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Networking for the Net worth of a 
more enlightened Net reality

 In the larger scheme of eternal progression,
Spiritual laws govern, without exception.
One's soul knows, with humble confession,
The invisible hands of divine intercession.
    By perspiration we strive to optimize aptitude,
   By inspiration we rise up with better attitude,
By grace we soar to a much higher altitude.
   As each soul ascends, it uplifts the multitude.
 Global evolution is the revolution beginning.
   The vision alone is a cause for much grinning.
 Cherish this time as the veil is now thinning.
   Hell may be disturbed but heaven is winning.
  Ready or not, there are options now revealing
 Choices to be made that are quite appealing.
  Mysteries are unveiled, no longer concealing,
    Soul soaring with new opportunity congealing.
There are rules whereby Creator's intention
Is self-evident to those who focus attention
 Above as below with Great Love's retention
  To wise up and rise up; conscious ascension
In a unified field of co-Creation dimension.

by Christopher Rudy,

Host of Cosmic Love


The Evolutionary Ascent Process

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Heaven knows that global humanity is on the threshold of
accelerated conscious evolution as 'ascent' of the united
 'Family of Man' in an everywhere-interactive global village;
 all of 'US' as the 'United Sovereigns of Earth'.
Many souls are now awakening to the
purpose and plan of greater service
on the path of conscious evolution.

In the 'quantum field', now surging,
each one's ascent floats all boats
 with more love, easier and faster.

Conscious evolution of what one 'asks for'
  ultimately learns what to fervently 'pray for'.
 What all souls want in service to 'Creation'
is good Conscience in all of our relations:

with the heart of Creation;
the language of the angels of love.

 Congruence with the mind of Creator;
the law of the 'angles' of "G.O.D."
(Geometric Ordered Divinity).

Co-Creation with synthesis  of both;
the synergy in the '3-way trinity'

  Conscience as holistic integration;
the "
CAPstone" of attainment
Creative Ascent Process)
of, by and for "BEING"
IN G.O.D.~)

Modern quantum physics has gone deep into
technical understanding of heart coherence;
 resonance with the
heart of the quantum field
 from the atomic to the galactic, a frequency,
 represents the universal
heart of Creation.

Modern psychology has also gone deep into
  temporal understanding of mind congruence;
  the archetypal (Jung) frames of reference for

with the mind of 'G.O.D.' as in

Geometric Ordered Divinity'; Model;
the fractal order of the holographic universe.

Imagine what happens for humanity's ascent
 as quantum reality meets our 'Net reality' with
a big shift in the computer/Internet revolution
as the last frontier of innerspace (InnerNet)
is pioneered with "real time" (instant online)
social Conscience in global social networks
heart coherence and mind congruence.

 The future is what we make it, so make it so:

Seize the Vision and Embrace the Virtue.
Commit with Valor and Claim the Victory.

 Heartware provides an interactive interface for mass interaction
   via smart phones, tablets, lap-tops and desk-top platforms.
It includes biofeedback registering
'heart coherence
integrated with unique heartware 'processing' of
real-time mass-to-mass
mind congruence via
E-valuation with cyberEthics (Web 3.0)
involving/evolving (culturing) social
in social networks.

It is the combination of both the physical and the
'psychical' (aka
Effective Sensory Perception),
 that determines conscious evolution progress
integrated heart-mind spiritual synergy
as evolves with a balanced
'3-fold flame'.

"Success is getting what you want.
  Happiness is wanting what you get."
Dale Carnegie

The on-going realization of a worthy goal is the soul’s
   pure intention as focuses attention with love’s retention
   for conscious ascension in a spiritual dimension where
  a higher understanding of one universal

Success is getting what you want with your
beliefs, thoughts, feelings and actions...
on the path of conscientious mastery.

Happiness is wanting what you get with
  belief in yourself, “I Am” (Can, Will & Do);
 thoughtform of yourself, your self image;
feeling about yourself, your self esteem;
and what you do with that ‘3-fold flame’.

This understanding is based on ‘Natural Law’
as represented in the two hemispheres of
your brain's 'holodeck' for perception;
the 'RAM' and 'ROM' of your "OS"
(Operating System).

Your left-brain 'ROM' (Read Only Memory)
 is highly compartmentalized with those
mental compartments accessed via
the charge that conditions them
whether positive or negative;
pleasure/pain, loss/gain,
fame and shame are
equally the same
'charge cost'
for 'ROM'.

