Problematic Truth


Continued from:
The Uncommon Path of Truth

A new corporate aristocracy corporatocracy of
big business collusion with big government has
succeeded globally with extreme plunder of the
  99% by the 1% who largely own and control the
   physical and human resources of a divided world
  in conflict over control of those finite resources.
   The standard for civility known as the golden rule
   gold standard has declined while the corporate
  standard of moneyed power, to make the rules,
    has risen to the point where monopoly capitalism
    mirrors socialist communism as a failed ideology.
   Common sense may be uncommon or otherwise
  counterintuitive due to consumerist materialism,
   but the 'trickle down' benefits of extreme wealth
 inequality in the world is a self-evident betrayal
 of core Constitutional values once held sacred.
 Materialism is devoid of the gold standard.
Spirituality suffers without that standard.

Most people prefer to believe that government
  of, by and for the public is superior to a system
    of big government collusion with corporatocracy
  that privatizes democracy by valuing corporate
   stockholders before the public whenever profits
  are at stake. All our morality is thus ‘at stake…
burning at the stake when profit for the few
  trumps common wealth of the public-at-large.
 That’s how corporate law inverts and subverts
   Constitutional law with support from Congress. 

Corporations Act To Make Congress
A Wholly Owned Subsidiary

By Richard Eskow
“If we don't get money out of politics,
 we'll lose our democracy altogether.”

There is more corporate profit in disease
rather than health.
There’s also more corporate profit in war
rather than peace.
There is far more corporate profit in ‘laws’
that protect profits from disease and war
rather than justice.
There is far more corporate profit in media
 sponsored by disease and war profiteers
rather than truth.

This creates a corrupt system that profits
from the military-media-medical complex,
an anti-democracy corporate aristocracy,
  with public education that dumbs us down,
with religions that are morally challenged,
   and with economics that reward plunder by
 the 1% who can only rule over the 99% if
 we are “
Dumb, Unconscious & Heartless”
That’s why we live in a bizarre world of
 cognitive dissonance whereby the truth
appears counter-intuitive if not ‘crazy’.


  Call it the ‘matrix’ or ‘cabal’ or ‘syndicate’ of special interests
 with a vested interest in keeping common sense uncommon.
Or call it the materialism that is devoid of good conscience.

  But this too shall pass. There’s no stopping the global
 Internet evolution revolution in higher consciousness.
The Net reality ‘genie’ is out of the bottle and it’s not
going back in.  It is not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’ our
   social conscience in global social networks will clearly
define, refine, combine and shine our individual and
   collective wisdom, talents and resources… for good!

 The issue of public awakening has become so critical
as a ‘threat’ to institutionalized corruption and social
 disruption of civility that dark-side powers that were
are acting desperate with mainstream disinformation
  to disempower social ‘up-wising’ and public uprising.
One cogent example of ‘the war on awakening’
is the on-going attack on medical marijuana,
and especially its use for neurotransmitter
support and expanded cognitive function.

Realize that the medical-industrial complex will lose
hundreds of billions of dollars if people are allowed
      to use a natural herb from their garden that has active
  ingredients (cannibinoids) which cure cancer as well
 as alleviate pain and suffering from other diseases.
   Likewise, the ‘legal’ alcohol industries will lose billions
     when the public knows the truth about a harmless herb
   that has THC neurotransmitters which give support to
    new neural connections in the brain’s grey matter
rather than dissolve the fatty neural sheath on brain
 cells, which is why an alcoholic’s brain short-circuits.

The most deadly drugs in America are perfectly legal

      From the article: 22 Maps and Charts That Will Surprise You
To quote: “This chart uses data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to make a counterintuitive point: the deadliest drugs in America are legal. In some cases, those drugs are deadlier because their legal status makes them more widely available. If heroin were as easy to get as tobacco, more people would surely die from it each year. But that’s not true in all cases. Alcohol is much more dangerous than marijuana, but marijuana is illegal in most states, while alcohol is legal for those over age 21.” 

