuller

--------- Compendium of clean, virtually free energy breakthroughs follows:

From the excellent free e-news from Peter Myers, 381 Goodwood Rd, Childers 4660, Australia ph +61 7 41262296
http://users.cyberone.com.au/myers Mirror: http://mailstar.net/index.html . He uses an old Mac OS; being "incompatible", it cannot run Windows viruses or transmit them to you.

Running on water? Aquygen and Brown's Gas; Stanley Meyer, inventor of Super-Efficient Electrolysis

See Youtube videos at http://video.google.com/videosearch?q=water+engine&sitesearch

(1) Big Oil and the Whole Truth / Where it's Going, by Christopher Rudy
(2) Aquygen, a combustible gas (HHO) made from water by electrolysis
(3) Brown's Gas mon-atomic hydrogen & oxygen produced from water will replace petroleum
(4) Electrolysis of Water not to di-atomic molecules H2 & O2 but to mon-atomic H & O
(5) Resonate the water on such frequency it will separate from the voltage rather then the amperage.
(6) US military running Hummers on Aquygen (Browns Gas marketed under a new name)
(7) Stanley Meyer, inventor of Super-Efficient Electrolysis

(1) Big Oil and the Whole Truth / Where it's Going

Date: Sun, 08 Jun 2008

by Christos Lightweaver {a.k.a. Christopher Rudy}

We all have heard the famous quote by Lord Acton, that "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

Take the power politics of Big Oil as a prime example. Black gold has replaced real gold for backing of the U.S. dollar as the world currency standard. But it goes deeper than that. The power driving corruption has lost more than the physical gold standard.

The real "bottom line" in the culture of corruption subverting the abundant life is that a Big Lie has replaced the golden rule standard for civility with "He who has the black gold makes the rules'. The rule of law based on the golden rule is being corrupted by power without principle.

The Big Lie has been sabotaging the Whole Truth, plundering the world, and corrupting core Constitutional Freedoms in the process. http://www.heartcom.org/FiveCoreFreedoms.htm


When whale oil lamps in early America were replaced by kerosine, change was welcome. When Edison's light bulb replaced kerosine lamps, change was welcome. Now a new change in the power structure is needed to welcome clean, inexpensive power for those light bulbs. Only dim wits refuse to see the Whole Truth staring them in the face.

A prime example of the Whole Truth is a recent video clip on YouTube, featuring an inventor who has perfected the process of converting water to energy. There are many examples of this at "<http://www.heartcom.org/NewPower.htm> New Energy", but this YouTube video says it extremely well. Power for homes, industry and cars with simply water. The inventor's car gets 100 miles on just 4 ounces of water. And NO pollution. See it for yourself at http://video.google.com/videosearch?q=water+engine&sitesearch

[See also, a 100% water-fueled car unveiled in Japan!  At: http://uk.reuters.com/news/video?videoId=84561]

Think about that. How much cussing and discussing of the "peak oil scarcity BS" (Belief System) will we tolerate? When will the public wise up and rise up to challenge the BS of the "dire need" to drill more oil or consecrate more farming to biofuels that both pollute our environmental life-support systems? Why are we killing ourselves and destroying the economy with the Big Lie of Big Oil?

The economics and politics of power are far more complex than the science. The breakthrough in water power is called "disruptive technology". It disrupts the status quo, just as the currency of conscience <http://www.heartcom.org/ConscienceCurrency.htm> disrupts the culture of corruption in Big Government.  Big money talks louder -- and is represented better -- than "We the People" on Capitol Hill. It has given a massive monopoly to Big Oil, Big Pharma <http://www.heartcom.org/HealthCare.htm> and Big War industries <http://www.heartcom.org/WarProfiteers.htm> that make a killing for the gold calf of Wall Street speculators. But the bubble economy scams with housing, endless war and Big Oil are bursting and busting the economy. Organized greed at this level is not sustainable.

