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Networking for the Net worth of a
  more enlightened Net reality.

 Global 'Social Currency' Goes Viral

by Christopher Rudy, Publisher
Heartcom Network

Are you ever amazed how some ideas go ‘viral’ on the Internet
  with thousands and then millions of people turned on tuning in?

Imagine what happens when mainstream masses embrace
a standard model of ‘
social currency’ that will upgrade
   the Internet with
social Conscience at the heart of our
‘Net reality’.

Social currency is based on social Conscience.
It’s going ‘viral’, mainstream in Net reality.
For years, it has been building up to this.

You want global peace and prosperity?
The ‘secret’ is out; we can do it now.
As our reality prospers, so do we.

The 'vision alone' is a catalyst
self-fulfilling prophecy
spiritual wealth
whole health
  with the abundant life.

People worldwide are now aware that global conscious evolution
is on the threshold of virtually a ‘Global Reboot’ with mainstream
Paradigm Shift … Mass Awakening … Huge Opportunity
and what many are understanding as the ‘Next Economy’.

You can contribute to this ‘shift’
and be the beneficiary

A new ‘Net reality’ has emerged with the global Internet, and
the matrix of hypnotic illusion and delusion is disintegrating.

There’s no putting the Net reality ‘genie’ back in the bottle.
    Shift happens!

Something wonderful, amazing and truly uplifting is
 transpiring for the inspiring of all with eyes to see;
 a vision of virtue and valor for the victory of all of
US” (United Sovereigns of Earth)… uniting the
  ‘Family of Man’ with global village Net reality.

Thinking little or playing small doesn’t fit this trend.
This is a global issue and we must think globally.

Clean free energy is being liberated...
abundant power
to replace the oil, coal and nuclear power systems
that are poisoning the air, water and the Earth.

 Net reality is being liberated with abundant wisdom
to replace willful ignorance and paradigm paralysis
   that is poisoning the mental health of global humanity.

At the heart of this shift is liberation of abundant love
to replace the insensate and heartless behavior that
makes a killing
 on war, disease and death on Earth.

  This ‘Shift of the Ages’ is liberating abundant healing
empowering wisdom with love… a balance of powers
at the interactive interface
heart of social networks.

Secrets Unveiled for Global Reboot 
What That Looks Like and How That Works

 This process of emerging Net reality in global social networks
is maturing with public awareness of this model of standards
  for instant-everywhere mass-to-mass interactive ‘
 (emphasizing the ‘
TLC’… with ‘heartware’) .

It’s now happening!

 Heartware is the Next Big Thing in the computer/Internet
 revolution after ‘hardware’ (IBM), ‘software’ (Microsoft),
and ‘netware’ (Netscape) when the ‘computer’ became
the network of computers… like a global wired ‘brain’.

Take heart!  This next phase is emerging with
 widespread comprehension of heartware.

Ask yourself:

Is it true that ‘smart without heart’ is retro if not stupid?

Are you aware that ‘education of the heart’ is the
higher purpose of ‘enlightened education’?

 Would you agree that the whole world will thrive
when the currency of social Conscience gets a
whole systems upgrade with
heart coherence?

Consider this heart coherence scenario:
Whole Systems Upgrade for Global Reboot
(to really know how good it gets for all)

Consider how you earn ‘Net worth
by simply paying attention to the
conscious evolution process
whereby attention pays.

Yes, that’s a riddleJ

With pure intention and focused attention,
connect the dots to get the ‘big picture’ of
 humanity’s ascension in a
love dimension.

Your greatest power is always one of choice.
You can do something to make it happen.

Or you can watch the world go by and
then wonder, “What happened?”.

ACTION PLAN: Linking the Light

    As the ‘Host of Cosmic ’, for six years now,
I’ve interviewed a lot of people smarter than me,
so I thought I’d pay it forward,
linking the light.

For many years I’ve pondered ways and means to
mainstream the message of the Masters for global
    evolution with a revolution in higher consciousness.

Consider how this ‘Vision for Global Reboot’
will jump-start that rEVOLUTION
 in 3 ways:

1- Earth is in a ‘healing crisis’ and there is truly nothing more valuable
    than a vision for holistic healing NOW in global social networks.
    Seize the vision, embrace the virtue, network with valor and
CLAIM THE VICTORY  for winning from the beginning.

2- Every one who ‘gets it’ is naturally empowering the web of
   social currency that is, at heart, our social Conscience.
  The Internet is an outer metaphor for the ‘InnerNet’.
The ‘Power of Love’ will go mainstream as we
 network for the Net worth of its Net reality.

3- The Heartcom Network has priceless insight into
   tools and processes for conscious evolution of
Net Reality => Net Worth => Health Wealth
    including numerous videos and a model for
   free ‘Universal Self Care’, plus superior
  self care products and services now.

Global Reboot

  Spiritual Physical
  Wealth Health

Social Conscience
'Civilization 2.0'

What I’m offering for your ‘Net worth’ is far more
 than free information on the Heartcom Network.
The real value is mainstreaming this message
when you pay it forward,
linking the light.

Those who read this and subscribe now will be
on the inside track with developments that are
moving fast with extraordinary opportunity.

Social currency is the REAL product folks,
and the currency of Conscience is a
‘good trade’ – the ‘real deal’ for
those who care to use it:

  Networking for the Net worth of a
more enlightened Net reality.

For many years I’ve considered the most fair way to
pay for the networking of two things of great values:

    1- your health, with a breakthrough self care product
(and a Universal Self Care process)

2- your wealth, with a vision of the ‘Next Big Thing
that you can network for your own Net worth.

Here’s what I’ve come up with. See if you agree that
this will not only optimize your health
but also provide an incentive for sharing
this vision of personal and planetary
healing with your community of
social networked friends.

Special founding member benefits now.

  A $45.95 bottle of Swedish Pollen Extract
for value-added benefit to optimal health.
Free shipping on two bottles for $79.90.

By ordering 1 or 2 bottles HERE 
  you get special 'founder benefits',
including a coupon with 50% off
 on your next order of 1-2 bottles.

Same with the 'Super-Immunity Combo'
(coupon included with 1st order)

    Enlightened Self Interest

  Since one can give only what one has to give... 
  as you build health for greater service to others,
you are building a platform for social currency,
social Conscience as the new standard for the
Next Economy.

To the extent you share this vision with others, and
 others do the same with ‘enlightened self interest’,
  to that extent will global Net reality quickly ascend.

what that looks like and how that works,
is the transformative catalyst, and
there’s nothing more valuable
for Earth’s ‘ascent’ now
and YOUR ‘ascent’.

As global humanity wakes up, ‘wises up’ and rises up,
  evolutionary ascent becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

This is Earth’s divine destiny…
to get our act together:
‘civilization 2.0’.

Imagine what will happen when enough good people
mainstream the message of our conscious evolution:

 Networking for the Net worth of a
more enlightened Net reality.

Here’s to our conscientious
evolutionary ascent.

Founder/CEO of HEARTcom Services
The High Touch HEART of High Tech

Culturing social Conscience as social currency with Heartware
a universal interface - cultural DNA - for ‘universal co-Creation’
 through a process of
mass-to-mass TeLeCommframed via
the language of consciousness as involves and evolves
conscientious common sense -- Unity Conscience --
Effective Sensory Perception; cyberEthics.
E-valuation criteria via heartware/.

"Man can harness the winds, the waves and the tides,
 but when he can harness the
power of love,
then for the second time in the history of the world,
 man will have discovered fire."
~ Teihard de Chardin


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