Emerging Blueprint Series

 Our Soul 'Response Ability'
 And Global Co-Creation

by Christopher L. Rudy
Author of:

Initiation On The Path

Preface Note:

 The 2016 'Turning Point' article on the
Prime Directive (June 20th Solstice)
  was published in the July-and-August
issue of Natural Life News. View this
  condensed & simplified article 
And for a rousing overview with the
all-connected spirit that matters, see

Inspired Order.
The last video says it best.

You are among a select Group of Souls who won
 the lottery to be here, on this planet, at this time!
The prize not only ensures you a front row seat
but also the unique opportunity to co-create
the future of the human race.
This is a time to remember.”

~ Dr. Christine Page
Author of
‘2012 and the Galactic Center:


Soul 'Response Ability'

"You don't 'have' a soul. 
You ARE a soul.
 You have a body."

~ C. S. Lewis

In the cosmic scheme of soul evolution, each soul is born into this dense 3-D octave of physical incarnation at a time, place, family and community that is appointed and accepted before descending into the ‘veil of forgetting'.
This is the test that’s best in the schoolroom of life – to remember one's highest and best soul agreement to do the best one can with the free-will ability to respond through one's life-long creative learning process for self-improving self-elevation as salvation.

So each time around one’s life cycle, we have a fresh opportunity to wise up and rise up with the5-D Creative Ascent Process’ (CAPstone Conscience), for co-Creation with ‘Creator’ in the CREATION:

"It is only in the CREATION that all our ideas or
conceptions or a word of God can unite.
The Creation speaketh a universal language...
Do you want to know what God is?
Search Nature's scripture called the Creation."
~ Thomas Paine, from THE AGE OF REASON

The most successful political treatise in history, Tom Paine’s COMMON SENSE, sparked the American Revolution with compelling appeal for personal sovereignty and national independence from tyranny.

Now the global sovereignty issue is interdependence, and this core issue has evolved with ordained resolve for unprecedented global metamorphosis that compels intelligent direction for our self-correction.

"It is at all times necessary, and more particularly so
during the progress of a revolution, and until right
ideas confirm themselves by habit, that we frequently
refresh our patriotism by reference to first principles.”
~ Thomas Paine, COMMON SENSE

The Creation of Representative ‘God Government’

Millions of enlightened souls on Earth today have the same pure intent for enlightened sovereignty as U.S. Founders, and the Internet is now linking the light of these cultural creatives (lightworkers) whose sphere of influence is the 20% on the Internet who do 80% of the networking in our ubiquitous global social networks.

"We have it in our power to
      begin the world over again."

   ~ Tom Paine, COMMON SENSE

Culturing Social Conscience in Social Networks

Co-Creation of, by and for enlightened Net reality is the path of conscious evolution for more than 4 billion global Netizens who are now connecting in heart and mind as never before in recorded history.

The explosion of global knowledge power has forever changed the way we think about ALL global issues...
and the Internet genie is not going back into the bottle.

“For millennia...
mankind had wandered in the darkness…

but now, as had been prophesied,
there was a change coming.
After hurtling blindly through history,
 mankind has reached a crossroads.
 This moment had been predicted long ago,
prophesied by the ancient texts,
by the primeval calendars,
and even by the stars themselves.
The date was specific, its arrival imminent.
 It would be preceded by a brilliant
explosion of knowledge…

a flash of clarity to illuminate the darkness
and give mankind a final chance to veer away
from the abyss and take the path of wisdom.”
~ Dan Brown, The Lost Symbol

Inspired direction at this point in Earth's history is the most important global intent today. It's like the whole world is waking up from a nightmare, but traumatic memory of how horrible it was is still fresh in our memory. The 'fog of war' is lifting to unveil the self-evident insanity of endless terror war for peace, but many are still 'Stuck In Negativity' - faithless fears - at the root of emotional autism, arrested development and collective amnesia that drives into the future with eyes glued to the rear-view mirror.

Seize the Vision of ‘Creator’ for ‘co-Creation’

Understanding the Creator and the Creation in the unifiedSource Field is to know ‘Creator-Source’ as the Law of the One, Two-in-One (polarity), Three-in-One (trinity) and the Four-in-One (pyramid) that all together geometrizes a frame of reference for singularity vision at the heart of:

The Four Directions of
The Prime Directive

Upward Mobile Devotion
to the One “I” (Eye)

"To understand the nature of God,
it is necessary only to know

the nature of love itself.
To truly know love is to
know and understand
God; and to know God
 is to understand love."

 ~ Dr. David R. Hawkins
The Eye of the I
(pg. 88)

So the ‘Eye’ of ‘I Am’ is the centered and connected reference point for co-Creation with G.O.D.~ as Law of the Angles of G.O.D. (Geometric Ordered Divinity) and Language of the Angels of Love (heart coherent 'free will' as divine will-to-love).

Each soul is thus a unique portion of the 1st Principle of
neness, the 'Presence' in the present that is the gift of atONEment with
-in-action as atonement for SIN (Stuck In Negativity).

is for giving...
not for getting.