The turn-around year of 8-8-08 and the 2012 Timeline


The rate of global change is accelerating and linear time-space relativity as we know it -- our "Net reality" -- is going non-linear to  O-Point" through 2012 <http://www.heartcom.org/2012Timeline>. Just as local space is going "O" (global), the time line is being compressed to "O" (instant real time). The Internet is the prime example, but the full implications for all our social, political and economic institutions are inescapable.

There are both celestial and terrestrial reasons for this Big Shift, and humanity is awakening to the dynamic process of co-Creation between the "microcosm" (atoms, DNA spirals and cellular systems), and the "macrocosm" (stars, galactic spirals and solar systems). This is a "figure 8" flow -- as above, so below. Understanding this process of <http://www.heartcom.org/cosmogenesis.htm> cosmogenesis and Morphic resonance, on Earth as in Heaven, is to understand the <http://www.heartcom.org/QuantumShift.htm> quantum shift in mass consciousness this turn-around year of 8-8-08 and the O-Point process through 2012.

Unveiling mysteries of the universe may be disruptive to status quo paradigm paralysis, but a critical mass of kind men among mankind is awakening to the currency of conscience that frames the "Emerging Blueprint For A Golden Age" <http://www.heartcom.org/EmergingBlueprint.htm> .

Discernment is the currency of a New Enlightenment. This is the "judgment" of O-Point. More light is neutralizing dark-side activities; a new paradigm is percolating.

Pay attention to the up-wising process. Attention pays with up-rising results. Ascension is what ascension does.


PS - As "judgment" of a more discerning nature goes mainstream through 2012, the Whole Truth Becomes self-evident:

1- <http://www.heartcom.org/ConscienceCurrency.htm> The currency of conscience will heal the insanity that sustains the Big Lie in Big Media.
2- <http://www.heartcom.org/NewPower.htm> New power sources will decentralize the monopoly of centralized power serving Big Oil.
3- <http://www.heartcom.org/HealthCare.htm> Holistic healing breakthroughs will heal the sick health care system serving Big Pharma.
4- <http://www.heartcom.org/PowerLove.htm> The power of love will neutralize the love of power that profits from mass death via Big War.
5- <http://www.heartcom.org/reboot.htm> A new economy will integrate "all the above" under the Aquarian Dispensation of universal LOVE.

(2) Aquygen, a combustible gas (HHO) made from water by electrolysis


The Product: Aquygen Gas -- Imagine cutting steel or running a car with ordinary water.

Aquygen is a novel gas made from ordinary water through our patented electrolysis process. It replaces oxyacetylene for most brazing, soldering, and cutting applications with superior efficiency, quality, cost-effectiveness, and safety without the need to replace existing equipment. An Aquygen flame in open air burns at only 259 F, but applied to a substrate it can produce temperatures of over 10,000 F depending on the target media. Aquygen's unique properties also make it ideal for use in vehicles, such as a hybrid hydrogen-powered car.

Want to see for yourself what Aquygen can do? In the Tampa Bay area we are pleased to offer demonstrations for investors, dealers, licensees, and strategic business partners as time allows. Please request a demonstration in advance.

Proven Commercial Applications

Aquygen, also known as HHO gas, is already providing value in commercial use for: Fusing, Brazing, Soldering, and Cutting. Our H2O 1500 Aquygen Gas Generator produces the gas from water in a uniform, consistent flow. It can be used to fuse pieces of aluminum and other metals or to braze faster than traditional two-gas methods while requiring only one gas. Steel cutting is more fuel-efficient and 30% faster than traditional methods. Aquygen has numerous advantages over oxyacetylene, including improved safety and versatility in working with multiple materials. It even makes possible new artistic techniques.

Wondering when someone will finally put a hydrogen-powered car on the road? We've done it twice. As seen on Fox news and CNN, our patent-pending Hybrid Hydrogen Oxygen System (HHOS) generates Aquygen gas as you drive, typically enhancing the fuel-efficiency of a traditional gasoline or diesel engine 20-30%.

