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On the Path of Uncommon Truth

One path is better known as
'The Global Problem'.
The path far less traveled is
'The Global Solution'.

For the whole truth and nothing but
the truth, even if it appears


by Christopher Rudy, Author of
On The Path

Preface Articles:

 Oct. 27: Two Models for the Future of Earth

Nov. 2: Cultural Discernment Awakening
Nov. 11: Enlightenment 101 for Novices

The truth of highest value, when truly sought,
has little regard for the mainstream “
Belief System) that prevails without
a gold standard for global civility.

Only with the gold standard as
the spirit that matters for a
worldwide golden age
will the highest truth
survive & thrive.

On the Path of Uncommon Truth
Which path will you choose?

Hint: the one goes downhill and
the other to the mountaintop.

Left path: The Global Problem
Right path: The Global Solution

With an attitude of gratitude for freedom of
well-informed choice in our Net reality,
I am grateful for ALL paths to the
truth that liberates "
US" as
United Sovereigns
 ~ Christopher

PS: The path of uncommon truth welcomes only those
   who are willing to overcome cherished illusions
   and the willful ignorance of paradigm paralysis
       that is the original "
SIN" (Stuck In Negativity).~C.