The Power of NOW as the VEIL thins.


by Christos Lightweaver, Metaphysician




Beyond TIME AS WE HAVE KNOWN IT ... is the transcendent power of NOW as the ordained Power of Love naturally "mediates" (checks and balances) the inordinate love of power.

Or as the conscious evolution luminary, Eckhart Tolle is famous for expressing in his classic book,
The Power of Now':

"Stillness Speaks: When you lose touch with inner stillness, you lose touch with yourself. When you lose touch with yourself, you lose yourself in the world. Your innermost sense of self, of who you are, is inseparable from stillness. This is the
I Am that is deeper than name and form. [...] Nothing that comes and goes is you.
'I am bored.' Who knows this? 'I am angry, sad, afraid.' Who knows this? You are the knowing, not the condition that is known."

"If you cannot be at ease with yourself when you are alone, you will seek a relationship to cover up your unease.

"You can be sure that the unease will then reappear in some other form within the relationship, and you will probably hold your partner responsible for it. All you really need to do is accept this moment fully. You are then at ease in the here and now and at ease with yourself.

"But do you need to have a relationship with yourself at all? Why can't you just be yourself?

"When you have a relationship with yourself, you have split yourself into two: 'I' and 'myself,' subject and object. That mind-created duality is the root cause of all unnecessary complexity, of all problems and conflict in your life. In the state of enlightenment, you are yourself - 'you' and 'yourself' merge into one. You do not judge yourself, you do not feel sorry for yourself, you are not proud of yourself, you do not love yourself, you do not hate yourself, and so on.

"The split caused by self reflective consciousness is healed, its curse
removed. There is no 'self' that you need to protect, defend, or feed anymore. When you are enlightened, there is one relationship that you no longer have: the relationship with yourself. Once you have given that up, all your other relationships will be love relationships."

~ Eckhart Tolle, 'The Power of Now'



"Ram Dass", Author of the classic ‘BE HERE NOW', once upon a time wrote:


"Let me share with you this little model I've worked out about who we are as human beings. I call it the 'Three-Plane Consciousness Model'. If I were to take a picture of who I see you to be, the picture would show three "I's" ---three different levels of who you are,  planes on which you have an identity.
"Number One is what I call ego, that's the "I" we all know very well, the plane of the body, mind, and personality; of all those things we think we are.
"Number Two I call the soul; the soul measures time not in days and years but in incarnations, and it's the "I" that was around before we as egos were born and that will be around after we as egos die.
"And Number Three is ... just Number Three. We all have different names for it, and wars are fought over what to call it, so I avoid all that by just calling it Number Three.
"I see our task as learning to live on more than one of those planes simultaneously, experiencing ourselves as egos and souls at the same time. And since "you gotta be one to see one," once we are resting in our souls, then we will see others as souls as well. Then when we look into another person's we'll say, "Are you in there? I'm in here. Far out!"
"When we are able to look behind even that identity as soul, we'll see that we have still another identity because we are also Number Three. That's the mystic "I," because in Number Three there's actually only one of us. Your Number Three isn't merely like my Number Three ---They're the same thing."

-- Baba Ram Das, a.k.a. Dr. Richard Alpert (born April 6, 1931)...
   < http://ramdasstapes.org/index.htm>



Bottom Line for Higher Conscience

The frequency of the holy Spirit of 
-- as in frequently --
builds "momentum" (moment-to-moment)
through pure intention as focuses attention
with love's retention for conscious ascension
in the 'Source' dimension of Cosmic

"Match the frequency of the reality you want,
and you cannot help but get that reality."

~ Albert Einstein, full quote at top

Love is for giving.  What goes around comes around.