2018 Global Upgrade Series

Equinox Update / Sept 22, 2018

Equinox Update on the 2018 Upgrade

The Metaphysician
Producer/host of BBS Radio's

(11+ years)

The Equinox was anciently understood as a good time to tune into the spirit that matters - energies of 'equilibrium' - with equal length days and nights in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres.
As above - currents of balance in Earth's energy,
so below - the currency of conscience within us.
Realize (real eyes) the spirit of the times: global enlightenment with an upgraded currency of conscience underwriting the next economy with global cyberEthics for transformation of consciousness from 3D=>5D.
Equilibrium's BALANCE in all creation
is the standard of/for Natural Law
- the balance scales of justice -
as the Sun transits into the
energies of Libra today.
From the perspective of divine justice
- the Natural Law justice that 'just is' -
pleasure/pain, loss/gain, fame/shame
are all the same issues of balance... 
 to be
G.O.D.-LOVE free with humility.
The final quarter of 2018, initiated by the
deep space energies of the Sun in Libra
for the next month:
Representing RELATIONSHIPS of personal
relevance and ultimate reverence for the
first principle of atONEment whereby
the 1st Law of 'unity conscience'
(one for all and all for oneness)
is that's
for giving:
  - private RIGHTS;
- global SPHERE;
Note for "newbies" (neophytes): The universal archetypes geometrized in the , and represent the 3-fold frequencies of the Law of ne - the 'I Am' (spherical) 5D conscience as the upper circle in this chart:

The lower figure in this chart
represents 'inear ' (3D)
with a violet frequency of
 spirit that matters to rise up
as 'mediator' (Higher Self)
for atnement with 'I Am'.

These , & 'levels of being' are integrated and synergized in the as universally represents the 'plan' (overview) of the 'pyra-mid' - fire in the middle - thousands of which have been found around Earth, and which essoterically represent "the most powerful thoughtform in the universe, and key to ascension of the planet".

This equinox 'window' of balance in the morphic fields of Earth has always been an opportune time to center and connect with the principles and processes involving balance of brain hemispheres as resonate in the brain holodeck with the hemispheres of Earth - East and West.
It's ALL connected - the unified field
on Earth as in Cosmos-at-large.
As explained in the series at 2018 Global Upgrade, the Deep State is being transmuted by the 'High State', causing cognitive dissonance with a paradigm shift in resonance with higher frequencies in the morphegenic fields of Earth... morphing the matrix of consciousness.
This Big Shift of perception correction unveils not only cause-and-core evil in the world, but also reveals systemic solutions for global holistic healing.
Rise of the High State for
demise of the Deep State.
This is HUGE folks, ready or not!
The veil is thinning and the
High State is winning.
The spirit that matters is collectively waking up, wising up and rising up with conscious evolution revelations that herald a global revolution in higher consciousness: the mass awakening of universal .
Upgrade of social conscience
in global social networks

This accelerated enlightenment process will involve and evolve our individual and collective conscience with the currency of conscience at the heart of global economic reset.
A Web 3.0 Platform for Global Upgrade with
A universal interface for global interaction
and a better experience of cooperative
co-creation of social Conscience in
our ubiquitous social networks.
The Vision of how this will focus virtue, inspire valor and claim the victory of worldwide is truly the prelude-catalyst for a self-fulfilling prophecy.
An Internet upgrade of core Constitutional
rights - Five Core Internet Freedoms -
for personal and planetary Net reality.
Global holistic healing will also go mainstream with the free online Global TeLeCare platform for highly personalized 'Self Care' - a do-it-yourself website providing database analytics for the analysis, prevention and management of disease; featuring 'crowd wisdom' with results-based feedback on what system of integrative healing works best for one's unique metabolic type and symptom profile.
The Eternal Dance of Spirit that Matters
It is all a matter of spirit that matters.
With that spirit, everything matters.
Without that spirit not so much.
In fact, nothing matters without
the spirit that matters.

 This is the dance within and with all…
  the dance of masculine and feminine;
  the dance of inear eft-brain ogic
and nonlinear rientational intuition
 via a right-brain ‘spherical’ knowing.

The dance ‘two-step’

 This dance was anciently known as
 the way of the TAO: the yin & yang
dance of Two-in-ne polarity as is
   intent on co-creation via atnement
  with the
spirit that matters on Earth
   - in a physical body - as in “heaven”
heart coherent fabric of cosmos).
  As above (spirit), so below (matter)
  - from ‘High State’ to ‘Deep State’ -
on Earth as in ‘heaven’ (cosmos).

The 'Unified Field' of Yin and Yang:

This is the dance of ‘wholEness’
(healthy, holistic & happy holiness).

Connecting with our soul’s
 “inner sense” (innocence).

This healing process is connection to
spirit that matters for divine
 flow ~ -
in-action as
co-Creation with
the ‘Unified Field’ of
Cosmic .

