"Believe nothing merely because you have been told it, or because it is traditional,
or because you yourself have imagined it.  Do not believe what your teacher tells you
merely out of respect for your teacher. But whatsoever, after due examination and analysis,
you find to be conducive to the good, the benefit, the welfare of all beings...
that doctrine believe and cling to, and take it as your guide."
- Gautama Buddha


List philosophy

by list moderator, Christopher Rudy

I don't attempt to make everyone happy on this list with lowest common denominator baby food.  It would be easy to digest but there are many Sons and Daughters of God on this list who are ready for their inheritance of the kingdom consciousness.  True, some have forgot that they are great cosmic beings, having an earthly experience.  And there are some immature "children of God" on this list who may not always appreciate the "food for thought" I serve up.   Truly, we must be like children to enter the kingdom consciousness.  And mature God consciousness does not deny childlike humility of "inner sense" at the heart of innocence.  So you'll find me "playing" with words a lot to convey "out of the box" meaning in a fresh new way that desk-top publishing on the Net makes possible.

Sometimes I may get personal with my feelings on a subject, and I will try to let you know when I bring a strong bias - and why.  Other times I get so impersonal with this universal law language to the point of seeming arrogant.  A strength in excess can become a weakness after so much time on the front lines, staring the insanity of "blind leaders of the blind" in the face.  And in challenging pervasive insanity in the world, it challenges everyone's comfort zone that gets along by going along with the way things are in their world... as if the "justice" that "just is".

Some days I attempt modern day parable -- exquisite metaphor -- for the highest truth in the simplest context.  The LOVE Model is an on-going attempt in that regard; the simplest of all formal constructs for framing ultimate truths of universal law via the language of pure geometry.  Other days I serve up "strong meat" for disciples on a serious path of evolutionary ascent... framing G.O.D. consciousness (Geometry Of Divinity) along more enlightened "lines" that flesh out cosmic "natural-common" law.  Spiritual geometry is a vast cosmological science.

With approx. 37,000+ on my combined list now, there are approx 37,000+ "world views" - each with their own unique soul matrix (habit) of believing, thinking, feeling and acting. Every one is 100% right for their prevailing awareness of "reality". Yet any one at any one time may in fact be "out to lunch" from the perspective of universal "cosmic law" in general... or from a different learning style than the "color codes" one I provide on the list.

I look at this list as a real "mixed bag" of neophyte "affiliates", conscientious "initiates", self-motivated "messengers" and self-actualized "adepts"... see www.heartcom.org/blueprint.htm for an introduction to these terms. 

When I'm in my "right mind" (spherical "whole-E" consciousness), I try to conscientiously address the 4 archetypal (Jung) perceptual styles on this list as I would a Life Mastery Course from "Reality 101 through Ascent 104.  I believe that by treating the list as though an open-minded learning organization, it becomes just that. 

This world we live in is fraught with some serious "stinking thinking" right now.  Call it cognitive dissonance, programmed unreality, virtual insanity or paradigm paralysis... there is a cause and core POWERSHIFT in process right now: www.heartcom.org/powershift.htm.  Many are awakening to truth with a a higher conscience that sets them free.  Others awaken to the same truth that challenges their comfort zone in denial of a God of Love in principle and practice.  So some awaken to contempt while others awaken to self-elevating salvation.

The BIG SHIFT is not just to higher conscience but from power elitist values of ownership and control of the physical and human resources of the planet... to the virtue of peace and cooperation as facilitated by interactive global media that honors the Constitution of universal "common-natural" law at the interactive interface "heart" of our global "Internet village". 

Power elite powertrips continue to program the masses with one-way, top down, command-and-control, martial law imperative of subservience to encroaching tyranny.  War powers increasingly suspend Constitutional freedoms and the public is increasingly told, "Ours is not to question why, ours is but to do or die."  This is a closed "win/lose" system.  The power elite and their well-paid sycophants in the media, government, courts and social infrastructure breed a paranoiac subservience to tyranny.

 99.99% of the population loses under the old paradigm.  First we lose our right minds, believing the lies of the REAL terrorists who really do hate our freedoms and have legislated them away in Washington DC. Than we lose our self-respect, having surrendered our conscience to the "get along by going along sheople-think" that tries to put a good face on the wolves in sheep's clothing.  And having becoming spiritually dead, calling evil "good", going along with virtually antichrist "in the name of the Christ"... such a population will soon lose their lives... either by destruction via enemies or by cataclysm via a merciful God who would purge the earth of such blasphemous insanity before it makes a nuclear or biological waste heap of a planet.

Jeesh... there I go again - throwing down the gauntlet for list members!
I've done what I can to "reboot the matrix" from a closed system to an open system.  From highly centralized, one-way, programming by power elite control-freaks... to highly decentralized, interactive LOVE-centric mass
TeLeComm "of, by and for ALL people".  From scarcity economic that empower corporate monopolies to conceal, waste and destroy the abundant life... to an economics of abundance that is centered and connected in the first principles of universal law language at the heart of the communication infrastructure that regulates all our social. political and economic institutions.  The best recent overview of this Big Picture Vision is detailed in the post below - www.HEARTcom.org/Holi1-25.htm .

Some have told me I'm ahead of my time.  Fact is, times have changed and have fallen behind the capability of modern
TeLeCommunications -- the Internet's interactive "representation" potential -- for application of those first "TLC" (God of Love) governing principles and core freedoms espoused by U.S. Founding Fathers.  The whole world knows that the leaders of the U.S. have betrayed the principles it once championed.  Enlightened Netizens worldwide see through the BUSHwhacker terror-for-tyranny tactics for global control.  And these enlightened Netizens know that the instant-everywhere Internet technologies could be used to liberate and leverage the spirit of Aquarian cooperation and co-ordination... ordained with a special LOVE that frames divine order with the heart of holy compassion and divine harmony.

It ain't rocket science.  Look to
SEE... Know to BE... the Geometry Of Divinity.  G.O.D. is LOVE
and is for~giving... at the heart of the local-global TeLeComm interactions that shape our conscience and community.

With HEARTware-centric TeLeComm as the Rule... LOVE rules!

May 2005 be the year you claim the victory of an economics of abundance
based on the "Abundant Life" that affirms:
"I have come to bring the light of life in greater LOVE...
and that more abundantly."

Winning From The Beginning with LOVE-centric vision
that Jump-Starts the global rEVOLUTION
of, by and for Higher Conscience.



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