Healing Mass Insanity in the Collective Conscience
Transcending fear and mental illness created by "We The People"

"You must be the change you want to see in the world."
- 'Mahatma' (Great Soul) Gandhi
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"...we must see from an entirely different perspective, and create a more holistic paradigm in which
each of us is responsible for
healing and correcting our valued misconceptions,
beginning with our own self-righteousness that is nothing other than a
 defense mechanism created to avoid and shift blame."

"Do you have any idea how expansive this is, how liberating?
I tell you, my friends, this is LOVE.
But until you are able to see beyond your fear,
you will only be able to see it afar off."
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What You Focus on Expands -- What You Deny Remains Unhealed

By Ron Van Dyke, September 5, 2006

Virtually every metaphysician and every student of spiritual and esoteric "truth" has heard the first dictum. It has been declared repeatedly in many well-circulated books, movies, and channelings. The second one is less well known; in fact, I never heard it at all until my meditation this morning. Its truth resonates within me. Hopefully, it will find resonance in you as well.

It is my belief that the more we understand this principle, and embrace the realities implied therein, the faster we will be able to move forward with healing the less-than-desirable conditions we-collectively-have created, i.e., the human experience of fear-based emotions with all of their ramifications. These "conditions" are those we try to avoid and deny. They are the "negative" energies and creations we are not supposed to focus upon for "fear" of expansion. Too late! They've already expanded; and they stare every one of us in the face daily: demanding our choice and action.

As Librans are wont to do, I have always looked for balance. When I viewed the movie, The Secret, that everyone raved so much about, I was troubled. To me, it was unbalanced; and the people who seemed to rave about it most sometimes give the impression of being in denial to me. Those who know me know that I have never been an advocate of head-in-the-sand mentality. Often I have written about the importance of being aware of as much as possible, because not only is knowledge power, without it there can be no intelligent choice. Without that conscious choice, personal and global maladies remain unhealed.

Too often, the tendency in human behavior is avoidance and denial of those things in our lives that we would rather not deal with at all. We stuff these "negatives" into our subconscious, attempting to lock them into the closet or basement where all of our dirty laundry and less-than-beautiful demons hide out. Yes, Jung called this part of ourselves: "The Shadow."

"Ron, when are you going to stop talking about the shadow? When are you going to accept the fact that many of us do not want to deal with those things? We are creating a positive world!"

Yeah, right. My head isn't in the sand; and I see the world WE have created together. I choose to heal, and to face things I don't like very much either. I am Spirit having human experience; and I am convinced in my heart of hearts that the human experience has great value. The purpose of that
familiarity with contrast is ultimate reconciliation of all things -- marrying the polarities within us and creating a synthesis between opposites that allows them to dance the dance of Life itself in beauty and harmony.  This, I believe, is an internal choice and action that literally transforms the world by transmuting the enemy and making it a friend. (Are our demons really friends who teach us by showing where we need to heal?)

Speaking of friends, one recently gave me a photocopy of an article from Horizons Magazine about Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len. He is the president and administrator of
Ho'oponopono (which means "to make right," or "to rectify an error"), a foundation created by Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona, a native Hawaiian kahuna to discover self-identity and become the divine self. Together with Morrnah, Haleakala has worked with thousands of people over the years, including groups at the United Nations, UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), International Human Unity Conference on World Peace, World Peace Conference, Traditional Indian Medicine Conference, Healers for Peace in Europe, and the Hawaii State Teachers Association. He also has extensive experience working with developmentally disabled people and with the criminally, mentally ill and their families. In all his work as an educator, the Ho'oponopono process supports and permeates every breath of his efforts.

Interestingly, that was my third encounter with Dr. Hew Len's work. I first heard him on News for the Soul with Nicole Whitley. Then another friend forwarded a piece to me about him. Finally, I was handed the aforementioned article. All this was in the space of two weeks. To me, that has all the markings of a message of importance.

What is very different about Dr. Hew Len's approach is that he takes
personal responsibility for everything in his life. If he encounters a problem, it is HIS problem (even if it appears to be in another person). He is the one who needs to do healing work -- on himself. Amazingly, as he repeats, "I'm sorry. I love you," circumstances in the lives of those he works with change; but the change began in him.

That's taking personal responsibility to a whole new level of consciousness.
If "others" are pushing my buttons, the problem I perceive in "them" is actually in me. It is MY problem presenting ME with MY opportunity to heal it.

What happens if I chose to ignore the problem altogether? What happens if I focus only on what I like, the things that I do not perceive as pushing my buttons? Have you figured it out yet? My answer, should you choose to accept it, is that nothing changes. Nothing happens. Everything remains the same; and we are what we are till the day that we die. No growth! Succeeding generations stay stuck in the same old morass of polarized reality; and of the polarities it can be said, "Never the twain shall meet."
[Until we get our act together. -CR]

As difficult as it is to take responsibility for things I do not like, things I believe are the result of someone else's choice, I have to realize something vital. While I am an individual, I am also part of a much larger collective; and whatever I choose to think, say or do, does effect the whole. The collective called "the human race" has been on a journey into a "far country" to experience separation.

