2021 Aquarian Spring Prelude Series

Reality Report - Transition of Power
Food for thought for the truly thoughtful.

The Insurrection Act was signed by
President Trump last night (Jan 9).

Jan 10th Update by Simon Parks

Jan 10, 2021 / SimonParkes.org
"... the most important event since WWII,    
some would say more important..."
"If there's an emergency broadcast
that comes onto your cell phone,
I think you will be told to stay indoors,
to perhaps prepare some food, water,
listen to particular broadcasts, and
to not go on mainstream media
which is at war with the Republic."
~ Simon Parkes, Jan 10, 2021
(3 million+ views in 24 hours!)

For more of the big picture overview,
 see yesterday's compendium HERE.

Do your own research folks, but realize
that left-right misinformation and disinfo
 is "off the charts" as Juan O'Savin says:

Published Jan 10, 2021 / RedPill78
"We the people have to first get these seditious
  traitors under control, identify them, show who
  they are, get 'em out of power, and then we can
(new people) and sort the problem out so
we can get back on track."

~ O'Savin at 1:12:33 minutes
    At 1:16:27 minutes, O'Savin is asked if he is JFK Jr.
(amazing answer)

"We have nation state level attacks going on    
   against America. This is a digital Pearl Harbor.
This is a digital 9-11... This is Casino Royale.
Everyone is pushing their chips in. Because
whoever wins, wins the whole table.   
This is a fight for everything America...
We're in the middle of a war..."
~ O'Savin at 1:36:99 minutes

Remember folks...
The powershift from Deep State to 5D High State
was forordained for this Aquarian Spring time.

So Keep the Faith ~ See the Good
And Make it So!

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