Web Log  9-30-04


Your Choice For The Government You Want

By Christopher Rudy


There are two types of government.  One is evolving towards God government.  The other is devolving to “government as god” (tyranny over the hearts and minds of man). 


Civilizations, like individuals, are either busy being born or busy dying.


The choice for God government always begins in the hearts and minds of kind men who have made the choice to be servant leaders of man kind.


The key factor behind the “birthing” of God Government is an “integration spiral” (process of integration with the honor of divine law and language). Conversely, the degenerate devolution spiral of disintegrating virtue leads to the dying of self and civilization.  That’s the Law – it’s always been that way from time immortal.


If you’re not “tuned in” to spiritual “BE-IN-G” (BE-IN-God~Love)

You’re “tuned out” (the outer sense of lost inner sense).


The choice is always between the outer sense of politically correct thought and the inner sense of virtue and greater LOVE at the heart of true innocence.  Otherwise, we’re guilty of the “sin” of accepting or otherwise choosing the morally wrong thing.  Duh!


The choice for God government thus begins between the ears – how we think about everything.  Indeed, HOW we think can transcend the lock-step politically correct thought that is morally wrong.  It’s a simple choice.


Let me humor the point:

Do you do better when you know better?  Are you pro-life for your life? Or do you choose to be stupid and gump your way through life?


“Stupid is what stupid does.”
- Forest Gump


“Intelligence is what intelligence does.”
- Oh I-get-it


“Responsibility is what response ability does.

- Honorable Human


The question is -- if you know what greater LOVE is because you are intelligent and don’t want to die stupid – why would you deny coming up higher?  Give yourself one good reason why you would deny the enlightened self interest of “greater LOVE” (more, easier and faster), unless of course you have a “BS” (Belief System) running you and actually believe, think or feel unworthy of more LOVE in your life and the world at large. Duh!


The point should be self-evident -- what we used to call “common sense” before it became so uncommon with “get along by going along” politically correct thought.  One-in-God is still a majority.  Moral right still beats politically wrong thinking.  The Golden Rule/law language still beats the paradigm paralysis of “stinking thinking” that rationalizes evil, terror and war that good may come of it.   Worldwide Love still beats endless war.


The choice is the point.  Everyone has the choice to either make it a better world, beginning with themselves, or to be part of the problem rather than part of the solution. 


That choice is this simple:  “Birthing” begins with an individual representation PROCESS – an electronic upgrade of our Bill of Rights and Constitutional freedoms - that raises the standard of LOVE at the heart of the collective communication PROCESS whereby we “come-into-unity” (comm-unity) in both our local and global village networks.


The key word here is the PROCESS.  The choice of all “enlightened” (spiritually intelligent) Netizens who choose God government will sooner or later:


L” - Seize the Vision (Affirmation of LOVE at the heart of Net worth),

O” - Embrace the Virtue (Confirmation by understanding the worth of LOVE),

V” - Make the Vow (Determination to network Net worth via LOVE), and

E” - Claim the Victory (Integration with LOVE of, by and for self & civilization.


The intent of the U.S. Founders is the same intent of “U.S.” (United Sovereigns) today.  The only difference now is that there is no “territorial imperative” in our instant/everywhere global village.  Time and space have been eliminated by the Net.  The new “geo map” for the new “geography” of inner space is the geometrized maps of consciousness of the “Geometry Of Divinity” – the G.O.D.~LOVE Model. 


So as we move from cyberspace to inner space, navigating the new frontier of the “InnerNet” – whereby the masses worldwide can utilize a God governing system for coming into unity through a common language of cosmic-universal laws – this interactive communication PROCESS becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.  In fact, the vision alone  -- how that PROCESS will work -- is the catalyst that makes it so. Because when we know better, why would we deny ourselves the greater good?


An honorable people – the moral majority who will always choose victory virtues over victim values – are pro-life for their own life.  Given a clear choice, they will always choose the life of love over endless war, death and dying.  


The greatest power we have is the power to make a choice.  To the extent that we position ourselves with “The Great Law”, that Law will position Higher Power with Higher Consciousness of Greater LOVE through us.  As above, so below… on Earth as in heaven.


For this is the Law of the Prophets of self-fulfilling prophecy… that we get the leaders we ask for through the representation process we accept or otherwise believe in.  In a system of God government, we choose greater LOVE at the interactive interface HEART of it.  HEARTware: the “middle way” of checks and balances between divine “linear” order (Law of the Angles of G.O.D) and holy “nonlinear” compassion (Language of the Angels of LOVE).


Clearly the best interactive interface for “geometrizing” (navigating) the last frontier of our “inner space” is the middle way for mediating the mass media’s mass mind.  That’s now possible with a special LOVE-centric “TLC” (TeLeCommunications) PROCESS that will involve and evolve our personal consciousness and planetary conscience in the image and likeness of G.O.D.~LOVE governance.  The higher the concept conceived and believed, the greater the results.


Or as the ascended Forest Gump would say with divine gumption, “Christhood is what Christhood does.”


Personally, I can’t think of anything better to do.  I can’t imagine why a Christian people would deny LOVE-centric God Government for a war-centric government god.  And being a “response able” Netizen with the responsibility to do as well as I know better, it’s a done deal for me.  Winning from the beginning.   The choice for an upgraded system of representative God government.  The choice to “make it so.”


By God’s grace, there are enough good people who will do enough to “network the Net worth” of this Vision for the Victory of LOVE-centric E-valuation criteria at the interactive interface heart of God government.


May you know this in your heart of hearts as do all servant leaders who live to serve our evolutionary ascent on the path of enlightenment.


For God Government – I Am,