The 2012 ‘ElectroMagnetic' (EM) Shift

 by Christos Lightweaver, updated 10-1-2012

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Big ElectroMagnetic (EM) change on our little planet in Universe has a profound effect on our consciousness and world-at-large.  The rate of global change is accelerating in accordance with cosmic cycles and a ‘cosmic plan’ that will not budge.

A ‘new time’ is quickening, all in the count-down from the June 20th Solstice,
 and leading to a new synergy/synchronicity in the space/time fabric of
Earth's EM fields through to the 12-21-2012  "Winter Solstice"
when Winter commences in the Northern Hemisphere and
Summer begins in the Southern Hemisphere.

NASA recently shut down the satellite showing the distortions in the magnetic field of Earth.  Some speculate that anomalies in the magnetic field are giving the public too much indication of an imminent ‘EM Reversal’ of Earth’s magnetic poles.

The flux in the EM fields around Earth is being amplified by Solar Flares” (Coronal Mass Ejections). There are also the strong EM fields of the Planet X complex in the mix of this ‘quantum soup’. And perhaps the strongest ‘accelerant’ of ‘cosmic fire’ in this mix is the 2012 surge in the quantum Source Field itself.

Is it true that we could have an EM Pole Shift in 2012?
Are you aware that this would affect all life on Earth?
Would you agree that this has been prophesied?

Ever hear of the ‘3 days of darkness’ that numerous prophecies reference? If there is an EM pole shift of the Earth, the Earth could ‘reboot’ with a new 'spin on things' – a 3 day process whereby the sun wouldn’t shine on half of the Earth.  Deep drilling core samples of the Earth have shown that magnetic reversals in Earth’s EM field has occurred numerous times in Earth’s history.  There’s plenty of science on this subject to indicate this is about to occur again… in 2012. 

If so, the EM fields in the brain will
become chaotic and ‘reboot’ also. 

The prophesied 3 days of darkness may actually be a black out of consciousness as the Earth's (and brain's) EM field reboots. A reboot of the brains EM fields may involve a dimensional shift whereby our perceptions see beyond the veil of 3-D perception as we have known it.  This could be a spiritual experience of death and rebirth for global humanity, and even the Second Coming in the hearts and minds of some.  Or perhaps, the second death for others.  Each to their own 'judgment' for their 'co-Creation' or 'miscreations'.

If you don’t have a habit of pure intention and focused attention on
 - moment-to-moment
momentum in good Conscience -
you will naturally reap what you have sown 'between your ears'.


 Some are awakening to contempt... going to the dark side... and others are
awakening with enlightened "self-elevation" (ascent) of a 'salvation' nature. 
  The former is 'outer directed'; reactive to fears from focus on 'the problem'. 
 The latter is 'inner directed'; proactive with faith from focus on 'the solution'.

This is a time to see the opportunity with every problem
rather than the problem with every opportunity.

        With the current surge in the Source Field, approximately 90% of our
         DNA 'cosmic antennae' (once called 'junk DNA') are being 'activated'.

     As the veil 'thins' with this EM Shift, a 'perception shift' is occurring.

 For the pure in heart, there may be perception of angelic realms.
For others, their worst fears may come upon them, seeing 'hell'.

  This is why 'spiritual work' is so important at this time.
In good
Conscience, we prepare for the coming test
  that's 'best' for all souls on Earth at this amazing time

A more 'spiritual' understanding in good Conscience
can be read at: 'Time NOW'.

A more 'scientific' explanation of the
imminent shift in consciousness
can be read at:
'Nonlinear Perception'.

The ‘Final Judgment’ may thus be understood as
the fruits of our
faith, or lack thereof.

Everyone is a 'co-Creator' in the world as they perceive it. 
     The kind man of
God~Love sees Love-God in all mankind…
    and in all things seeing a world with more light of, by and for
 divine universal-cosmic love.  The higher one's concept of
God-Love’ in thought and feeling, the greater the unveiled

    In the larger scheme of soul evolution, we all go to where we’re coming from.
Those who have had a near-death experience are often changed dramatically
with a new lease on life.  It tends to reboot their perception of everything, like
  being ‘born again’… or ‘resurrected’... or 'ascending' with conscious evolution.

  Indeed, we are what we perceive, having become, through habit, what we perceived.
Absolute truth is relative to the beholder.  What one conceives and believes may be
  abject illusion compared to what mankind is about to achieve... ready or not so much.

The conscious evolutionary ascent of humanity
requires the purging and ‘Great Purification’
of all that is less than pure intention at the
heart of focused attention; one's choice
is thus one's 'judgment' as will naturally

make it so!

So hold on to your hats folks. The rate of change will accelerate through the end of 2012,
which naturally explains the true meaning of, “The end of ‘time as we have known it.”.

   Keep in mind that the more simple yet profound is
     your pure intent to know
Higher Power in
  the more likely will your
Conscience make it so
    along more enlightened lines of ‘co-Creation' with
  the 'Creator', 'Source', 'Divine Love', 'All That Is',
'Higher Power', 'Common Law', 'One Language'
or however you know 'God' as the 'Most High'.

For those who have been given much - Spirit that matters - more will be added
 as you 'rise up' in full
Conscience of a wholEness (bright full-spectrum) nature. 
For those who have squandered the opportunity of light they have been given,
they will also have their 'just reward'.  Each to their own sowings and reapings.

Times change but some standards are truly universal. 
Keep the Faith in the
the Law of the Angles of G.O.D.
framing the Language of the Angels of

What You Appreciate, Appreciates...
So Pay Attention. Attention Pays.

The 'movement towards wholEness' is for a
new '
Common Sense Unity Conscience'...
refining the
'Creative Ascent Process'
with += in all 4 quads of 's
‘CAPstone Conscience’

This Unity Conscience
is dedicated to
 the One Eye 


"To understand the nature of God, it is necessary only to know
the nature of love itself.  To truly know love is to know and 
understand God; and to know God is to understand love."

~ Dr. David R. Hawkins, "The Eye of the I" (pg. 88)

Hold the Vision – Claim the Victory

IN SUMMARY: The  model for conscious evolution is holistic in the wholEness way that represents not only the 'Source Code' for the holographic universe, but also, the 'Cosmic Law' framing Cosmic  in the 'Four Quadrants of 2012'.

Make Your Time Count, 

~ Christos

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“Our minds will unite like the fragments of a hologram.”
~ Terrance McKenna, from

"This is a test to see if your mission on Earth is over.
If you are still alive, it's not."
 ~ Sir Francis Bacon


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