Note the small print at the bottom of the picture with the CDC saying that:
     *Listed alcohol deaths do not include indirect causes like fetal alcohol
       syndrome, traffic accidents and homicide.
     * Listed marijuana deaths leave out causes like traffic accidents.
As for the CDC source of that data, realize that the CDC is the public relations arm of Big Pharma just as the FDA is the policing arm of the medical-industrial complex. Recently the CDC has been exposed for suppressing the statistics on autism caused by vaccines just as they helped perpetrate the Ebola Hoax to fast-track Ebola vaccines for global profit.
If you use your search engine to check out ‘deaths from prescription drugs’, you’ll find published studies ranging from 125,000 to 250,000+ deaths per year. The CDC didn’t want that statistic beside “0” marijuana deaths.
With the midterm election this last week, there were more states that legalized marijuana for medical and recreational use. It didn’t take long for corporate media to spin the message of marijuana with fearmongering to foster negative emotions without critical thinking.

CBS News often leads the corporatocracy party line with disinformation and the other day (Nov. 10) they featured a study that suggests that marijuana use can deteriorate the part of the brain responsible for decision-making." But what CBS omitted was the rest of that study showing that marijuana use can also optimize another part of the brain responsible for new neural connections for a new way of thinking about the world; a new paradigm worldview which is the greatest fear of the corporatocracy cabal; that people will wise up to the corporate media fear tactics used for mass mind control, to “hold that line” (lockstep linear left-brain programming), so the masses will continue believing mainstream media programming of WHAT to think rather than HOW to think with nonlinear right-brain intuition for lifelong learning with critical thinking skills.
WHAT to think is the same 'Common Core' agenda in U.S public schools.

It may seem counterintuitive but the power of belief, the placebo effect, is more powerful than even extremely toxic drugs like chemo for cancer. Numerous studies have shown chemo patients have a far better outcome if they are optimistic rather than pessimistic about their treatment. And if truth be told, cancer treatments with non-toxic holistic protocols that include cannabis not only provide elements that kill cancer but provide euphoria for a positive outcome that is far superior to chemo. But there’s no money in that for Big Pharma and the $124.6 Billion Cancer Industry.

The power of religious belief – to wage war in the name of holy script – is also counterintuitive… continuing to give billions of dollars in foreign aid to Israel to support their ‘Greater Israel’ agenda to kill millions of Muslims in the Mideast as though Israel represented our Judeo-Christian heritage.

 Religion is indeed a principal thing,
but too much is worse than none at all.
 The world abounds with knaves and villains,
but of all knaves, the religious knave is the worst;
and villainies acted under the cloak of religion are
 the most despicable."
~ Benjamin Franklin

Of course, despicable “BS” (Belief System) is behind the outright genocide of Palestinians in Gaza while the whole world watches, demoralizing anyone with a conscience. But there’s no money in peace for the military-industrial complex. And there's no money for the Western banksters from Muslims who believe religiously that that usury is immoral, which apparently Jesus also believed, throwing the money-changers out of the temple.

This is THE PROBLEM of materialism that worth-ships at the altar of war, disease and hell on Earth… inverting, subverting and perverting spirituality.

This is THE PROBLEM of big money in politics

Or to paraphrase Lord Acton,
"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute moneyed power
corrupts absolutely."

Billionaires are in the ears of politicians 24/7 while we get to vote every few years for different politicians who end up serving the same moneychangers in the ‘temple’ of public government. When the system is thus rigged by the ‘Money God’, any comprehensive solution will first appear counterintuitive… like making fork-tongued, two-faced politicians accountable for serving the corporatocracy at the expense of the Republic under the Constitution.
Note that Senator Mitch McConnell was recently reelected so he can lead the Republican Party as the Senate Majority Leader. But the corporate media, who extolled McConnell's war on drugs, was silent on recent news that his family was caught smuggling 90 pounds of cocaine.

90 Pounds of Cocaine Found on Cargo Ship
Owned by Anti-Drug Senator’s Family

McConnell's family sponsored him to become one of the richest and most powerful Senators, but he sold out for money and power. And when government gets caught as part of the corruption PROBLEM, other corrupt leaders tend to circle the wagons and sweep the “In Money We Trust’ dirt under the rug. The problem is systemic in Congress. That's a big problem.

Is it true that we have a corrupted horse-and-buggy legislative system
that is out of touch with space age representation capabilities?
Are you aware that extreme wealth inequality is caused by
entrenched corporatocracy that is anti-democracy?
Would you agree that 99% of the public wants
a SOLUTION that enlightens the public,
cultures our social conscience and
 unites our hearts and minds?


Part Two – The Solution