2017 Big Shift Series

As fake news disintegrates and
the whole truth integrates

Deep Space “Eye of God” Nebula

 Full Disclosure of our Past and Future
via Sovereignty Solutions to Tyranny

Nov 3, 2017 / Full Moon

Healing Mass Illusion and Self Delusion

 Full Disclosure is disruptive to mass deception
  and stressful for one comfort zone of normalcy.
 But Earth’s future must reconcile Earth’s past,
   so be aware that disruption of corruption will
find stress relief with sovereignty solutions

Be Prepared ~ Shift Happens!

 Part 1 – Unveiling True U.S. History
Part 2 – The Secret Space Program
Part 3 – Ascension Dynamics Now

First… Getting Past the Past Fully Disclosed:
Twilight of the global corporatocracy cabal



Antony Sutton, Skull & Bones, Hitler,
and the Bush family

August 27, 2017 / Jon Rappoport

America’s Alliance with Islamic Terrorists

Oct 11, 2017 / NSA Whistleblower

Ben Fulford Full Report on the Deep State
and the Nov. 4 Antifa Event Planning

Nov 2, 2017 / BenjaminFulford.net
 If it’s true that that the Soros-Dem sponsored
 Purple Revolution is being planned for chaos
   with this Antifa event, help with full disclosure.

INTEL Update (Real News)
Secret Battle Against the Cabal
Nov 2, 2017 / Sovereignty Alliance

Excerpt: The Cabal’s time is short and their fear, anger and paradigm paralysis is great. They want everyone as miserable as they are, creating divisive chaos socially and politically to create more demand for their centralized technocratic agenda of population control and reduction. It's end game for tyranny.

Second… Getting a Grip on Mankind’s Future:
The Secret Space Program Disclosed

 Note from CR: For those who study this formerly taboo
 subject of the Secret Space Program, you will find that
 there is a general consensus that Earth is moving into
 a high energy field in space with profound implications
 for weather extremes and global unity consciousness.
  This is that time, and full disclosure is now urgent.

This subject has been ‘blanked out’ in the MSM,
 but ignorance is no excuse under universal law.

In this Big Shift update, the genesis of Deep State covert policies of mass media cover-up is thoroughly exposed by many whistleblowers who explain how, after the second world war, the global corporatocracy developed a large space fleet, established extensive colonies on the Moon and Mars and have companies that already mine for rare metals in the asteroid belt. The Internet has thinned the veil of secrecy, showing Netizens worldwide that there are also huge underground military bases built on all continents. Some are 30 stories deep and many are connected with high speed mag-lev trains.

Cosmic Disclosure – an interview of
David Wilcock with Corey Goode

 This video - link above - is the premier of
a series of interviews of David & Corey
at Gaia.com

Published Oct 23, 2017

In November of 1989, ROBERT LAZAR took his 1st polygraph test to prove his honesty about the fact that he back-engineered Alien Spacecraft from another world for the United States Military at a secret base called S-4 (near the infamous Area 51).
     GEORGE KNAPP (Peabody Award winning Investigative Journalist) broke the story in an attempt to assure the safety of LAZAR. Being a Cosmic Whistleblower has its price, if you're not careful. KNAPP will often say, "VET EVERY SOURCE". Well, LAZAR has been vetted for over 25 years. His story has not changed, altered, or become more elaborate.
     LAZAR is telling YOU the truth. It's up to you what you DO with that information.

The Secret Space Program’s Shocking
True Purpose Disclosed

Nov 18, 2015 / 791,200 views

 New Interview with a Multidimensional
   Time Traveler re: Secret Space Program
and Realms of Higher Consciousness

Oct 29, 2017 / Destroying The Illusion
More on Jason Quitt at

Secret Space Program Insider with
  Full Disclosure of Historical Events

Oct 19, 2017 / Zohar Stargate TV

This is astounding information about numerous alien species, the secret space fleet, and battles with aliens on-and off-world. The publicly acknowledged NASA space program is but a "smoke screen" to hide a secret space program, that is so secret that even some U.S. Presidents and Congressional oversight committees are not even aware of it. This video provides a rare insider perspective which documents an in-depth look at the secret science, technology and space program that has already colonized Mars, built bases on our Moon and other planet's moons and given us the ability to travel to the stars.

See also:

Third… The Ascension Dynamics Now

   Ascension is a process that is intrinsic to
   the evolution of dimensional realms from
  universal 3D density to a 5D
via mastery of 4D perceptions 'in time'.

Solar Flash – Ascension Energies Cometh!
1st see THE MESSAGE FOR HUMANITY for context.

Oct 31, 2017 / SphereBeing Alliance

Before long, ‘we the people’ globally
- the Family of Mankind as the
  United Sovereigns of Earth -
will begin to self-manage as a whole.

