Christopher Rudy
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Two Articles - Your Choice:

STUCK: The symptoms of dis-ease, dysfunction and disintegration are caused
    by a disconnect with -- and desecration of -- the sacred. This naturally results in
    a stuck state of depression and devolution in our social, political and economic
    institutions due to doublespeak, disinformation and divisions causing cognitive
    dissonance and "paradigm paralysis" (stinking thinking) as is
Stuck In Negativity
SIN) which interferes with the conscious evolution of everyone... more HERE.

LIBERATED: The process of self-correcting conscious evolution is self-elevation
    as upward-mobile 'salvation'. This naturally results in
liberated healing in core
    social institutions by culturing conscientious common sense -
Unity Conscience -
    with pure intention as will focus attention on holistic systemic solutions of, by and
    for 'whol
Eness' with the Holy Spirit of cosmic-universal LOVE-in-action... more.

Heaven knows -- as the '
2012 EM Shift' goes mainstream -- we each have the choice to be part of "the problem" (stuck) or part of "the solution" (liberated).

When you are stuck, you see the problem with every opportunity.

When you are liberated, you see the opportunity with every problem.

Enjoy this 'reality therapy' from either
STUCK or LIBERATED perspectives.

 Conscience is the most sacred of all property.
~ Chief Architect of the Constitution, James Madison

~ Christopher


PS: When we are stuck, liberation seems foolish.
       When we are
liberated, stuck seems foolish.
          This is the 2012 choice of one's own judgment;
         to be fooled by pretending you are asleep... or
       to be 'awake' - liberated in good
   as will discern what is wise or just foolish.