The left-brain hosts your self image,
the way you see yourself. This is
because the left-brain utilizes
inear-ogical thinking’
as ‘spatial reasoning’
attributed to '

Pattern-recognition skills distinguish
    the left-brain's mastery, a VISUAL skill.
 Get the picture?  That's 'half-brained'!

Dominance of the inear, ogical eft-brain
is typically a male-dominant attribute, and
is the ‘Natural Biological Law Model’
of the ‘
’ in the  Model.

Right-brain dominance is “nonlinear” (intuitive)
represented by the ‘
’ in the  Model.
This ‘spherical’ consciousness is typically
a feminine attribute representing one’s
‘Emotional Intelligence’ (
EQ) that is
the resonance in your holodeck

known as ‘heart coherence’.

Heart-intelligence skills distinguish the
    the right-brain's mastery, an AUDIO skill.
 Get the vibe?  EQ is 'smart with a heart'.

Your right-brain 'RAM' (Random Access Memory)
 is highly 'psychic' that just knows intuitively,
and it is also governed by 'charge', but
in a frequency way that calibrates
feelings (harmonics) with a
standard for harmony;
heart coherence.

Right-brain intuitive FEELINGS
as Energy-in-MOTION

Positive E-motions represent heart coherence.
Negative energy-in-motion... not so much.

This is why it's not just what you say
but the way you say it, that conveys
coherent spirit that matters.

It's also why the 'Power of Love' with 3-fold
"hope, faith and charity" is optimized with
charity as the "whol-E" (holy) spirit of
-in-action via Enlightened
 heart coherence

One of the great 'mysteries' of this MASTERY process
is how the left and right hemispheres of the Earth are
somehow connected energetically within the two
 hemispheres of your personal brain holodeck.

In the Western hemisphere, ‘reading’ is from left to right,
from left brain to right, with word symbols.

In the Eastern hemisphere, ‘reading’ is from right to left,
from right brain to left, with 'pictogram' symbols.
Calligraphy pictograms say more with less,
a holistic oriented  right-brain ability
that is inscrutable to 'half-wits'.

Since the two hemispheres of the global holodeck
correspond holographically to the holodeck
between your ears, the BALANCE of
 plus  in the  of
represents the trinity
of ‘synergy’

in all four converging triangles in the
CAPstone’ of the ‘ ’ in ;
the ‘
Creative Ascent Process’.

   Many gifted right-brain dominant individuals have
difficulty comprehending the
inear conceptual
ogic of this eft-brain etter-of-the-aw model
  of “
” for lack of pattern-recognition skills.

   Likewise, there are many gifted left-brain dominant
individuals who have difficulty understanding the
non-linear intuitive gifts of right-brain dominance
  whereby the
frequency of love is clearly discerned.

Either dominant strength, in excess, is a weakness.

The inear-ogical etter of the aw, in excess,
weakens the nonlinear-
spirit of the law as the
angels of our better nature; heart coherence.

It is the intelligence of the heart that is lacking
in ‘left-brain dominant’ Western civilization.
High tech without ‘high touch’ coherence
is like ‘smart without heart’ aka ‘
Dense, Unconscious & Heartless).

Higher heart intelligence (EQ), and
higher mental intel (IQ), are both
optimized when ‘BALANCED’
in the combined holodeck
on Earth as within you;
'5-D Conscience'.

Education of the heart  is the culturing of both
'heart coherence' and 'mind congruence' for
wholEness and holistic healing within the
personal and planetary holodeck.

The soul of global humanity has the same purpose as
every soul on the path of eternal progression.

The harmony of the spheres, worlds without end,
  are governed by the spherical consciousness (
whereby that which goes around comes around
in cycles of action/reaction, stimulus/response,
reaping what we have sown with our ‘wants’…
 ideally with an attitude of gratitude to be happy.


That’s how we build momentum as a habit of
believing, thinking and FEELING

BALANCE in the left and right hemispheres
of the personal and planetary ‘holodeck’
 is the natural law function of Creation
- The Creative Ascent Process:
) through mind congruence
) and heart coherence
) for 'synergistic'
) Co-Creation.

We get what we ask for in the larger scheme 
   of cause and effect that only love can redeem.
     As goes around comes around, sooner or later,
    and this cosmic law applies for lover or hater.

The Constitution of Conscience in this MASTERY process
   represents the 'Dimensional Coordinates' that provide the
'Source Code' for the personal and planetary holodeck.

For Our Accelerated Evolutionary Ascent,

~ Christos

Knock on the door with pure intention;
Open the door with fearless attention;
Step into the circle of love's retention;
Know the power of love's dimension;
Fulfill divine destiny - your ascension.


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