2019 Global rEVOLUTION Series

Global Co-Creation with Codes

“For community to be whole and healthy, it's got to be
 based on people's love and concern for each other."
~ Millard Fuller, Founder of Habitat for Humanity

 So you want to see more love in the world
 to solve our social, political and economic
 problems within and between all nations?
     Is it true that the accelerated rate of change
 is seeing the compromise of freedoms in
     the name of security until we have neither?
    Would you agree that global rEVOLUTION
    has reached a point where systemic crisis
   demands we look for systemic solutions?

    Well consider this big opportunity
   for more light and love, easier and faster.
The future vision called foresight is more
 than connecting the dots from hindsight.
  For a new way of looking at 'TLC' at the heart of
     global holistic healing, consider how the ordained
    power of love naturally neutralizes the negativity
  of the inordinate love of power... especially now
     as we move from patriarchal values of ownership
     and domination to matriarchal virtues of nurturing
     the cooperative spirit that matters for sovereignty.
   Global Co-Creation Codes
by Christos Lightweaver
  Global TeLeComm and Global TeLeCare healing
  prefers united freedom, an Alliance of the willing.
   Energies of health trump the chemistry of disease
    thanks to quantum medicine for true healing ease.
    Politics of profit always complicate health science.
      Unfortunately the Constitution has lost our reliance.
     Corporatocracy has overruled the 'Citizens United'.
 Corporate media keeps us ignorant and divided.
The truth of all this may cause major disruption,
   but thrival begins as we end systemic corruption.
  Endless war for peace is propaganda's profanity
   for our devolutionary demise with abject insanity.
       The issue boils down to inordinate walls in the mind
       that must finally come down for benefit to mankind.
        This mission is now possible when we all can agree
       via terms of Alliance - United Sovereigns now free.
       The genesis of freedom in Alliance means survival
       and in good CONSCIENCE, we rise up for thrival.
      The economy must pivot as a compass... for love
        whereby the High State matures, below as above.
       Conscience is the currency for the Abundant Life.
        It's not a mystery when known, to reduce all strife.
       The action plan we have long been waiting to see
       is co-Creation via Source Code; cyberEthics key.
         The source of all ethics and true spiritual reverence
          is access to the Source Field with heart coherence.
           Co-Creation with Creator is an ethical consideration
TLC is mainstreamed via heartware applications.

         The more you work with nature's source field code,
          the more 're-source full' is your conscious abode.
          CyberEthics qualify our conscientious co-Creation
           with a standard for our self-determination.
           The currency of conscience is
for giving, not betting
         on self-serving interest that is stuck on
for getting.
           Man doesn't live on bread alone, but on the leaven
         of heart coherent virtues here/now as in 'heaven'.
         Such knowledge is power via wisdom in ,
            ascending in consciousness as on wings of a dove.
            Holy Spirit is no longer great mystery veiled in awe;
            -in-action will fulfill the Great Cosmic Law.
           Unity in diversity is common sense, pure intention
            for self-fulfilling prophecy as we now pay attention
           to tools and processes for true retention
    as empowers coherence... for evolving ascension
          in prescient realms of G.O.D.~ dimension.
          Here's to a new way of looking at things because
            if we do what we've always done, life is on pause.
            A new age is dawning for our enlightened opinion
          as we rise up to claim Sovereign wise dominion.
     With as the rule for comprehension,
the gold standard naturally rules
in all
TLC dimensions.

Full Spectrum
 Global TeLeCare,

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