Yes, we are the prodigal son and daughter. We embarked together on this journey, creating an entire system of illusions to support the separation perception we had chosen. That system contained everything we needed to "prove" that we were not one, that we're not connected. Every negative emotion that can be named or felt is the direct result of our trip into this fantasyland we created.

What rules this dream, this world of illusion?
FEAR! Even though it is not based in truth, we are such powerful creators that separation appears real.  We think about it; we feel it; and we act upon it. Perceiving the disconnect as real, we suffer the painful, fear-based emotions of not good enough, unloved, shamed, angry, lonely, abandoned, neglected, guilty, deprived, sad, weak, lost, limited, and so many more. Because we feel these things and believe them to be real; and because we cannot see the reality of the interconnectedness that still exists as fact, we think those with separate bodies are somehow different than we are. We project OUR guilt onto "them" -- the other person. After all, we do not even like the problems we see; and as long as we can stay out of the gutter, we can justify our judgment of those in the gutter. We rationalize that "they" made bad choices. It's "their" fault.

Yes, and we do not want to even look at
"those bad people" in prison, or up there in Washington, or over in the Middle East, or in Communist China, or anywhere else in the world where we think the problems originate. Oh, yes, I'm as guilty of doing this as the next person. I have done the "avoid-dance" myself. It's the Illuminati's fault, the Zionists, the Bush regime, the Masons, or whatever scapegoat my investigation can uncover that allows me to transfer the blame for what I have created with the rest of humanity to any small segment of the whole. Therefore, I can avoid personal responsibility for MY creation.

But can I really? Does anything change, either within or without? Emphatically, NO!

I am suggesting to you that some of our most cherished "truisms" may, in fact, be very misleading. The one we began with --
what you focus on expands -- may be the exact opposite of reality. The truth, as I see it, is that we are actually focusing on avoidance and denial of what we want to go away; and it is the very thought of ignorance (ignoring what we do not like) that CAUSES the problem to remain and grow. Have you noticed that the problems seem to keep getting larger; or have you chosen to look elsewhere? Do you think you can make these situations diminish or disappear by simply denying their existence in this "reality of illusions" WE have created? I think not!

Hear me, I am NOT suggesting that we must fight and wage war against any perceived enemy that appears to be outside of us. On the contrary, that kind of focus is certain to bring more of the same; i.e.,
terrorism and war. What I am saying, is that we must see from an entirely different perspective, and create a more holistic paradigm in which each of us is responsible for healing and correcting our valued misconceptions, beginning with our own self-righteousness that is nothing other than a defense mechanism created to avoid and shift blame.

To do this, we must focus intently on the problems WE (holding ourselves accountable) created. What I have been doing since having Dr. Hew Len's work hit me squarely in the face is to look at the things I do not like, think to myself,
"I created this," and then say, "I'm sorry. I love you." I haven't had a long enough time as yet to ascertain the results, but I deeply feel that this is both new and powerful. At some level, I already know it is working. I can feel it.

In closing, I am learning to become grateful for everything in my life. I am finding that I am actually able to be thankful for those things I have hated. I love my body. I love my physical existence. I love my illusions. I love having the opportunity to heal myself by remembering that I am more than any of this human experience. When I choose to give up my body, I still go on and on and on. I am eternal, connected, loved, and graced with the chance to learn more about my amazing being by going through things that teach me what I am not.

Do you have any idea how expansive this is, how liberating? I tell you, my friends, this is LOVE. But until you are able to see beyond your fear, you will only be able to see it afar off.

I am sorry. I do love you. Aloha


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We live in interesting times. That's an understatement. The dramas being played out on the world stage are mind-boggling. Two worlds are colliding in a virtually invisible confrontation. You won't see it on the six-o'clock news or even on the 24-hour news channels. You won't read about it the daily newspaper or in most mainstream journals and magazines. For the most part, the government is mum. The sermons from most pulpits are devoid of acknowledging, let alone articulating the awakening that is happening before our very eyes-at least those eyes opened to see beyond, behind, and beneath the surface of approved news and commentary. For all those who do not see, especially those who refuse to see, I have a word:
"The first shall be last!" Those who have ruled by deception, by secrecy, by conspiracy, by greed, by force, by intimidation, by violence, by treason, by cover-up, by scapegoating, by smearing, by perverting justice, and by the sheer arrogance of egocentric pride: your day is passing quickly into history. The last shall soon be first; and the shift will be obvious. CLIP