Ascension News:
 This is the Time of Prophecy

Oct 14, 2017 / Steve Nobel

 We will self rule through consensus,
generated via the gold standard for
   interaction on a mass-to-mass scale:
Global TeLeComm.

Free Your Mind from Mainstream
Media Brainwashing

Oct 31, 2017 / WakingTimes.com

  We will self heal through wisdom of
   the ‘crowd’ – an empirical database
 of 'results' re: what is working best
for optimal personalized self care
   via well-informed sovereign choice:
Global TeLeCare.

For science geeks, this is a must watch:
Dan Winter on the Physics of Ascension

Oct 5, 2017 / Dan Winter

 Dan Winter pioneered the science of heart coherence
which is the 'gold standard' for quantum TeLeComm.
 This is the ordained
pure intention for healing CARE
at the
heart of medical-industrial complex incentives
 that should
do no harm and only profit via prevention
  of disease to optimize the ascension of global health.



  Free Yourself From the
Narcissist/Empath Pattern
Nov 2, 2017 / WakeUp-World.com

"The beginning of love is to let those we love
      be perfectly themselves, and not to twist them
   to fit our own image. Otherwise we love only
 the reflection of ourselves we find in them."
~ Thomas Merton

The Sovereignty Solution to Tyranny

The Sovereign Netizen model
 of, by and for
TLC affiliation in
   our ubiquitous social networks.

 Global TeLeCommunity:
‘Self-Governance’ with
 Upgrade of Net Reality
in the worldwide web.

“What we do to the web of life,
we do to ourselves.”
~ Chief Seattle

Unified TeLeConscience:
Self-Education with Upgrade of
 Conscientious Common Sense

“Conscience is the most sacred
of all property.”

~ Chief Architect of the Constitution,
   James Madison, 4th US President

Universal TeLeCare:
Self-Care with Upgrade of
 Holistic Health Standards
 - free online self service -
   with well-informed choice.

“Self care is the best health care
 just as the best government is
 self government.”
~ Chris Rudy

Global TeLeCommerce:
 Self-Sufficiency with upgrade
of ‘
Conscience Currency’ for
 an Economics of Abundance
 based on abundant ‘
’ for
 self-governing, self-learning
  and self healing

The Heartware Project

Upgrading 'core Net freedoms' with 'TLC':
TeLeComm & Global TeLeCare
coherence standards for global TLC.

The Co-Operative ‘OS
(Operating System)
TLC Co-Creation:

Part One - TeLeCommunity

Co-Operative Communication
with Interactive TeLeComm for
Self Governing Sovereignty

Community-Crowd Consensus
for Self Governance

The Power of Love at the Heart of
Five Core Internet Freedoms

Part Two – TeLeConscience

Co-Operative Learning Process
 with Interactive
for Self Learning Sovereignty

Community-Crowd Learning
for Self Education
The Wisdom of the Crowd at the
Heart of “5-D Intuitive Knowing”
Effective Sensory Perception)

Part Three - TeLeCare

Co-Operative Healing Process
with Interactive
TeLeCare for
Self Healing Sovereignty:

Community-Crowd Health Care
for Self Healing.

The Wisdom of Crowd Healing
 for the Analysis, Prevention and
Management of All Disease.

Part Four – TeLeCommerce

Co-Operative Conscience Currency
to underwrite TeLeComm power,
TeLeConscience wisdom and
TeLeCare Love Sovereignty.

Community-Crowd Prosperity
for Self Sufficiency.

The Wisdom of Crowd TLC-in-action
when balancing power, wisdom & love
 at the heart of a free and open Internet.

For Sovereignty Inspiration...
"This time of full disclosure is the
  prophesied time of Revelatons."

Now featured as a podcast and multi-media show at:

 About the Host: Dr. Rudy is a 5D visionary
  who got his doctorate in spiritual geometry
  i.e., Geometric Ordered Divinity as G.O.D.
  which frames cosmic order in the universe
     and on Earth as in heaven-Cosmos at large.

  The more information we have, the greater

       is the need to get it all in order with .
   Smart without heart is 'retro' as in "D.U.H."
(Dense, Unconscious & Heartless).

  See how the Prime Directive and Divine Direction are
  linked with the Power of Love at the heart of '
 to inspire
Global TeLeComm  with Global TeLeCare.

 Take a deep breath. You can do this hard thing.


  See the Good – Seize the Vision;
  Keep the Faith – Hold the Virtue;
 BE IN G od–Love IS the Victory;
Make it So! – Vow with Valor!

  Affirm it and confirm it to determine it:

"I Am, I Can, I Will, and with the power of love,
Done Deal! Winning from the beginning
with an attitude of gratitude that is
fantastic and getting better!"

All Ways Always

The Foundation for
TLC Unity;


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Cosmic .  See how at:
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