It's the same for one's Self as for Civilization at large. Upward-mobile creative ascent requires fearless faith in the Power of Love that naturally neutralizes faithless fear-based 'DUH' (Dense, Unconscious & Heartless).
This 1st principle of co-Creation is thus cherence, emphasizing the spherical conscience that is truly spiritual with heart coherence that centers and connects mind congruence for intuitive knowing, discernment of spirits (kind-loving or not) and wise dominion in the Circle of WholEness~.

This is the Round-Magnetic Principle governing energies from the atomic to the galactic. It is the harmony of the spheres that keeps planets in their orbit and cycles within cycles whereby that which goes around comes around above-as-below and within as with All That Is Real ... gathering the tribes of 'IS REAL' via coperative   c-Creation cordination of 'cmmunity' (Net reality) by cmmunicating along enlightened 'lines' of :

The 'Blueprint for Creation' focuses co-Creation in ALL dimensions of each one's 3-D eft-brain inear
ogic of the 'ogos' as the etter of the aw that is a
imited part of the ne and thus the small o in .
Polarity is thus the Law of Two-in-ne that transcends duality's divisive nature through soul co-Creation in the spirit of atNEment.

The verSoul is the SupraConscious nature of co-Creation, and if this Whleness is considered the full 'Presence' nature of 5-D CAPstone Conscience, then the SubConscious nature of the ego may be considered as a subdirectory that directs conscious creation from a compartmentalized, inear-ogic perspective that imits intuitive knowing in the full 'Circle of Whleness'.

The Synergy in the Trinity is the co-Creation transformation from 's small circle to 's fullness of
whleness, transforming ego's "little me-o" to full-blown "BEING" (BE
IN God-love) as is intent on upward-mobile co-Creation in all four Directions of the Creative Ascent Process to the CAPstone as the 'TLC Conneion'.

The represents thical cyberthics standards for interactive 'Light Language' as Source Code for Web 3.0 - the 'personal/planetary holodeck' as a universal open-source platform for simultaneous mass interaction, recycling general knowledge in the way that generates specific wisdom for global 'homeostasis' as the movement towards wholEness and healing, blessing and sealing with an enlightened Soul
Co-Creation process as the intent.

The genesis of global in form and frequency as interactive frequency - holy spirit as -in-action - is the power of wisdom with 'TLC' in Global TeLeComm and 'Global TeLeCare'. These are well-developed models of current Internet capabilities for culturing systemic TLC in global social networks.

Pioneering Web 3.0 Cyberthics
for the Next Phase of the Global
Computer/Internet Revolution

Global transformation is thus directed by 1st Principles for Co-Creation as United Souls - a Unity State with Universal Solidarity of, by & for 'US' as United Sovereigns of Earth.

This is how Infinite Intelligence of the Creator becomes aware of – and experiences – co-Creation with Souls.

Aquarian Freedom-in-

This is the CAPstone Vision, the Divine-Prime Directive that integrates the Golden Rule-Law Language of Universal at the heart of an upward spiral that is going viral as a self-fulfilling prophecy – a millennial Aquarian Golden Age on Earth as in the holographic universe-at-large:

~ I Am Affirmation of ‘The Vision’ of ;
The kind man of God sees God in all mankind.
~ I Can Confirmation of ‘The Virtue’ of 'I' ;
Heart coherence empowers mind congruence.
~ I Will Determination of ‘The Valor’ - 'Will';
The vow for co-Creation is the heart of valor.
~ I Do Integration for ‘The Victory’ - 'Done';
Beginning of ‘winning’ via -in-action.

The moment-to-moment interaction of mass-to-mass -in-action is the frequency at the heartware heart of Global TeLeComm that naturally cultures the holy spirit of TLC as the standard for co-Creation that involves and evolves our individual and collective conscience… creating momentum that catalyzes, geometrizes and otherwise cultures the CREATION along more enlightened ‘lines’ that frame the TLC principles for enlightened kind men among mankind.

~ Affirmation of TLC Self-Governance:
We are what we believe...
      becoming what we believed
       in the image and likeness of
       the Creator-Source... or not;
BE or not to "BE IN God"
~ Confirmation of TLC Self-Education:
We are what we think...
         becoming what we thought,
         with ‘Self-Image’ as how we
       think of enlightened ‘Self’;
          Education of heart coherent


~ Determination of TLC Self-Healing:
We are what we feel...
    becoming what we felt,
 with ‘Self-Esteem’ as
       how we feel about ‘Self’;
Caring as the TLC heart of
        holistic healing
~ Integrating whol TLC Sovereignty:
We are what we DO...
     becoming what we DID,
       with ‘Sovereignty’ as the
             employment of co-Creation;
 Integrity as integration of
, & in .

For CAPstone Conscience
as 5-D Co-Creation

The Soul Evolution Path of Co-Creation

 To   with all
, mindheart and soul,
and our all-connected Netizen neighbors as thyself.