2021 Aquarian Spring Prelude Series

Worldwide Media Blackouts
- Truth unreported in fakestream media;
- Link the Light via independent media;
   - Food for thought for the truly thoughtful.

Skip to the bottom for a powerful and timely
message from Archangel Michael on

'Earth's Epic Planetary Purge'.

What Media Blackout Looks Like

Major developments - happening daily
are being blacked out by Big Media.
Independent voices are censored.
This is a timely news compendium
with several must watch videos
while you can still see them:

Fast breaking events:
Deep State coup and countercoup;

Insurrection Act - Arresting top criminals
What version of reality do you choose?
United we stand; divided not so much.
Which do you prefer?

 Prepare for a Blackout.
Big Tech has increasingly censored and
 blacked out independent Internet voices. 
Ron Paul Posts Criticism Of Censorship
Social Media
Shortly Before Facebook Censors Him

Jan 12, 2021 / zerohedge.com
This insanity has officially gone too far!

Thousands of conservative voices were
    taken off Facebook & YouTube this week.
WAR!!! Twitter and Facebook Purge Has Begun
Jan 10, 2021 / forbiddenknowledgetv.net

  The Grand Illusion is disintegrating and

 unmasked reality is integrating while   
 lamestream media doubles down with
  unabashed fake news and unrelenting
virus fear porn - projecting their 'BS'  
(Belief System) that Trump is at fault 
 for challenging all the two-faced BS    
of fork-tongued snakes in the swamp.

  Deep State social media is in full panic
   like a big ego that's about to lose it's job
 and running really fast, out of control.  
The Big Illusion Bubble is Now Bursting.
Get ready for shocking revelations...    
for example how the Chinese Communist
 Party has infiltrated big U.S. corporations:

Major leak exposes CCP in Corp America.

People all over the world are waking up to the American Crisis as a global issue. They are going to see how their own election processes were manipulated. They are going to see how 'science' has been politicized and weaponized to destroy freedom... 'for our health' - slow motion pharmacidal tyranny. People worldwide are going to be stunned, outraged, humbled and everything in between.

Even shock jock Alex Jones is stunned, outraged and
 humbled is his new interview with Dr. Steve Pieczenik.
(scroll down near the bottom)

A lot of people will spin out of control.

Love them up!
This is not reported in Big Media.
Care to share.
Mass deception is being exposed.
Truth is kindness.
  If you like drinking 'killer poison',
keep paying attention to
mainstream media!


Dec 31, 2020 / Awaken With JP
See what it's like to believe all the propaganda
on the news and mainstream media.
You'll be the smartest person according to you:)

  NOTE from CR:
We are the Media - Network Freely!

  Use good media sources to network truth.
I trust Robert David Steele - his quality
Intelligence Blog. I had him on my radio
 show many years before he emerged as
the well-known truth-teller he's become.
I trust Trump's legal eagles Lin Wood
    and Sidney Powell
for important updates.


January 12th message via Lin Wood:

  I trust Simon Parkes who has a way of
telling the truth like a loving father who
is gentle but firm without undue alarm.
Simon's Jan 13th Update:

Jan 13, 2021 / SimonParkes.org
If you haven't been following Simon's daily updates,
some of this may seem out of congruent context.

I trust Dave at X-22 Report. Prescient updates.

Jan 13, 2021 / X-22 Report
A good reality show can reveal a lot of truth.

I trust Amazing Polly who unravels truth
  like a giant puzzle she assembles for us.
Amazing Polly's Jan 12 Update:

Jan 12, 2021 / Amazing Polly
   What has happened since January 6th,
 from Capitol Hill to collective zeitgeist.
 Also Q news: 'ten days of darkness'.

I also trust Juan O'Savin (not his real name).
Many believe he's JFK Jr. who faked his death
 as explained by Robert David Steele in a video
 last month - transcribed here:
I believe in Juan O'Savin's blog. I postured that 5 plane crashes and two assassinations in the Kennedy family were proof to me of a purposeful cold-blooded plot on the part of the Deep State to eliminate the Kennedy family.
The White Hats have had Looking Glass technology that enables them to look into Future Timelines. But the Deep State also has Looking Glass and other technology much further advanced than we can even imagine that they have withheld from Humanity.
I have zero doubt that when the Deep State looked into future Timelines where they were defeated, a Kennedy played a major part in their demise.
Whether or not they knew which Kennedy isn't clear, since they set about destroying the possibility of ANY Kennedy defeating them.
I wrote my theory in a blog. The day after my blog was posted, Juan O'Savin Tweeted a Q post verifying my point, and then I Tweeted it all together.
I'm so grateful to Juan for verifying what I thought. '
Plane crashes are targeted kills.'
Here is a brief summary for those who may not be familiar with Kennedy History:
JFK's older and dearly loved brother, Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. died in 1944. A U.S. Navy Lieutenant, killed in action during WWII while serving as a land-based patrol bomber pilot and posthumously awarded the Navy Cross. He died in a BQ-8 he was piloting that 'accidentally' exploded over England.
JFK's dearly loved sister, who was by all accounts a beautiful 'spitfire' of a woman, Kathleen Cavendish, Marchioness of Harington ['Kick' Kennedy] died in a plane crash in 1948 in France.
Ethel Kennedy's parents, George and Ethel Skakel, died in a plane crash in 1955 when their Corvair plane 'ran out of fuel' and Ethel's brother George, also died in a plane crash in 1966.
President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated November 22, 1963
Senator Edward Moore Kennedy escaped death in a June 19, 1964 plane crash
Senator Robert Francis Kennedy was assassinated June 6, 1968
John F. Kennedy Jr. faked his death in a plane crash on July 16, 1999, it makes a lot of sense to me on three counts:
, he would know he was a target of the Deep State. It is common knowledge that at his mother's insistence he had Secret Service or private Security guarding him his whole life.
Two, that he would choose a plane crash, has poetic Kennedy symmetry given all the plane crashes in that family.
Three, and the most obvious point to Patriots, is that we know, as first reported by Charlie Ward, that President Kennedy gathered a small group of advisors around him because he feared for his life. He didn't want whatever crucial information he had to die with him.
JFK called those advisors 'Q.'
After the President was killed, loyal U.S. Military Generals banded together, decided they'd had enough of the Deep State and became intent on taking them down.
Juan O'Savin said that this small extraordinary group of Military Intelligence that are loyal to the Republic, and who came up with this masterpiece of a decades-in-the-making-plan, shall always remain anonymous.
John F. Kennedy Jr. was raised in Q. He was more than likely surreptitiously guarded by Q. So this Q post makes total sense and therefore, once again, verifies Colleen and Charlie Freak's superb Q-Plan narrative and their belief that JFK Jr. faked his own death. They haven't been wrong yet. I bow to them both.

