March 20, 2015
Equinox / Solar Eclipse / Super Moon
(triple window for paradigm shift)

Facilitating Conscience Currency” (FCC)
For the Future of the Internet and
The Next Economy

Will new FCC rules facilitate the currency of conscience for the next phase of the computer/Internet revolution? After previous emphasis on hardware (70’s), software (80’s), netware (Web 1.0 / 90’s), and Web 2.0 social networks (2000+), heartware (Web 3.0) is emerging.
My previous article on FCC Rules for the Internet went into the limited capabilities of the FCC, specifically in regard to infrastructure upgrades for social networks (Web 2.0) and the evolution of global Net reality with Web 3.0. This article focuses more on Web 3.0 as the Next Big Thing - culturing the currency of conscience at the heart of the Next Economy.
I realize that this article is a stretch for 
normalcy bias that resists if not resents out-of-the-box paradigm shift, but status quo paradigm paralysis is virtually killing us. Here's to a new normal. Shift happens:)

Christopher Rudy, Host of BBS Radio's Cosmic LOVE,
and Publisher of the Heartcom Network

Humanity's conscious evolution has naturally accelerated with the computer/Internet revolution.  A new global village of instant-everywhere and interactive telecom capability is now poised for a major upgrade from Web. 2.0 to Web 3.0
The Family of Mankind has the opportunity now to monetize the currency of conscience at the heart of the Next Economy. The valuation of this currency increases as we involve and evolve our individual and collective consciousness... with a Conscience.
The vision of this Web 3.0 process is providing the emerging blueprint for a global golden age that represents the prophesied portents of the millennial Aquarian Spirit, i.e., abundant Freedom-in- at the heart of a more enlightened model of self-determination with an economics of abundance governed by cyberEthics E-valuation criteria for culturing conscience in social networks.
More on this Web 3.0 process at Light Language for Conscious Languaging.
Transformation of the economy is necessary at this time. The oxymoronic value of scarcity (economics of scarcity) has succeeded in creating and managing scarcity to the point where gross defects obscure actual gains. A systemic global paradigm shift is necessary to liberate not only social conscience in our ubiquitous social networks, but also liberate clean free energy technologies, universal health care capabilities, and global education breakthroughs that link the OuterNet with the InnerNet.

In the larger scheme of conscious evolution on this platform for soul growth we call Earth, the fulfillment of global Net reality we are now witnessing is as profound for personal and planetary transformation as was Gutenberg's printing press that led to European Enlightenment and the American Revolution.
But now it's a global affair. Were all in this together. Its no accident that you are alive at this time. You have a front row seat to witness the emerging paradigm shift for almost 4 billion global Netizens. That's when systemic enlightenment goes global, mainstreaming the vision of self determination for co-creating our individual and collective evolutionary ascent with Effective Sensory Perception as kind men among mankind.

"Conscience is the most sacred of all property."
~ Chief architect of the Constitution, James Madison

Just as Thomas Paine sparked the American Revolution with the widespread printing of his treatise Common Sense, the global computer/Internet revolution has brought US (United Sovereigns of Earth) to the same point of affirming, confirming and determining First Principles -- The Constitution of Conscience - for culturing conscientious common sense in our new global social network communities.
Conscience in a social network is what defines REAL community -- how we come-into-unity -- rather than remain polarized in 'virtual' or 'pseudo' community.
Conscience in communication is what qualifies cyberEthics E-valuation criteria at the interactive interface heart of mass-to-mass TeLeComm.  Such a process for culturing conscience requires a standardized universal frame of reference for coherent congruence whereby a hundred or million Netizens can respond to the same video in real-time (or playback) in the way that represents unity Conscience or lack of it; a metric for measuring and magnifying our focus on the conscious evolution process.
The more Conscience we bring to all our social, political and economic problems, the greater the results for general enlightenment.
Conscience IS what
-in-action DOES.  By becoming more conscious of HOW we are conscious, individually and collectively, a new enlightenment goes mainstream.
"Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of
body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day."
~ Thomas Jefferson to Pierre Samuel Dupont de Nemours, 1816
Call it mass awakening, the Big Shift, or 'Global Enlightenment', a free and open Internet has brought us to this point. In fact, the coming golden age for Earth has already happened in the continuum. If quantum science has taught us anything, its that time as we have known it is an illusion. Or as Einstein said, "Time is not at all what it seems; it does not flow in only one direction, and the future exists simultaneously with the past."
It is quantum science that has shown us how manifestation of the spirit that matters for conscious evolution naturally follows pure intention as focuses attention with love retention for conscious ascension in a common dimension where the holy spirit of
-in-action rules.
Put simply, the
TLC equation for global TeLeComm integrates the full potential of interactive global social networks -- Web 2.0 -- with the heartware cyberEthics that define and refine Web 3.0 with heart/mind coherence and congruence of a more enlightened nature.

The Web 3.0 process of information's ecology recycles interactive knowledge in the cyberEthics way that empowers wisdom with heart coherence, combining and shining the light of consciousness with the language of consciousness
that cultures Conscience.
The vision alone, how this process works universally and within one's brain-field holodeck, is indeed the catalyst for a self-fulfilling prophecy whereby global Netizens co-Create with the light of Conscience with a capital C as in see the path to self-correcting self-elevation evolutionary ascent beyond the paradigm paralysis of "stinking thinking" (victim dictum) that would rather suffer a scarcity of consciousness rather than an abundance of Conscience.

 A Global Economics of Abundance is the Natural Fruit of
 Abundant Conscience: A New Way of Looking at '
TLC' at
  the heart of global holistic healing and self determination:

          Universal Self Care and Global TeLeCare healing 
          prefers health freedom, an 
Alliance of the willing. 
          Energies of health trump the chemistry of disease 
          thanks to 
quantum medicine for true healing ease.
          Politics of profit are more complex than the science.
          Unfortunately the Constitution has lost our reliance.
          Corporatocracy has 'overruled' the 'Citizens United'.
          Corporate media keeps us misinformed and divided. 
          This may sound like the cause for major disruption,
          but thrival begins as we end systemic corruption.
          Endless war for peace is propaganda's profanity
          that promotes our demise with abject insanity. 
          The issue boils down to inordinate walls in the mind
          that must finally come down for benefit to mankind.
          This mission is now possible when we all can agree
          on terms of Alliance - 
United Sovereigns now free.
          The genesis of freedom for the Alliance means survival
          when in good CONSCIENCE, we rise up for our thrival.
          The economy must pivot on a moral compass with love
          whereby our CONSCIENCE matures, below as above.
          CONSCIENCE is the currency for the Abundant Life.
          It's not a mystery when known, for reducing all strife.
          The ACTION PLAN we have long been waiting to see 
          is co-creation with 'Source Code', the cyberEthics key.
          The currency of Conscience is for giving, not betting
          on self-serving interest that is stuck on 
for getting.
          Man doesn't live on bread alone, but on the leaven 
          of heart coherent virtues here/now as in 'heaven'.
          Such knowledge is power with wisdom in 
          ascending to heavenly realms as on wings of a dove.
          Holy Spirit is no longer great mystery veiled in awe;
-in-action will fulfill the Great Cosmic Law.
          Unity in diversity is common sense, pure intention
          for self-fulfilling prophecy as we now pay attention
          to tools and processes for pure  retention
          as empowers common sense for evolving ascension
          in fully Present realms of G.O.D.~ dimension. 
          Here's to a new way of looking at things because
          if we do what we've always done, life is on pause.
          A new age is dawning for
Sovereign Self dominion
          as we wise-up and rise up for continuum's reunion.

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