Copyright 2006 Hydrogen Technology Applications, Inc.    Designed and built by LetterBlock Software.
Hydrogen Technology Applications, Inc. Website

(3) Brown's Gas mon-atomic hydrogen & oxygen produced from water will replace petroleum

Brown's Gas / HHO Water as Fuel
Brownsgas.com. The independent website on Brown's Gas

Environmentally friendly renewable energy with many (even new) applications. Made from water and electricity. For welding, cutting, automotive fuel, flamepolishing, plant grow, heating, health etc.   Is it new?.........No certainly not. But Brown's Gas technology has been much improved and made practical now.

Brown's Gas (HHO)........water as fuel.......environmentally friendly renewable fuel, use it for welding, cutting, heating, soldering, fuel saver, health, plant grow and much more ...

Browns gas definition by:  Merriam-Webster's Open Dictionary:

Brownsgas (noun) : brownsgas/browns-gas refers to a process discovered by a Bulgarian born Dr. Yule Brown a heavy water phycist where water can be hydrogen/oxygen split up using low voltage causing it to become 66.6 percent hydrogen to 33.3 percent oxygen and then it can be returned back to being water by using the application of low voltage again.

Brownsgas someday will replace petroleum fuel as a free clean energy source. A discovery that is considered to be a future replacement for petroleum fuels, that can also be used to weld anything to anything and transmute nuclear waste into becoming non nuclear. WillPWilson, The Discovery of Atomic Chemistry, 1993 based on finding verified by more the forty University Physics Departments

Submitted by: WillPWilson from Washington on Nov. 11, 2005 08:17

(4) Electrolysis of Water not to di-atomic molecules H2 & O2 but to mon-atomic H & O

New evidence of the unique properties of Brown's Gas


The current theory of Brown's Gas states that Brown's Gas is a mixture of di-atomic and mon-atomic hydrogen and oxygen. Brown's Gas, Book One explains it in detail, but here is a peek.

The simplest way to make Brown's Gas is to use an electrolyzer, which uses electricity to split water into its elements of hydrogen and oxygen. At the instant that the water splits, the hydrogen and oxygen are in their mon-atomic state, this is H for hydrogen and O for oxygen.

Normal electrolyzers encourage the hydrogen and oxygen to drop to their di-atomic state. Di-atomic means the hydrogen formed H2 and the oxygen formed O2. The di-atomic state is a lower energy state, the energy difference shows up as heat in the electrolyzer. This energy is now unavailable to the flame.

WHAT IF a significant number of these H and O atoms did not reform into di-atomic molecules? We start by adding 442.4 Kcal per mole to split water using electrolysis. This is an endothermic (energy absorbing) action. But if we have no, or little, 're-bonding' into di-atomic molecules, then our electrolyzer wouldn't heat up, because there would be no exothermic reaction that would cause excess heat, beyond the agitation of the fluid by the bubbles. This 'lack of heat' in the electrolyzer is what I noted in my experiments that actually produced Brown's Gas.

There would also be a significantly larger volume of gas produced by the electrolyzer, well beyond any reasonable expectation of a 'normal' electrolyzer, because the mon-atomic moles would take up twice the volume that the di-atomic moles for the same weight of water electrolyzed.

My experiments verify this: not to that efficiency, but much more volume than you could expect by assuming a maximum efficiency to a normal electrolyzer. The math and experiments are well documented in Brown's Gas, Book One'. For a quick example, let's use the results of an independent test of Brown's Gas by an engineer named Harald Hanisch. Mr. Hanisch was Director of Research and Development of Simmering-Graz-Pauker, a large machine-building and railway-car manufacturer owned by the Austrian government. He couldn't believe that oxygen and hydrogen could be mixed and burned safely and he certainly would not believe that Yull Brown got any 340 liters of gas per kilowatthour.

Mr. Hanisch decided to go to Australia to see for himself. He wanted to test for himself the actual input of electricity and the actual output of gas. During his actual testing, with the water displacement method, he found Yull Brown's machine produced 368 liters per kilowatthour. ...

