2021 Aquarian Spring Prelude Series 

Global TeLeCare to the Rescue

It's time to recognize the opportunity
that the self-evident CRISIS creates.

 The U.S. public health care system is
  worse than broken. It is pathological.
 Harm is being done in the name of
health security while we're losing
 both our health and our security.

Gross defects in the system
now obscure former gains.

In response to those defects,
and to reclaim healthy gains,
Global TeLeCare represents
a whole system solution for 
 rapid global holistic healing.

Conceive IT and Believe IT
to Achieve IT (InnerTech);
high 'touch' heartware for
mediating high tech with 
wisdom of the crowd.  

A health results database showing what works best
 for biological individuality - personal health metrics -
 comparing the results of all natural health remedies
  to the results of 'unnatural' (petrochemical) drugs.    

Imagine what IT looks like
Global TeLeCare.

Nov 21, 2021 / UltraMedics

Five years ago I introduced Global TeLeCare with a seminar that included an amazing lecture by Dr. Kathy Forti on the dimensional shift and quantum future of health care. See her video presentation HERE - more than 10,000 views so far.

After that event, I conducted a crowd-funding campaign to produce a documentary on Global TeLeCare... but I didn't get any traction. It was too far ahead of the times. People have had an almost religious belief in modern medicine and the 'high priests' (doctors) with their drug sacrements for whatever ails you.
But that 'drugs-for-health' (pharmacidal) Belief System (BS) is wearing thin after two years of mass psychosis with medical martial law suppression of health sovereignty.

Did it have to get this bad before we're ready for a global reset from a pharmacidal disease care system to free online holistic Self Care worldwide?
Back at the beginning of the plandemic, I published a Global TeLeCare Upgrade as an 'UPdate' - raising the flag once again to see if anyone would salute. But at that time, incessant lamestream media fear porn was shutting down the public's critical thinking skills. And no one wants to believe our good doctors were following NIH/Fauci protocols that were killing people. We still don't want to believe that. It's people before profit, right?
Government's Bounty on Your Life:
Hospitals' Incentive Payments for
COVID-19 are About $100K

Nov 11, 2021 / Health Impact News
... per COVID Patient!
The 2.2 trillion $ CARES Act at work;
the Patriot Act on steroids, and now,
 the enemy is individual and collective
So now we see the evidence that pharmacide is reaching critical mass worldwide - an existential threat to humanity.

It's been said that there's nothing more valuable than a vision that has found its time. Are we there yet?
Is it true that the future of global humanity is at stake?
Are you aware that public health care has been weaponized with politics and economics for profit and power OVER people rather than "of, by and for the people"?
Would you agree that an Aquarian model of global holistic healing will optimize sovereignty to own our own health?
Based on your response, consider how things have changed the last two years with online telemedicine now going mainstream.
Patients Used Telehealth as a
Subtitute for Visits

Nov 15, 2021 / mHealth Intelligence

The number of post-discharge follow-up visits among commercially insured adults remained stable from April 2019 to April 2020, but the proportion of those visits conducted in person dropped from 72% to 55%, while the proportion of telemedicine visits rose from 0% to 46%, according to a research letter published in JAMA Health Forum. The findings suggest telemedicine is a replacement for, not an add-on to, in-person care for this patient population. And this may be relevant to policymakers considering payment parity, the researchers noted. (equal pay for 'teledocs' -CR).

Note that Global TeLeCare 'Navigators' - certified as UltraMedics consultants - assist with protocols for Self Care as defined by their listing in the TeLeCare 'Yellow Pages'; the full spectrum of health care services and products.

This free online Aquarian model of health sovereignty is funded by the Yellow Pages, with a fraction of the action on products and services, like e-bay.

So global netizens will have access to well-informed choice options directly from the database of empirical results. Plus consultation with experts - associated with options - that best fit one's chosen holistic health protocols.

We'll know that health tyranny is ending
 when enough good people care enough
to claim the vision of valor for victory of

So Seize the Vision Folks!
Global TeLeCare is a TrendFit.

Keep the Faith ~ See the Good
and Make it So!

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For the Justice that Just Is.