2015 Shift Series

Straight Talk: Be Aware and Prepare

Remember September

Many people sense a tremor in the force with a lot of media buzz saying the month of September will be a time to remember.
There are good reasons for concern.
Is it true that global economic reset is
imminent with a new global currency?
Are you aware that our core social and political institutions will be transformed?
Would you agree this concerns you?
You may wonder why the Next Economy will naturally emerge from the currency
of social conscience in social networks,
and perhaps you agree that there are    consequences for any currency used.
  GOOD Currency vs. BAD Currency
  We're coming down the 'home stretch',
  and it's time to get our house in order.
  If there's no stopping this global reset,
  you may agree... it's urgent to prepare.

The news has given many a clue.
Things could get so much better
or… it's been nice knowing you!

by Christopher L Rudy
Host of Cosmic LOVE

With global social conscience waking up
to opportunities and challenges for the
Family of Mankind in a global village,
we each and ALL have a CHOICE:

What you feed with your attention
is how you
spend your currency
of conscience - for good or evil.

1- The Good News
2- The Bad News

You can take heart and go with
fearless faith to the
light side
of, by and for "
The Alliance"
United Sovereigns of Earth),
Or you can lose heart and go to
the ‘dark side' with faithless fear,
  feeding the matrix of dark "DUH"
Divided, Unconscious & Heartless).
 The instant-everywhere and interactive
Internet has brought us to this point of
waking up, wising up & rising up with a
higher standard for conscious ascent
  of civility in our maturing global village.
Forgiveness of social debt liberates
 social conscience with social credit.
Or by default, September 'Judgment'
will reflect the 'karmic consequence'
of bankrupt morality in core bankrupt
institutions of a dark corporatocracy
as has corrupted social conscience
dark money – a dark currency.

So Keep the Faith
The end of corruption’s disruption
is the beginning of a
new order;
global freedom & opportunity.
BE AWARE... The Good News
  The World We Want Follows...
when united for the purpose of
culturing our social conscience
in interactive social networks.

The World We Do NOT Want...
divided by fear of change that
dims the light of conscience
in global social networks.

May the ‘Good Wolf’ Win!

Continued with:
The Good News