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Affirm Faith with a Good Attitude

It's not your aptitude but your attitude that determines your 'altitude':
whether you soar with the eagles on thermals of grace...
or scratch with the turkeys on bugs of begrudge.

by Christopher Rudy,

   GeoNotes News

The kind man of God sees God in all mankind.
We are what we believe, think, feel and do...
   having become what we believed, thought, felt
 and did each moment, creating momentum...
as 'Co-Creators' with the spirit that matters.
I'm just saying... it's your attitude!

Do a check up from the neck up. Ask yourself, "Self... are you fantastic and getting better?"  Look in the mirror and say, "I Am, I Can, I Will, done deal; winning from the beginning."  Get the point? We're either busy being reborn with a good attitude, or we're busy dying.

I'm just saying... it's your attitude!
This is the struggle of the 'poor in spirit'.  It's understandably hard to keep a good attitude when one is so sick and tired of being sick and tired that they are too sick and tired (depressed) to snap out of some serious brain fog.  Bless them!  The poor is spirit will always be with us.
I'm just saying... it's your attitude!

A more enlightened Forest Gump might say, "Blessing is what blessing does."  Are you a blessing to 'The Family of Man'? Is it true that great love heals rather than hurts?  Would you agree that optimal health sees the good -- to make it so -- rather than focus on the negative?

I'm just saying... it's your attitude!
Optimism in NOT a disease called "PMA" (Positive Mental Attitude). Conversely, stinking thinking and paradigm paralysis is NOT a healthy way to wise up and act out the intelligence you want to see in the world.
I'm just saying... it's your attitude!
Heaven knows, what goes around, comes around, and we 'go to' where we're 'coming from' in the larger scheme of soul evolution.  Call it cause and effect, action-reaction, or reaping what we sow... attitude trumps aptitude for upward-mobile conscious evolution 'altitude'.
I'm just saying... it's your attitude!
A good attitude is keeping your head, even when people around you are losing their harmony, getting mad and going mad... losing their heads.  We don't get ahead as laggards or otherwise "Stuck In Negativity" (SIN). That's a good definition of 'SIN' behind all devolution rather than our conscientious evolutionary ascent.
I'm just saying... it's your attitude!
The 'can do' spirit sees the opportunity with every problem, rather than the problem with every opportunity.  The 'cup' is half full with a better attitude than 'half-empty'.  What we conceive and believe we can achieve, and a positive outlook for positive results sure beats the alternative.
I'm just saying... it's your attitude!
Being philosophically correct with a love of wisdom begins with pure intention.  That's the best way to focus attention... with love's retention. That creates a habit; conscious ascension into a common sense dimension where love rules.
I'm just saying... it's your attitude!
Worship is what you 'worth-ship'. When sacred 'worth' is focused on 'God' as 'Creator' and 'Source' of all inspiration, that's what you get! It is the intent for Great Love that 'magnetizes' a moral compass. Divine direction follows as 'true north', and the golden rule/law language sets the standard for a golden age, so we can soar on wings of grace to higher altitude. Shift happens:)

I'm just saying... it's your attitude!

Persistence is the genius behind realization of a worthy goal. Patience makes perfect. Inch-by- inch, it's a cinch, but yard-by-yard, it's hard.  The higher the concept of standards, for measuring progress, the greater the results for goal realization.  Goals are to the future as high standards are to the present, the gift of the 'Presence' of Higher Power-Wisdom-Love as a standard.  Moment-by-moment, high standards build momentum as a 'habit' of good will achievement.

I'm just saying... it's your attitude!
Spiritual evolution in not a mystery when known. Upward-mobile soul-soaring is everyone's
divine destiny, highest purpose, eternal progression, evolutionary ascent, etc. This is the pure intent and core purpose of the
Heartcom Network and the Worldwide Foundation...
co-Creation with heart coherence and mind congruence... 'Unity Conscience' in a global village...
culturing 'Global Reboot: A Whole Systems Upgrade' for the 'Family of Mankind'...
    "The United Sovereigns of Earth" (US).

I'm just saying... it's your attitude!

Optimal health is the foundation for optimal wealth, the abundant life.  Your body is the temple of the living spirit, abundant love. The gold standard for your 'love foundation' is your cellular vital force and a strong immune system.  The 'nutritional gold' for holistic optimal health has been known and used worldwide for thousands of years. It was worth it's weight in gold to Chinese emperors, who serviced dozens of concubines.  Yes, it helped their attitude too:)

I'm just saying...

If perception is reality, and the world is how we perceive it,
then consider how we'll achieve it, the change that
comes from 'inner sense' at the heart of
innocence; the spirit that matters...
so you are not found guilty.

It's your attitude!

So if this has helped your attitude...
and you appreciate the gesture...
care to share with your own
gratitude attitude:)

Thank God -- 'The Power of Love' -- for a good attitude!
The extraordinary power of faith-in-love may be
far different from what you imagined probable,
  and yet far better than you ever hoped possible.

So affirm it,
'I Am', confirm it, 'I Can', determine it, 'I Will',
and fulfill it, 'Make it So!

is for giving; pay it forward!
For Spiritual Wealth... for Physical Health... and for
      Wind in the Sails of your Soul's 'Clipper Ship',

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Bottom line:  The foundation for holistic health is a strong immune system.
  Good attitude feeds your 'spiritual immune system' just as 'this combo'
feeds your 'physical immune system'.  Optimal healing involves our
"co-creation" (synergy) of both spiritual and physical 'UltraFood'
 for immunity against spiritual dis-ease and physical disease.

"This is a test to see if your mission on Earth is over.
If you are still alive, it's not."
 ~ Sir Francis Bacon

. )) -::-. .))
((. .. There are miracles left for you to do ... -::- -::-
-::- ((.* It all begins inside of you.

   Honoring inner sense (innocence) at the heart of the InnerNet: pure intention......
 Focusing on your 'heart interface' (Constitution of Conscience): pay attention......
   Culturing co-Creation (+=) with the 'Trinity of Synergy':  attention pays.......
 So make the 'Vow' for the 'Vision' of 'Virtue' and 'Valor' for 'The Victory'......
Conscientious COMMON SENSE at the Heart of a New Global rEVOLUTION
of, by and
for the "United Sovereigns of Earth" (US).

Heaven knows that the evolutionary ascent of the Family of Mankind
will define, refine, combine and shine our God-given gifts and talents
  to culture the Next Economy with the Currency of Social Conscience.

~ CR

Freely Given / Free to Give
(please forward freely)