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Culturing Conscience in our Global Village
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Straight Talk: Be Aware and Prepare


Hear David Christopher Lewis on Cosmic LOVE on 8-8-8, the 'Lion's Gate'
- Aug. 8, 2015 with the Sun, Mars, Venus and Jupiter in 'Leo the Lion' -
regarding a timely message from Jesus regarding September:
"Humanity is at a crossroad...".

Global humanity now has the extraordinary opportunity
to upgrade the infrastructure of our global Net reality
for the purpose of overcoming endless war insanity
over control of the hearts and resources of Earth.

Simply put, we could quickly have a golden age
that will culture conscientious common sense
with the ‘Social Conscience’ that involves
and evolves our individual and collective
heart coherence => mind congruence
 with web 3.0 heartware cyberEthics.

Although we can’t legislate morality, we can
utilize interactive
TeLeComm capabilities
to culture
TLC in global social networks
whereby social Conscience can thrive
for our atonement as ‘atONEment’.
Culturing Unity Conscience

The Worldwide Web We Want
Culturing Conscience in our Global Village

 By Christos Lightweaver

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 Galactic Vision of Global Transformation
The Conscience Connection for
Co-Creation with Universe

At the center of consciousness in the ‘brain holodeck’ is the 3rd eye (pineal gland) corresponding to "unity conscience as atONEment" (atonement)… the eternally present remembrance of who you are as  I Am”, the Presence of Conscience with a capital ‘C’ as in ‘see’ with real eyes that realize the spark of the timeless ne as defines, refines, combines and shines through all dimensional realms of the continuum.

The Currency of Conscience is the gold standard
for the Next Economyglobal economic reset
  to culture a golden age for the Family of Mankind.

It is the pure intention of fully present Conscience that knows WHO I Am truly is… conceiving, believing and achieving the greater purpose of the ‘I Am Presence’ as One with All That Is :

    – Our Universal Rights
– The Public Sphere
  + Co-Creation
– 4 x’s Integration

For CAPstone Conscience
Creative Ascent Process)

This pure intent of ‘Creator’ is to Co-Create via each soul’s ever-expanding Creation in the Presence of the Conscious Light of universal … radiating to and through all sentient life.

It is ‘Cosmic ’ that frames the fractal order of the holographic universe and codes the light of our galaxy with frequencies that morph the matrix of DNA and our conscious ‘holodeck’ (brain field).

This is the nature of conscious evolution, soul awareness, and the soul purpose of existence… to BE all that ‘I Am’… so BE it… and so it IS… the BEING (BE IN God) of as universal “Law of the Angles of G.O.D.” (Geometric Ordered Divinity) that naturally follows from coherent singularity with the “Language of the Angels of ” (heart coherence) as weaves the fabric of space-time "relativity" - relative to your attainment of attunement with divine harmony in the continuum of divine law and order.

It is the inner sense of innocence from this perspective of
cognizance that grasps the infinite and eternal here-now
 meaning of in form and frequency, magnifying
the feeling of
coherent love with vision of congruent
- the heartware interface for global
through interactive mass-to-mass TeLeComm.

It is from this perspective – the universal law language at the heart of co-Creation with Creator – that the divine destiny for United Sovereigns of Earth will naturally mature to fulfill the gold standard for conscious evolution as the golden rule/law language at the heart of every golden age culture in history... on Earth as in Cosmos-at-large.

We are in the universe
and universe is in ‘
United Sovereigns)

The Kingdom Conscienceon Earth as in Cosmos – is not a mystery when known. It is the rule of ‘Cosmic Law’ whereby all are sovereign “KING” with the “Keys to the INnernet of G.O.D.~ Source”.
This ‘INnernet is the INner sense of innocence as pure intent, or as the Chief Architect of the Constitution said, "Conscience is the most sacred of all property." ~ James Madison, 4th U.S. President

"The safest course is to do nothing against one's
With this secret, we can enjoy life and
have no fear from death."
 ~ Voltaire

This is the master(‘s) key for fearless access to soul awareness from moment-to-moment… creating your own momentum of awakening as a cosmic BEING destined to fulfill your soul contract as revealed through heart coherence and mind congruence.

   – Pure intention: heart coherence science
to qualify ‘coherent conscience’.

– Focused attention: via mind congruence
to “synergize” (optimize + ) with
   – Love’s retention: heart-mind co-Creation
   with free-online Universal Self Care
– Conscious ascension in all dimensions
       framed by the archetypes of .

The Architecture Archetypes for Web 3.0 Infrastructure

Just as the illusory veils of time and space thin with your attunement and atonement, you naturally BEcome more of who ‘I Am’ truly IS… fulfilling your highest and best purpose in service to the conscientious evolutionary ascent of mankind as kind men.

Universal Rights in our Global Village:
It’s ALL in divine order as resonates with
 divine harmonics whereby rules.

In this eternal journey on the golden path of light, civility in our new Net reality naturally matures to upgrade civilization with hearts and minds united with ‘Light Language’ and the ‘Constitution of Conscience’.

With as the intent for global Net reality,
we naturally involve and evolve our individual
and collective
Conscience to make it so!

Seize the Vision - Heartware CyberEthics for “Web 3.0.”
(Next phase of the computer/Internet evolution).

Embrace the Virtue - Global “Heart Coherence”
(The heart of heartware for cyberEthics).

Make the Vow - Network for the Net Worth of “
(Care enough to share this with your network).

And Claim the Victory of the Currency of Conscience.
(Universal interface for global sovereignty
Culturing enlightened full-spectrum Conscience
heart coherence and mind congruence
for centered and connected
with the spirit of
in form and in
frequency at
the heart of
TLC frequently.
(The Blessing)

Full Spectrum TeLeComm
 for our conscious evolution

 Global TeLeCare,

May the thoughts in my mind and the meditations of my heart
and the words on my lips represent the loving kindness
that the blind can see, the deaf can hear, and the
poor in spirit experience as
 The Blessing.

Prepare Your Perception for Ultimate Connection
Beyond Mass Illusion and Self Deception


From the perspective of this Good Shift News,
Bad Shift News warrants “Be Prepared”.
(At least as this Eagle Scout see it. ~C.)

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