Comments from CR:
The "dance of polarities" is not a mystery or merely "The Secret" of one-sided Positive Mental Attitude (PMA).  Reconciliation with "the shadow" of fears, denial and "dark side" reality requires a higher standard for love than just a good attitude. Loving one's enemies is indeed loving one's ALL-connected Self.  We avoid that because we avoid pain.  Damage control becomes pain avoidance.  But the "collateral damage" for denying Greater LOVE is always our humanity.  "No responsibility" translates to no love at heart.
There is a way to float all boats which have been grounded on the shoals of global insanity.  You would think that would interest 100% of humanity.  Or at least that's true if you agree that "humanity" means every human who has the inner sense of responsibility for humane virtues of loving kindness.  If such REAL LOVE healed the violent mental illness in Dr. Len's psycho-ward, what happens when the same HO'OPONOPONO PROCESS is applied to culture social Conscience in our ubiquitous social networks? 
Would you like to know how that could happen?  If true responsibility empowers the ability to respond, are you that "response able"?  What do you think will happen when we "Ho'oponopono" not only one's personal meditation process but also the planetary "mediation process" whereby the instant-everywhere-interactive Internet media connects our hearts and minds with this higher level of response ability?
That's really the CORE issue of planetary civilization, isn't it?  In an instant-everywhere ALL-connected world, there's just too much pain and fear to go around if we don't love more. THE HO'OPONOPONO PROCESS -- on the scale of a global LOVE Network -- can provide cultural DNA for the Net reality of ALL-connected response ability
I'll always remember the story of a very successful football coach who said, "If you treat players as winners, they will be".  That's true for the game of life as well.  But treating players as "winners" is more than aptitude or a winning attitude.  A good coach doesn't beat his players up with fear of consequences if they lose. It's more important to focus on playing the game well.  That does not include changing the rules of fair play.  As my game-loving Father often told me, "It's not whether you win or lose but HOW YOU PLAY THE GAME."
Winning is more than the "toys", cars, money or power an individual or nation has.  People are more important than things.  Civility is more important than global war profiteering rackets.  Where is the civility in a system of self-government that sustains war powers by threatening loss of security with their terror war mantra to "Be afraid - be very afraid"?  It reminds me the cartoon character Pogo who said, "We have found the enemy and he is us."
Quite often, the most strident in such fear-mongering are the most fearful and wounded, crying out to everyone with their pain.   It's the same in national politics due to power elite potentates who are ethical infants with a vested interest in an endless war mindset.  If you think it's criminal that leaders use every dirty trick in the book to justify war and tyranny on the world, how much more criminal is it that people are purposely intimidated into submission to this psychology of subservience to tyranny?
For lack of REAL LOVE, we can see the endless war problem as a blame game of those who have failed to PLAY THE GAME WELL. Instead of responsibility for fair play, they would change the rules so they can torture who they want with no responsibility.  And to mask their war-profiteering, they condemn any challengers to their win-at-any-cost judgement as "cut and run" cowards.  Bad sports out of sorts in the government nuthouse.
So how do we overcome our victum dictum with victory virtues NOW... and on the GLOBAL playing field of Net reality?  Can we agree that the sense of separation -- the source of all suffering -- is not limited to our little world of personal relationships when we are ALL connected in a global village of instant-everywhere Internet interaction?
The global game requires global game rules for fair play.  The abundant life requires abundant LOVE.  It's rather insane to war over a scarcity of oil when there is an abundance of clean, virtually free energy from proven technologies -- see www.GreatReboot.com -- that has been ruthless suppressed by Big Oil.  It's even more "not sane" to discover that abundant peace is the enemy of military-industrial war profiteers who are playing the endless war game out of the White House.  Perhaps even more criminal is the scarcity of truth regarding all this due to biased mainstream media that has a vested interest in war not only as an elitist and supremacist ideology, but also through ownership by military-industrial war contractors who put stockholder profits ahead of TRUTH in the the mainstream media.
That's NO PROBLEM for the HO'OPONOPONO PROCESS once applied on a grand scale.  There is no time or space in an instant-everywhere connected world.  Consider what will obviously happen when a transparent "interactive interface" for the HO'OPONOPONO PROCESS is established with the "LOVE Model" at the heart of interactive mass-to-mass TeLeComm.  Centering and connecting through this vision -- in frequency and form -- will balance and heal the communication networks that define the "nervous system" of humanity.  Details on this process at 'An Appeal to Conscience'.

We have all experienced betrayal of faith, hope and charity, and sometimes fall into the sense of separation, fear and loveless despair.   Any yet, every mature soul knows in their heart of hearts that betrayal of virtue through the denial of love is not the answer.
To say "I'm sorry" embraces the wrong.  To say "I love you" heals it.  And when we make the holy spirit of LOVE-in-action the heart of Net reality, the living grace of divine love will bless humanity with a millennial Golden Age of freedom-in-love on Earth.
Indeed, LOVE floats all boats, even those stuck on the shoals of endless war insanity.
When the Law of LOVE -- call it the HO'OPONOPONO PROCESS -- becomes the rule for "terms of engagement" on the global playing field, HOW WE PLAY THE GAME becomes a win/win.  The healing begins.  Divine Love rules. 

~ Christopher Rudy

"When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and
love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time
they seem invincible but in the end, they always fall -- think of it, ALWAYS."
 -- "Mahatma" (Great Soul) Gandhi