INTEL Update
(Real News)
Secret Battle Against the Cabal
Nov 2, 2017 / Sovereignty Alliance

There is a secret battle by the New World Order Cabal who want to restore the Roman Empire for the Jesuits and kill 90% of humanity and rule a totalitarian kingdom of Luciferian Depravity. (they will fail)

This secret agenda of this Cabal is to create a world fascist government controlled by members of European royal families who believe that their genetic bloodlines – going back thousands of years – gives them some kind of divine right to rule. Forensic research over a period of many years has led us to the conclusion that these are the real “Elders of Zion” – the ‘ZioNazi conneXion’…

Thanks to the confessions of Benjamin Freedman:

And thanks to David Icke, Nov 3, 2017, for disclosure of the true history of Zionism in this video:

The concentration of Zionist power with their supramacist “BS” (Belief System) has led to severe abuse of power – mentally, emotionally, physically and financially.

We see it with the old one-way programming paradigm of the Main Stream Media (MSM)  that is monopolized by 6 giant media conglomerates owned and controlled by Cabal Zionists. These purveyors of fake news BS are in the twilight of their existence – fully disclosed and virtually obsolete (irrelevant) thanks to independent interactive Net reality.

We see it with the Federal Reserve banking system that is neither ‘Federal’ nor has any ‘Reserves’, utilizing the ‘debt slavery’ system created by Zionists who hijacked the U.S. Treasury. That retro system based on the oxymoronic “value of scarcity” (scarcity economics) is antithesis to an economics of abundance for global prosperity.

Abundant knowledge power, wisdom and love – thanks to Net reality revelations of their combined healing power – is the transcendent judgment of a mass mind paradigm shift BEYOND paradigm paralysis in core social institutions. Because the Cabal has been outed - their cover blown - the Big Lie has been exposed in context of the Whole Truth. Full disclosure is going mainstream. It's end game for tyranny,

The Cabal’s time is short and their fear, anger and paradigm paralysis is great. They want everyone as miserable as they are, creating divisive chaos socially and politically to create more demand for their centralized technocratic agenda of population control and reduction.

They are behind the shootings... fires... hurricanes... floods... earthquakes... bombings... riots... terrorism including Isis. The MSM does their part to keep this out of the news.

Do not watch TV news because it infiltrates truth with deceptive mind manipulation / programming. (owned & controlled by the cabal)

When the 'Emergency Broadcast System' takes over the TV... then watch it for the truth. (should be in 2 weeks or less)

The Cabal were behind the great depression crash of 1929... JFK... MLK...9/11 and more.

Some Cabal leaders are the Rothschilds... Rockefellers... Bushes... Khazarian Netanyahu and the Saudi Jews.

Antifa and all the other 'false flag events' are Cabal attempts to destroy America. (coming this weekend Nov 4...backed by Obama)

The Antifa False Flag Event will be met with deadly force resistance this time.

Obama tried to nuke Charleston, S.C. on Oct 7, 2013. (and blame it on Russia)

Mission Generals had the weapon dropped 600 miles offshore. (creating an earthquake of 4.5)

Obama fired all the Generals involved.

Trump is saving our asses. But the Deep State has insinuated itself into the mass media mind control matrix… and there are many cabal shills for political correctness that is morally wrong and destructive of personal and planetary sovereignty.

Many shadow government operatives have been quietly taken out.

Top Management at the FBI is corrupt and guilty of 'Capital Treason'.

All the houses at Santa Rosa that burned had 'Smart Meters' installed. A 'Direct Energy Weapon' overloaded their circuits and caused the 'Smart Meters' to start the fires. They are offering the homeowners mini homes as part of the 'Agenda 21/30' to downsize living standards.

There may be a communications blackout in November. (by the good guys taking down the cabal)

U.N. troops are currently here in America. (illegally)

If any one of them tries anything may shoot them.
The NYC terror attack was an illuminati rite. (Halloween being a Satanic holiday)

The “U.S. Military” (Globalist Corporatocracy) has the ability to 'Time Travel'...'Teleport’… and 'Travel Deep Space'.

Full disclosure is going mainstream with disruption of corruption and a global check up from the neck up.

Looks like up from here:)