Other researcher's published literature on Brown's Gas states that 1 liter of water would make 1866.6 liters of Brown's Gas. Normal di-atomic H2:O2 is 933.3 liters of gas per liter of water and Brown's Gas displaces more volume than normal because of it's mon-atomic constituent. The above example proves the volume increase and my experiments with my machines and Yull Brown's own machines prove it. Further, an old researcher in Brown's Gas just came up with a further method to prove the volume increase caused by the mon-atomic portion of the gas. He weighed it in a fixed volume at a fixed pressure and temperature.

If we assume that we are getting significant amounts of H and O in our torch gasses, what would happen to them when they burn?

If we had all H and all O, our flame wouldn't have to be very hot to "self propagate" because the flame wouldn't have to be putting all that energy into splitting the H2 and O2, before it could burn. So we'd have a "cold" flame, right? And it is universally noted that Brown's Gas burns with a very low temperature flame.

If we had all H and all O with no H2 and O2, and we reduced straight to water. We would go from a greatly expanded gas to liquid, a reduction of 1860 times, with little of the expansion caused by heat. This would produce quite a vacuum, don't you think? And if our "flame" was doing this, the reaction would be an "implosion", right?

And if the H and O went directly into forming water, we'd have (for four moles of H and two moles of O) 442.4 Kcal of available energy, instead of only 115.7 Kcal available from 2H2:O2.

The extra available atomic-level energy could account for some of the strange effects of Brown's Gas, like sublimating tungsten, which requires temperatures close to those found on the surface of the sun. "Normal" 2H2:O2 flames can't reach these temperatures.

The special imploding high energy reaction could be tapping unknown effects, explaining some other effects of Brown's Gas, like its ability to make clean laser-like holes in wood, metal and ceramics. As well as the capability of changing temperature when applied to different materials.

During a Brown's Gas mon-atomic hydrogen (H) and mon-atomic oxygen (O) flame, we don't have to add any energy because the molecules are already in their simplest and highest energy atomic form. This means that "perfect" Brown's Gas can have 3.8 times the possible 'heat' energy that an "ordinary" H2 and O2 flame has (442.4 Kcal/115.7 Kcal).

Thus we can get 'plasma' type temperatures and effects as we weld, because the potential atomic energy is there, even if it doesn't show up as heat.

Copyright 1998-2008 Eagle-Research, Inc.

(5) Resonate the water on such frequency it will separate from the voltage rather then the amperage.


Dennis Klein - Aquygen

Most of us are unhappy about gas prices these days, but Denny Klein just turns on the Hybrid Hydrogen Oxygen System (HHOS) and smiles. With the HHOS Aquygen Gas is generated on demand and used as a fuel additive in a standard gasoline or diesel engine. We have applied this breakthrough method in two prototype vehiclesa 1994 Ford Escort Wagon and a 1998 Ford Ranger pickup. The results speak for themselves:

* The current prototype vehicle receives a net increase in horsepower and an average increase of 20 to 30 percent in miles per gallon.
    * The HHOS does not affect water or oil temperatures.
    * The HHOS can be installed with very little modification to a standard piston engine and so can be retrofitted on nearly any existing automobile.
    * Unlike a fuel cell, where hydrogen is stored at a dangerous 10,000 PSI, the HHOS produces Aquygen Gas on demand at less than 60 PSI.
    * Exhaust contains minimal emissions and no CO2.

Because the HHOS is evolutionary, not revolutionary, it utilizes the time-tested technology of the internal combustion engine and the existing refueling infrastructure. The HHOS could save billions of dollars in redesign and retooling costs compared to fuel cells.

And (of-course) your beloved youtube vid:

And the patent:

have fun kids :-)

How is this any different than "Browns Gas"?

To be exact: HHO is a kind of browns gas. But browns gas is not HHO.

Browns gas is a soup of H2O + H2 + O2 + H + O

The values depend strongly on the electrolysis cell.

The mixture is basically egnited before the electrolysis reaction is finished and the O and H changes into O2 and H2 . So it's partially like attomic arc wellding. As the loose O's and H's take up much more room as the combined O2 and H2 an enourmous implosion takes place after detonation. 1 liter water makes over 1800 liters of browns gas. Because new explosive compounds are created durring the explosion such punch is less complicated to turn into work.

