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What Would Thomas Paine Say Today?

The collective consciousness of global humanity
 is now at a parallel stage as colonial America
 when it declared its independence from the
corporate tyranny of the British Empire.

But now the freedom issue is global.

by Christopher L. Rudy
Host of Cosmic LOVE

Thomas Paine sparked the American Revolution
 with the most successful political publication in
history, his treatise on ‘

Primitive printing presses in early America
made ‘
Common Sense’ readable to all,
just as modern Internet publishing has
exposed the tyranny of a 1% minority
in a Deep State corporatocracy that
is a serious challenge to freedom
 as intended by U.S. Founders.

So why should we care what Thomas Paine
  might say today about the same core issue?

When Thomas Jefferson was the 3rd U.S. President,
he invited Thomas Paine to the White House and 
told him that they would not have had the support
needed for the Revolution without his writings.
"The issue today is the same as it has been
 through all history, whether man shall
be allowed to govern himself or 
be ruled by a small elite."

~ Thomas Jefferson 

But Tom Paine was a common man who wrote
Common Sense for the common man, and
common sense today is so uncommon
that we rarely see a common solution
to the common systemic problems
crying out loud for global unity in
  our diversity;
common sense.

So ask yourself…
Is it true we live in a global village of
instant-everywhere and interactive
Internet capabilities for our direct
representation in government?
Are you aware how Net reality
is culturing social conscience
in our global social networks?

Would you agree that all of ‘US
United Sovereigns of Earth
deserve a systemic upgrade of

Freedom and Opportunity?

Based on your response…
  Consider the highest and best use of
mankind’s gifts, talents & resources
kind men with TLC at the heart
 of a global standard for culturing our
   social conscience in social networks.

The Model

Global control will be self controlling
when self governing systems mature
and Netizens of Earth
take heart
with Self Governing TeLeComm
for TeLeComm-unity,
for TeLeConscience,
for Global TeLeCare,
and TeLeCommerce.

The choice for global humanity now is either Global Self Control
- an upgraded “unity-in-diversity” (E. Pluribus Unum) for all - or,
 by default, the devolution to degenerate global ‘Hunger Games’.

Global Self Control: The Best Government is Self Government with Self Regulating,
Self Correcting, Self Directing Standards for Interactive Mass-to-Mass TeLeComm
CoOperative CommUNIcaTIon Co-Creation that Cultures CoOrdination of our
Latent Divine Potential for Conscious Evolution Along More Enlightened “Self-
 Elevation Lines” () of a “Salvation” (Evolutionary Ascent) Nature.

"The cause of America is in a great measure the cause of all mankind.
We have it in our power to begin the world over again."
~ Thomas Paine, Common Sense, 1776

 With as the ‘Gold Standard’ for
Conscientious Evolutionary Ascent,
Shift Happens - Rules.

Source Code
for InnerNet

Establishing the Foundation for the KINGdom Conscience
Whereby All Sovereign Netizens are 'KING' with the
Keys to INternalization of God-love.

Light Language is the Source Code Gold Standard for Conscious Evolution.

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