2022 Great Turn-Around Series

Reality Report - Big War Brewing

Please Be Aware
And Prepare

If you read my last compendium on the
deepening 'inflation' crisis, you know
my pure intent – to prepare your
heart and mind for a coming
ordeal with the economy,
the supply chain and
global disorder.

 Something BIG is about to happen.

 I’ll go into it with a video and article
 from yesterday; fast breaking news
(without mainstream views).

  Give this due diligence/discernment
    and then you decide how to prepare
 and do what you incarnated to do.

  Your part in the Great Awakening:)

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My (senior) generation has seen a lot of war and rumors of war, but this is different - clear signs of war with Russia and China.

I’d like to believe that the White Hats will swoop in, command the air waves, flood our minds with truth, and save the day – as a Qanon friend keeps telling me.

We’ll see. I’ve been hearing that since the election was hijacked. Then there was two years when fear of death by an invisible enemy distracted us from the Enemy Within the Gates.

Those White Hats better move fast because the Black Hats are making their move to distract us once again - this time to provide cover for the collapsing US dollar via Big War as desired by Deep State desperados whose time is short.

That would be one timeline.

How the White Hats handle the collapsing economy and global war portents must begin by turning around the current headlong rush into Big War as explained so thoroughly by Mike Adams in yesterday’s video:

Oct 17, 2022 / Health Ranger Report
Full Article:
Russia 2nd wave attack on Ukraine
now appears imminent;
Biden wages ECONOMIC war against
China's semiconductor industry

October 17, 2022 / Mike Adams
 Global Crisis - Mass Extinction Event.
   And China is being forced to attack US
 as a matter of their economic survival.
Same playbook as with WWII Japan. 

Will China attack Taiwan while Russia attacks Kiev? I don’t want to believe that will happen. We’ll see in a few days or weeks. The signs are there – war brewing with both Russia and China.

See current War News Compendium HERE.

I prefer to believe that we are about to have a global frequency shift event that will morph the matrix of the mass mind with a love of life that sparks an Aquarian life of love… for a global rEVOLUTION in higher consciousness. That evolution - from the inside out - could naturally neutralize mass fear with mass faith in the ordained power of universal love.

That would be another timeline.

Or maybe it will be a combination. Perhaps it has to get worse before the Great Awakening of Aquarian Christ-like love goes mainstream with enlightened social conscience in our global social networks. That's the victory we need to conceive, believe and achieve for a global golden age.

In the meantime, be aware and prepare.

Keep the Faith – See the Good
Make it So!

The Spirit of Loving Kindness

Oct. 17, 2022 / HeartsCenter.org
In this discourse through David Christopher Lewis,     
 beloved Kuthumi reassures us that despite the difficult
  issues and people around the planet, there is a stream
 of light and a means by which each of us can maintain
    a greater connection with God. This is through the heart
 which is true to the holy love that originates from our   
Source, God. Kindness is one of the greatest ways to
   express this love and it is healing and restorative for all.


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