Klein is using a higly efficient setup to make browns gas of a much more specific recepy. Or you could say he only found an above average efficient kind of browns gas.

The blowtorch is definitely interesting how it interacts with metals... but that video kept referring to water as a fuel... Water is not a fuel. The fuel, or source of power for his device - is electricity - which is actually created by using some other fuel via nuclear, coal, or some other standard source. People seem to forget where all that electricity comes from... they seem to take it for granted that "its just there to use, and always will be".

The water fuel wording is of the same kind of logic as your "it will always be". Jules Verne wrote we would power cars with water. You want to argue with that? :-)

Dennis calls this "a very unique electrolysis process". Not quite sure how he expects to run an engine off this by itself... It would require a power source. A car battery is not going to be enough to start the electrolysis, produce enough HHO gas to allow an engine to run and power the vehicle, as well as power the alternator to replenish the batter to complete the cycle - hence, the reason why he runs his car on a "mixture" of this HHO and gasoline.

You are right, normal electrolysis would never be efficent enough to close the loop, the trick is to resonate the water on such frequency it will separate from the voltage rather then the amperage. Say 10 kV maximaly limited in amps. Tuned at 2 to 40 000 hz.

Like searching a radio station.

If you push a swing with the right frequency it wont slow down rather accelerate with each push. There is no way for the swing to stop swinging for as long as you keep pushing.

It can only be worded as: you need to get in the grove with the molecule.

The water is not zero kelvin so you always have huge motion to start with.

Do not forget we are actually burning off a fuel here. It's not perpetual motion, it costs water.

This all sounds very similar to the "MagDrive", which a member of this forum was testing... not sure what happened, or what the results where. But the general theory was that it would actually decrease vehicle economy due to the extra electrical load that the engine would have to cope with. The thought was that IF the process was 100% efficient, you would neither gain or lose anything. In order for your economy to increase, the process would have to produce more power than it consumed.

The dynamo is constantly breaking. So some of the energy from the fuel is used to charge the battery. The battery is then used to make the fuel.

The way I see it is that the joke of it all is that normally the breaking energy is just destroyed in a car. So eventho this break is always on it is wining back energy that would normally be lost. The dynamo does present a bit of extra drag on the vehecle so we can't get or drain huge power out of that.

I could potentially see this type of thing improving engine performance - like a supercharger/turbocharger - but economy will always decline when such devices are used.

Yes, thats why it can only be the resonance.

(6) US military running Hummers on Aquygen (Browns Gas marketed under a new name)


Water for Fuel? Yep, it's possible.

#9864 - 10/18/06 01:38 AM       

It seems many inventions are at first considered Of little value. The cry goes out That couldnt possibly work; could it? or What on earth is the use of that and the subject is never raised again.

It is only when the Military becomes interested that the inventions of little value get considered seriously and any associated bugbears are eliminated by the experts. Hence we have had Steam Rollers, Tanks, Trains, Aeroplanes, Rockets, Radar and a host of other inventions too numerous to mention..

So it is with the idea of Water for Fuel proposed by Yul Brown in Australia many years ago of heating water to 1400C until it breaks down into its molecular components, Hydrogen and Oxygen and running an Internal Combustion Engine on the mixture of the two gases that later became known as Browns Gas. Highly respected scientists poo-poohed his ideas, saying you cant get Something for Nothing. Perpetual Motion doesnt work etc.

What is very true though, is that the Internal Combustion Engine is extremely inefficient at utilizing 100% of the immense amount of energy locked up in hydrocarbon fuels be it Petrol, Diesel, L.P.G. , Bio-Gas etc. A considerable quantity of the energy in any of those fuels is vented out of the exhaust pipe into the atmosphere and simply wasted and thats why it stinks. It contributes markedly to photo chemical smog, greenhouse gases, micro-particle pollution and has a hidden, unacknowledged, insidiously detrimental effect on our balance of payments.

