2023 Mainstream Awakening Series

Pfizer Busted - Planning Another Pandemic

 Pfizer received tens of billions of taxpayer dollars
to create and launch the COVID toxic injections.
  Consequent side-effects are attributed to COVID.

   The BIG NEWS of the last week is an undercover
  video by Project Veritas that exposes how Pfizer
 is working to sustain the illusion of virulent virus
 to compel toxic jabs that keep the racket going.

Plus the 6th Annual Fake News Awards
Jan 30, 2023
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Spoiler Alert - Planners of the Next Plandemic
A recent SGT report explains how the Deep State cabal is in the process of ramping up the illusian of another viral contagion - firing up the wireless 5G infrastructure - which compromises cellular oxygen assimilation AND will activate the injected self-assembly nanotechnology - killing people en masse - to be blamed on an invisible virus that has never been isolated, is not transmissible, and exists primarily as a psychotic form of perception deception - The Covidian Cult.

The US government acknowledges that
"5G radiation causes COVID-19"

Jan 26, 2023 / World Signals News
A study titled:
5G Technology and Coronavirus
Induction in Skin Cells
- published on the NIH website -
leads to the disturbing conclusion that
5G technology has side-effects
covered up as 'COVID'.

Just connect the dots folks!
It's right out in the open now.

Of course, people worldwide now know what the pharmacidal psychopaths are planning, so if they
fire up the 5G radiation and everyone starts getting Covid symptoms, Big Tech will be self-incriminated in the court of public opinion.

Remember, when thousands got sick and died in
Wuhan China at the beginning of the 'BREAKOUT'?  What Big Media didn't tell us is that Big Tech had just fired up 5G big time across this huge city. Masses got sick and died while the lab-leak psy-op ran as the cover story with fear-porn, mass-dying hyperbole... to make it 'stick'... as in mass psychosis formation.

Too terrible to consider? Think about this - five years ago, Big Tech companies in America helped build the social media infrastructure in Communist China that is used to control their giant population with a lockstep surveillance and digital social credit system. Their insatiable thirst for 'data power' - the Big Oil of the Cyber Age - pushed the 5G roll-out in Wuhan, one of China's biggest cities. But Wuhan often has the worst air pollution in China; respiratory disease. And 5G radiation has a well-documented deleterious effect on oxygen respiriation - hypoxia.
Thousands quickly sickened and died with respiratory problems. The incinerators were running 24/7. More air pollution than before, but no matter;

So the Wuhan
5G fire-up may have been a public health disaster, but it was definitely a public relations success story for Big Tech. All attention got focused on THE VIRUS. The narrative went from wet market to lab leak, but it was always about THE VIRUS IS REAL AND IT'S GONNA GITCHA!

Is it true that Big Media is joined at the hip with Big Tech? And never reported the 5G connection?

Are you aware that 5G transmitters were installed in schools, hospitals and public buildings across America while everything was shut down by THE VIRUS?

Would you agree that this deception was so BIG and so bold and so often told by authorities that it was right out of Hitler's playbook?
Let this giant psy-op sink in with this video:


Big Tech invested trillions of $'s in 5G infrastructure
that none of the Big Media presstitutes dared to
cuss or discuss without loosing their jobs.
From the video:
"They need you to believe at all cost
that it is the coronavirus and not
the 5G towers making us sick."

When the mass fear psychosis pivoted
to highly touted vaccine salvation,

the Covidian Cult went mainstream.

Believing is Seeing
  True believers in the Cult of Covid could not
  see or hear any science that did not fit with
 the official fake science of virus contagion.

The best video explaining the true science
 was banned by YouTube and Facebook,  
 but now you can see the truth on Bitchute:
"The virus is not contagious"

Dr. Thomas Cowan

If you have attentively watched the two videos above,
 you will know why and how a corrupt global cabal has
   stripped away our civil rights, compromised our health,
  and demoralized our true wealth as a spiritual nation...
well documented in the previous newsletter HERE.    


Jan 28, 2023 / corbettreport.com 

And now, from an undisclosed location deep beneath the
Earth's surface, it's the 6th Annual Fake News Awards!  

Phizer Mutating Covid for Profit Scam

Jan 28, 2023 / Tucker Carlson
Tucker gives a brilliant account of the Project Veritas
undercover video exposing Pfizer agenda making

mutant viruses and capturing official agencies.


TRAILER - 4 minutes - Must Watch!

Jan 27, 2023 / NeverAgainIsNowGlobal.com
January 30th 7pm EST - 4pm PST - 6pm CST

Pilots are dying at Southwest Airlines at over 6X's
the normal rate after the COVID vax rolled out
01-28-2023 / Daily Clout
The FAA wants a war, so I'm going to give them one.
I'm not letting the FAA get away with ignoring all the
deaths and disabilities.


Jan 24, 2028 / Judge Napolitano
Incisive interview with Col. Doug Macgregor

A Russian Victory in Ukraine Won't End the War
Jan 27, 2023 / Global Research

Propaganda and Censorship Dominate
the Information War
Jan 28, 2023 / theburningplatform.com / Mercola
Google promised to bring us the world, and for decades
dished up tens of thousands of results to any search.
It was a clever trap.

Google is highly vested in pharmaceutical sales by
rigging search results for a fraction of the action.
The Food and Drug Adminstration runs cover
for Big Food and Big Pharma for their 'cut'.
So people get sick consuming chemical-
 laced 'food' and then toxic chem drugs
with more side-effects treated with  
  more drugs for whatever ails you.

Quantum Financial System on the Horizon

A Dollar Collapse Is Now In Motion,
Saudi Arabia Signals The End Of
'Petro' Status
Jan 28, 2023 / zerohedge.com / Brandon Smith
  The decline of a currency's world reserve status is often a
 long process rife with denials. There are many economic
 "experts" out there that have been dismissing any and all
warnings of dollar collapse for years.

Latin America Preparing Regional Currency:

01-28-2023 / corbettreport.com  
Welcome to New World Next Week - the video series
 from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers
some of the most important developments in open     
source intelligence news this week.

The ogos, ogic and etter of the aw
of , God and the Divine Word.

Dec 25, 2022 / Jordon B Peterson

(0:00) Introduction
(3:30) Welcome to Ephesus
(4:32) Chancellor Jordan Peterson
(6:00) Micro and macrocosms
(8:25) The world of what matters versus world of matter
(11:00) That which dispels pain
(13:36) Pattern regularities
(21:00) Empiricism falls short, magic perception
(25:30) System of values
(32:15) Un-nested values
(36:15) Story and emulation models
(40:12) Narrative and the lens through which we view the world
(41:50) Stalin, minions of hell
(43:00) Divine is that which is deepest
(44:50) Genesis, order and chaos
(47:19) The Spirit that you walk with
(51:00) Culture, spectacle, the kingdom of God
(53:40) Jung, ethical endeavor
(57:35) Truth is the antidote to suffering

... the global check and balance of powers with
Western emphasis on decentralized individual
  Sovereign Rights- in the Public Sphere-
and Eastern centralization of State power
- at the expense of individual rights -
is ultimately balanced- via
'wholness co-Creation'
The Heartware Project;
a universal interface for
global homeostasis and
  systemic holistic healing.



Valentine's Day is Coming!

Embrace loving kindness with the
 Heartform of the Year:

Jan 6, 2023 / HeartsCenter.org
"This year 2023 will be a year when all are
quickened by many mystic truths."

~ Gautama Buddha


So Keep the Faith - is the Key
to Our Aquarian Destiny.

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