Robert David Steele Jan. 4, 2021:
RDSteele: I believe that John F. Kennedy Jr. and Donald Trump formed a special bond in New York on a combination of things: 9-11, plus John F. Kennedy Jr. being threatened with assassination so that Hillary Clinton would win. She would never have won in New York had JFK Jr. run.
I believe JFK Jr.'s death was faked. And I believe JFK Jr., Donald Trump and Senior Military Officers loyal to the Republic have been working behind the scenes for the last 5 to 10 years.

We'll soon find out folks.


Whether you believe 80% of Americans
voted for Trump in a landslide... or not.
And whether you believe the election  
was stolen by vote rigging... or not.    
And whether JFK Jr. is alive as Q    
...or not.
The truth is emerging for a big show!
TRUST THE PLAN to Resurrect the Republic
  upgrading Five Core Constitutional Freedoms
   at the heart of a new economics of abundance
   based on abundant cooperative collaboration  
    (win/win) rather than the economics of win/lose
    whereby the .001% super-rich get super-richer
  and the 99.999% suffer orchestrated scarcity,
anxiety, deprivation and unabashed tyranny.
THE CRISIS: Get a Grip and Hold Steady
Shielding children from the pain of the world is one thing,
but mature adults need to get a grip on THE CRISIS.
The world is full of evil and lies and pain and death,
and you can't hide from it - you can only face it.
But when you do, how do you respond?
Do you become a victim or a victor?
We don't 'graduate' (ascend) as the new 'US'
- United Sovereigns of Earth -
until we 'ratify' (confirm) what we AFFIRM:

G.O.D. Government follows
first principles of universal
with pure intention -
good faith.
Education of the Heart will
involve and evolve our Conscience
with coherent attention -
Aquarian Universal Self Care champions
well-informed choice for global healing;
preventing disease ~
optimal health.
Community Building processes
culture our conscientious common sense
through interactive
Is it true that unity in diversity with
is the Prime Directive for global 'US'?
Are you aware that the victory of
has already occurred in the Continuum?
 Would you agree that global co-Creation
with a high standard of communication
will create unity for REAL community?
Based on your response...   
 What is the highest and best service that you
can provide for the Family of Mankind in our
 instant-everywhere-interactive global village?
(Hint: is the key to Sovereignty)

I trust Dr. Steve Pieczenik - his InfoWar Updates.
This is the BIG ONE we've been waiting for:
Deep State coup and High State countercoup.
Is this his last appearance on InfoWars?
Jan 13, 2021 / InfoWars
Dr. Steve Pieczenik triples down on his confidence in
exposing the fraudulent Presidential Election of 2020,
and bets Alex Jones that if he is right he wants to join
 the Infowars roster; if not then Steve will never return.
Article with video linked HERE.
I only publish the sources I trust.
It may be more info than you want.
So enjoy what resonates with you.
All Ways ... Always,
~ CR     

 Full Spectrum (5D) TLC
   with pure geometry thoughtforms
G.O.D.~ Constitution), for
  Effective Sense Perception (ESP)
    via enlightened
 TeLeComm for TeLeCommunity,
TeLeConscience, TeLeCare 
NEXT TeLeCommerce 


I trust higher Power, Wisdom and Love
from  spiritual realms above all.

A powerful timely message from
Archangel Michael on
Epic Planetary Purge'.

Jan 13, 2021 / HeartsCenter.org  

Archangel Michael comes to clear the earth of negative energies, practices, and individuals who have held back the planet from realizing the kingdom of heaven upon earth. He exhorts us to live within the angelic frequencies of light within our mind, heart, and will and says that when we make the commitment to do this, the angels are there to support, encourage and comfort us. We must consider ourselves as angels in embodiment and miracles will manifest through us for the liberation of others. Archaia Faith also comes and brings a light blue pastel rose for each person, inscribed with the energies of pure faith as naturally neutralizes fear.