The twist is, when any hydrocarbon fuel is combined with Browns Gas in an Internal Combustion Engine the motor runs more smoothly due to the fuel being burnt super efficiently resulting in more power being supplied to the driving wheels and thus a far greater economy is achievable from a tank of fuel.

In 2005 President George W. Bush said words to the effect We have got to get away from our reliance on oil from foreign nationals. Since then a U.S. company has been modifying the U.S. Military Hummer fleet to run on Aquygen which appears to be Browns Gas marketed under a flash new name. Dont laugh. Re-naming a good product that had an unpopular name worked well for the Zipper didnt it. For those of us who have access to the Internet, take a look at www.hytechapps.com . My impression was, if the U.S. Military Engineers cant get it to work efficiently, it aint gunna!

Never the less, they claim All tests so far have been passed. Provision is made in the retrofit to enable the Hummers to run either on Aquygen or the normal Petrochemical fuel in the gas tank. The Proprietor of Aquygen Denny Klein recently informed the U.S. Senate Committee his medium sized family sedan (a Corolla) goes 300 miles on one gallon of petrol combined with four ounces of water. Thats pretty impressive.

See U.S. Patent 6866756

If Aquygen is indeed actually Browns Gas, it is produced cheaply in a small device located under the bonnet of the car and is consumed immediately by the motor and turns back into water. Browns Gas doesnt need to be stored under high pressure in a vulnerable storage tank nor does it require an expensive Hydrogen fuel cell or a heavy Storage Battery array. The water by-product need not be wasted. It can be collected for re-use ad infinitum.

Twenty or so years ago only the US Military were permitted to use the Global Satellite Positioning system. Wouldnt be ironic, if President George W. Bush, was not so much remembered as the invader of Baghdad, but for having let the Genie out of the bottle and being responsible for us entering the Hydrogen age, in having Browns Gas adopted as, The Fuel Of The Future.

Perhaps the Federal and State Governments in all countries should be looking into how the U.S. Military is modifying their Hummer fleet to run on Aquygen, with a view to modifying public transport fleets similarly. But there again, wouldnt any fuel savings so achieved, result in less G.S.T. being collected?

(7) Stanley Meyer, inventor of Super-Efficient Electrolysis


THE WHOLE TRUTH:  Free Energy Technology Has Existed For a Long Time


Veterans of this list know that I've reported on cheap, clean "free energy" technology for years.  Many people know it exists.  Personally I have direct experience with two inventors -- and knowledge of another -- who ran vehicles small and large on nothing but water.  See article below on Stanley Meyer.  A close friend worked with him as a mechanic.

I've reported on the artificial scarcity scam with "Peak Oil", having talked with workers in the oil fields who saw entire new oil fields capped in the U.S. and Canada decades ago... like they didn't exist.

The only thing "strategic" about U.S. "strategic oil reserves" is that they are reserved for geopolitical strategies of domination through control of all energy resources worldwide.

Even new oil discoveries in the U.S. -- as reported at www.heartcom.org/AbundantEnergy.htm -- are given little coverage in the mainstream media. "Scarcity" is a tactic of those who conceal, waste and destroy abundance to maintain the oxmoronic "value of scarcity" that keeps prices, profit and control high for those maintain the scarcity myth for global hegemony.

The economics of scarcity-based geopolitics are far more complex than the abundance science that could provide an abundance of energy of all kinds for mankind.

Truth of this reality is concealed, denied, or otherwise covered-up by the oil-soaked media, oil-soaked legislators in Congress and the Big Oil fascists in the White House.  If you don't agree with this, read that article below about the suppressed technology that propels a car 100 miles on a gallon of WATER.

The biggest taboo subject of all is the free-energy [0-point] technology developed by Tom Bearden -- see http://www.cheniere.org/ -- which utilizes the same extremely advanced free-energy technology that has been reverse-engineered from downed UFO's for more than half a century.  Power elite complicity within the U.S. government conceals this information while utilizing the terror war scam to rationalize war powers and the energy crisis myths to jack-up oil prices and the moneyed power of militarized corporate government to monopolize our lives.