This is the 'dance' of consciousness:

Click on image for Sept 22nd article

Dancing with High State Perception
Dancing with Deep State Deception


Mind-blowing deception of the week:
Kavanaugh Accuser's Attorney is Vice Chair of the Soros-Funded Organization That Opposes Kavanaugh
09-19-2018 / FrontPageMag.com

Debra Katz, the attorney representing the woman who's accusing Brett Kavanaugh of a high school era sexual assault, is the vice chair of the Project on Government Oversight – a group funded in large part by George Soros. But it’s worse than hyped-up #MeToo hysteria. The ‘victim’ of this alleged adolescent assault is Stanford University Psychiatry Professor, Dr. Christine Blasey, a 2nd generation CIA operative.

Christine Blasey Ford and her Family’s
Deep Relationship with the C.I.A.

Sept 28, 2018 / TheMillenniumReport.com

 Dr. Blasey currently oversees the CIA Undergraduate Internship Program at Stanford University developed by the notorious CIA-connected Stanford University Psychiatric Professor Dr. Frederick T. Melges who, in 1985, took into his care Lois Lang who assassinated CIA paymaster Nick Deak, resulting in the CIA’s black operations monies being controlled by Ralph G. Blasey Jr. who, not so mysteriously, just happens to be the father of Dr. Christine Blasey.

Fakestream media is NOT reporting these Deep State players behind their titillating sexploitation disinformation to destroy the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh.

The #MeToo movement represents the rise of the divine feminine principle, but in excess - when exploited for political power - it is a weakness that relies more on hysteria than divine feminine attributes.

At a deeper level, Judge Kavanaugh is a Federalist who supported the Patriot Act, expanded the definition of who could be tortured, and appears to support mass government spying on citizens. Federalists are behind the merger of corporate and government power - the Corporatocracy - which is diametrically opposed to Jefferson's Natural Law as exlained by Judge Andrew Napolitano in a video at that link.

What you Don't Know About Kavanaugh
Can and Will Hurt You

Oct 11, 2018 / ChuckBaldwinLive.com

  Polarization of the public is over the top.
That’s because of our new Net reality.

 The new paradigm of a decentralized and
interactive social media has prevailed to
 to make the old centralized programming
 paradigm of the Deep State rather 'retro'.

 But the status quo Deep State
deeply resents and resists the
loss of narrative control re:


Society Is Made of Narrative.
Realizing This is Awakening from the Matrix

Sept 19, 2018 / WakingTimes.com

Focus on the global healing solution
to transcend perception deception.

TLC Healing / Future Memory
May 22, 2018 / Global Upgrade 

In the larger scheme of space-time relativity,
   we're all accountable for conscious selectivity.

  Relations of relevance and ultimate reverence
   will thin the veil or by default mean severance.

~ Excerpt from Evolutionary Ascent

Corey Goode on the Coming Big Event

Sept 2, 2018 / Zohar StarGate TV

Secret Space Program Whistleblower & Sphere Being Alliance delegate Corey Goode shares his findings into the possible timelines of a 'mass solar event' as the Sun reboots Earth into 4th density; see video at 37-39 minutes for future timeline revealed to Corey.
More on SOLAR FLASH AND ASCENSION HERE... from a 'MegaUpdate' by David Wilcock at DivineCosmos.com. 
How do we survive and thrive?
(from the video above)
Time of the 'Great Revealing'
(The time of Revelations)

A world where all knowledge
is shared with all people.


- Complete release of suppressed
history and technologies;
- Complete release of all crimes
against humanity;
- Compete release of all information
regarding E.T.'s involvement
with humanity.

Conversely, partial disclosure is based on
the "BS" (Belief System) that global
humanity can't handle the truth;
a slow drip of truth over a
long period of time,
and a controlled narrative to keep
'those in power' IN power
Continued in the Corey Goode video above,
explaining ascension as a consciousness 
 renaissance; how we co-create our reality.


Pure intention focuses attention;
retention for ascension.

Hold fast to the vision of
co-creative ascent
empowering wisdom;

the Power of Love.

As we come-into-unity for real
community via global ,
 we optimize the healing process
  by contributing back to the world
  as a whole of Unity Conscience,
    once understood as ‘atonement’,
  also known as ‘common sense’,
as uncommon as that may be.

So seize the VISION - how balances all.
Embrace the
Virtue - the heart of TeLeCare.
Network with
Valor - global TeLeComm.
And claim the
Victory for all of 'US'
United Sovereigns of Earth.

  Universal for Global TLC:
TeLeCare, and
Keep the Faith, See the Good,
and Make So!

Full Spectrum

    - Conceiving... the Power of Love above all;

- Believing... the Mind of G.O.D. within All;

       - Achieving... Holy Spirit as -in-Action;

     - Integrating... these 'CAPstone' Coordinates
                         (Creative Ascent Process).

        Bottom line:

BALANCED Threefold Heart Coherence

  Empowered Wisdom with


“In the name of Mother Liberty, the Mother of Exiles, I call to 
 the homeless and tempest-tossed of the world: Stand before
 the door of your own Almighty God Presence and hold high
the torch that life has given to you - the mighty threefold
flame of your own divine identity.” 
~ Saint Germain