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  Global Reset Reality Report

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Those who follow independent Internet news are
  well aware that our social, political and economic
institutions are interdependent – globally – and
  are going through rapid systemic transformation.

   This is in fact a global revolution in consciousness
    - a nonviolent version of the American Revolution -
  but now with billions of global Netizens liberating
   their hearts and minds in the spirit of sovereignty.

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Quantum Science and the InnerNet rEVOLUTION
with Effective Sensory Perception maturing in 5D.

General Enlightenment Reaches Critical Mass
for all of 'US' as United Sovereigns of Earth.

Unity Consciousness with New Net Reality
upgrading Five Core Internet Freedoms.

Economic Reset with Conscience Currency
as the cyberEthics heart of Global

with holistic healing TLC via Global TeLeCare.


We've had a century of extremely rapid technological development from horse and buggy to space travel. Quantum science of a unified field nature has matured faster than many Americans can grasp, but that is changing rapidly.
The instant-everywhere and interactive Internet has accelerated the rate of change with knowledge power that is ultimately in search of wisdom with coherent love. GOD government is LOVE governance.
This acceleration toward "O-point" (spherical-unity Conscience of a 5D+ nature), has already arrived for many enlightened Netizens worldwide. For them, the concept of a 'global village' with our new all-connected communication capability makes sense... and that an upgrade of five core Internet freedoms will check, balance and otherwise harmonize the excellerated rate of East-West collaboration and cooperation as systemic and profound as the interaction of both hemispheres of one's own brain.
'The Media is the Message' ~ Marshall Mcluhan
Global common sense - as unity-in-diversity consciousness - is rapidly maturing with our new interactive Internet response ability... which naturally cultures responsibility for sovereignty... to own our own life, learning, health, business and government.
So consider the next big wave in the computer/Internet revolution which integrates high touch TLC with a high tech universal interface for global mass-to-mass TeLeComm.
Keep in mind that this is the optimal timeline for the immediate future, and that global humanity is co-creating this timeline; we're all in this together.
The veil is thinning and general enlightenment is winning. The Deep State is 'busted" (unveiled). Netizens worldwide have connected the dots to the Big Picture of global transformation with unified field drama on the cusp of the Quantum Age of Aquarius.
The only problem is the unforgiving, relentless Deep State corporatocracy that is self-serving for their profit and control of the human and physical resources of humanity. That negative agenda is in oppostion to an optimal temporal reality with public-serving opportunity for global meritocracy whereby the power of wisdom with love rules our Net reality.
This is a battle over who will control our nation and the world. It's a battle between the ordained power of love and the inordinate love of power.
Currently, the Family of Mankind as a whole is suffering the sense of separation from the Whole Truth - how coherence science, crowd wisdom and a cyberEthics gold standard could liberate humanity.
The suffering comes from the betrayal of trust in public institutions which have been hijacked by corporate interests that put stockholders before the public whenever profits are at stake - corporate law.
Most readers of this reality report are well aware that Deep State corporate interest in control of the military, medicine, media, energy, government and education have betrayed the public's right to well-informed choice. This betrayal is on-going with the Big Lie of Big Media (MSM) with fake science and fake news that is so BIG and so bold and so often told with deceptive programming of the mind of man.
But that ship has sailed. The Internet - or 'Net' for short - is where most global Netizens find independent news sources that are the most truthful. Not always 100%, but more enlightened-insightful truth than the scripted Deep State blather on the drug-pushing boob tube.
This is a parting of the ways folks - a shift to global 'common sense' - unity in diversity - of a personal and planetary 'sovereignty' nature.
This time had to come. It has arrived. Call it mass up-wising, general enlightenment, paradigm shift, or wisdom of social conscience in our global social networks.
This is a Net roots (grass-roots) revolution of enlightened Netizens worldwide. They know what cyberEthics will do for Net reality. They realize that a universal frame of reference for conscious evolution is needed at the heart of a universal interface for global mass-to-mass interaction.
When is that interface for global TeLeComm, then TLC will naturally rule TeLeCommunity self governance, TeLeConscience self learning, TeLeCare self-healing, and TeLeCommerce good trade.
We shape our communications infrastructure and then it shapes us. And when the heart of this process nurtures TLC with the Law of the Angles of G.O.D. - Geometric Ordered Divinity - framing the Language of the Angels of ... the shape of things to come is more enlightened , easier and faster.

Bottom Line: It's not rocket science.
It's a CAN DO if we WANT TO...
with pure INTENTION:

It is pure intention that focuses attention with
love retention for conscious ascension in the
 dimension of full 5D comprehension.

 So claim the victory of global common sense
- conscious evolution revolution revelations -
that upgrade our five core Internet freedoms
 for global rEVOLUTION in unity conscience.

 To   with all your strength, mindheart and soul,
and your all-connected Netizen neighbors as thyself.


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