Obviously, the Truth of this virtually free energy technology would expose the power trips of the power elite for what they are -- a global power grab of encroaching tyranny.

The people of Earth have the right to know the truth -- the freedom of conscience that is being challenged by fascists who have no regard for the truth, freedom or conscience of any value other than their self-serving profit and power.

Abundant CONSCIENCE of greater virtue is the Revolution in Consciousness needed.

Support the LOVE Network,

- Christopher

PS - for an excellent overview of new energy technologies for abundant cheap-clean energy, see Fred Burk's website at http://www.WantToKnow.info/070315newenergytechnologies

----------- related articles:


Stanley Meyer and Super-Efficient Electrolysis.

Water can be broken into Hydrogen and Oxygen using electricity. Standard chemistry books claim that this process requires more energy than can be recovered when the gases are recombined. This is true only under the worst case scenario.

When water is hit with its own molecular resonant frequency, using a system developed by Stan Meyer (USA) and again recently by Xogen Power, Inc., it collapses into Hydrogen and Oxygen gas with very little electrical input. Also, using different electrolytes (additives that make the water conduct electricity better) changes the efficiency of the process dramatically.

It is also known that certain geometric structures and surface textures work better than others do. The implication is that unlimited amounts of Hydrogen fuel can be made to drive engines (like in your car) for the cost of water. Even more amazing is the fact that a special metal alloy was patented by Freedman (USA) in 1957 that spontaneously breaks water into Hydrogen and Oxygen with no outside electrical input and without causing any chemical changes in the metal itself. This means that this special metal alloy can make Hydrogen from water for free, forever.

More on Stanley Meyer

Stanley Meyer was a maverick inventor who designed an auto engine that ran solely on water, demonstrating his discovery with a dune buggy with a water-powered engine. His revolutionary car was recorded many times on film and TV.

The operating principle is that the atomic composition of water makes it a perfect fuel source. The water molecule is composed of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen, and when the water molecule is separated into its component elements (H and O) and oxidized as fuel, the resulting energy is two and a half times more powerful than gasoline. The by-product of the combustion is water vapor - nothing more.

In previous research, the problem had always been how to deconstitute water economically. Traditional methods of separating the bond of the water molecule had resulted in failure. To power a car by these methods would not propel a car very far; the car's electrical system could not recharge from the process quickly enough, the result being a quickly drained battery. After thirty years of research, Meyer discovered a workable method of on-board hydrogen electrolysis, creating an engine that performed at an efficiency of 100 miles per gallon... of water.

Meyer had been told that the military planned to use this technology in their tanks and jeeps. He had patents on his invention, and was ready for production. He reported that he had been offered a billion dollars from an Arab to shelf his idea, but he declined the offer.

Meyer died abruptly on March 27, 1998, aged 57, during an evening meal out. Meyer ran out of the restaurant exclaiming that he had been poisoned, and died shortly after.

Article on Stanley Meyer's Water Car

by Schuyler Ebbets

There are not words to describe the magnitude of this tragedy. It is the greatest injustice in history as it effects all of humanity and the earth. This catastrophe exceeds the burning of the Royal Library of Alexandria in the fourth century A.D., which contained 700,000 parchment scrolls, some 40,000 books, and plans for new kinds of engines and flying machines. The destruction of the Library of Alexandria set back the industrial revolution by a thousand years. Such is the magnitude of this most recent single achievement, which has been stolen from humanity.

It is in fact the greatest scientific and inventive advancement in human history. It is greater than the discovery of electricity by Benjamin Franklin and it is greater than that day in 1882 when Edison switched on his Pearl Street generating station's electrical power distribution system, which provided 110 volts direct current (DC) to 59 customers in lower Manhattan changing our world forever. It surpasses the achievements of Nikola Tesla who's patents and theoretical work formed the basis of modern alternating current electric power and helped usher in the second industrial revolution.

This achievement dwarfs all preceding achievements because it undoes all of the evil and destruction and human enslavement, which has resulted from man's past relationship with science and technology. It would have completely eliminated global warming as it relates to the burning of fossil fuels. It would have ended the destruction of pristine environments in the quest for oil, like those in southern Africa, South America, and Alaska. It would have made dirty, dangerous, and inefficient nuclear power completely obsolete. More energy is required to produce nuclear fuel rods than they produce when a nuclear power plant is in operation. This new technology produces infinitely more power than it uses because it's fuel is water.

[See videos at http://video.google.com/videosearch?q=water+engine&sitesearch AND

Imagine a world where wars fought over oil were no longer necessary. The mass killing of millions of men, women, and children by America in it's quest for oil would no longer be necessary. It would not be necessary to buy expensive gasoline, purchased with your labor and the blood of innocents. An ordinary car converted to run on water would be virtually free to operate except for the cost of mechanically maintaining the car.

This one invention by a gifted soul would have saved our ecosystem and turned our genocidal civilization into a utopia. But it is not to be. In order for humanity to climb out of their self imposed pit of darkness and destruction, the wealthiest and most powerful among us must overcome their inherent greed and lust for power.

The people who are now raping and murdering our planet will not suddenly awaken and realize that water is a better source of fuel than oil, and exploring the new fuel technology would be better than attacking country after country, killing the people, and stealing their oil.

Those who now hold a noose around the collective neck of humanity tell us not to struggle, the noose will only get tighter. More people die, our planet's atmosphere grows warmer and the destroyers of life become richer and more powerful. It can only end with a fractured ecosystem and millions of dead human beings. It will end with melted ice caps, coastlines under water, and weather so cold and erratic that food is extremely difficult to grow, and in America as with the rest of the world, people will starve to death.

This is what awaits you and your children. You have given over your destiny and your planet to corrupt corporations and the people who own them. They have decided that your future and the future of the planet simply doesn't matter. Only their power and wealth matters, only their self serving dynasties matter. Screw your tomorrows. Half of humanity must die so that a privileged few may continue their homicidal reign on earth. For them it is better to rule in a hell of their own making than to live as ordinary men on a peaceful and beautiful planet.

Stan Meyer was our technological savior. He said that America had become too dependent on oil and he wanted to change that. Although he had no formal education having quit high school, Stan Meyer was an inventive genius and his ideas were revolutionary. Using his amazing intellect for good rather than personal gain, he intended to help humanity. He wanted to free us from our enslavement to the Oil companies. He wanted to stop global warming. He was bound for the greatest glory that any person has ever known. He would have been the man who shattered humanity's oil dependency forever, ushering in a new dawn of prosperity, freedom, and hope for all except the greedy maniacle few who profit from oil and war.

His water powered car was better than an electric car because without numerous solar panels and plenty of sunlight they to must be charged by electricity produced ultimately from fossil fuels. Stan's car was far ahead of General Motors hydrogen car, which simply burned hydrogen stored in a fuel tank which had also been produced with power generated by fossil fuels.

Stan found a way of using only half an amp of electricity to fracture water molecules separating the oxygen and hydrogen on demand. As the hydrogen was produced it was burned creating combustion more powerful than gasoline, and water was the only significant exhaust emission. Stan Meyer's water engine technology could easily have been developed to power planes, ships, trains, and spacecraft, completely eliminating our need for oil.

Stan Meyer said he trusted in angels to protect him, but in March 1998, Stan was poisoned and died in the parking lot of a restaurant in his home town of Grove City, Ohio. According to his brother Steve, the U.S. Government came to Stan's home a week after his murder and confiscated his car, which got 100 miles per gallon of water, and they stole all of his research equipment which he had used to develop the new technology.

Stan said he had been threatened many times and would not sell out to Arab Oil Corp. Stan said he was offered a billion dollars from an Arab to basically shelve his idea but he said, "No, this technology is for the people."

Read more about this world class tragedy and watch more excellent videos about this subject at this great site: http://waterpoweredcar.com/stanmeyer.html

This amazing video news clip aired one time in 1998, proves that the wars fought over oil never needed to happen.
    It's all been a gigantic mass murdering fraud for the profits of oil and war.

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