2022 Great Turn-Around Series
 Currency Hyperinflation Imminent

This is no time to sleep with eyes wide open.
 The ‘woke’ will be broke if they don’t awaken.
   Get a grip cause we’ll need more than hope’n.
 So prepare now and you won’t feel forsaken.

Be Aware of what’s Coming.
 Prepare Now While You Can.

Oct 15, 2022 / Heartcom Network


Three videos explain what’s going on with the
controlled demolition of the banking system.

You may have seen this 1st video.
I’ve published this twice before:


(23 million views since March 2, 2022)

  This 2nd video just came out 2 days ago.
Note the exact expected consequences
 thoroughly explained in the video above:

Oct 13, 2022 / Sorelle Amore Finance
   The 'new world reserve currency' (BRICS)
  will kill the US dollar. It's happening with
a coming gold standard - ready or not!

This 3rd video is the untold history of
  the corrupt financial system that must
   be ‘broke’ before we all agree on a fix.


Feb 6, 2022 / 2.6 million views
Would you agree that it had to get this bad
 before we awakened out of normalcy bias?

The big question is what will replace the
‘fiat’ (fake) currency system?

The answer is that it will either be the
'QFS' (Quantum Financial System)   
- supposedly going quietly in place -
or a digital retrofit of the old system.

Here's what a digital retrofit looks like:
Financial Oligarch Says Central Banks
Will Have 'Absolute Control' In
Coming Cashless Society
Oct 11, 2022 / nationalfile.com
The video, which initially surfaced in 2021, has gained renewed
  interest after announcements from the Biden Administration and
other governments regarding the development of Central Bank
 Digital Currencies. Known as CBDCs for short, this currency is 
federally-issued but takes the digital form of crypto-credit, and 
 is being promoted as the means to usher in a cashless society.

As you probably know, the same corrupt
  usury-based currency model that created
  the current currency inflation death spiral
    has their ‘solution’ with digital ID, tracking,
and a social credit system that Big Tech
   created for the Chinese Communist Party.

Kanye West CANCELED By Chase Bank,
Social Credit Scores Are Here
Oct 14, 2022 / youtube.com / Timcast IRL

Central bank CBDCs are an oxymoron
claiming ‘blockchain security' while
compromising 'blockchain purity’
- person to person -
because the bank is a middleman
who takes a fraction of the action
- parasitic usury -
or could block your account and 
 strip your funds - cancel culture -
  for politically incorrect dissidents.
Trudeau did it in Canada, taking
 money out of the truckers' bank.

 Paypal tried this a week ago and
  lost 6 billion $'s in market capital.

Paypal and Tech Tyranny
Oct 14, 2022 / Rob Braxman - YouTube
Paypal published a rule to fine users $2500 if they judge
that a user spreads disinformation. Paypal is connected
to your bank account. They pulled back after a massive
 pushback from users. Is this the job of a tech company?

 That’s what communists do! They spy on you
  and then limit what you can buy and do if you
 challenge their lockstep social credit system.

In China, It's "You Spy, I Spy, We All Spy For Xi Spy"
Xi Jinping is a Technocrat who has mastered Technocracy's
prime goal of the "science of social engineering". China now
  has 370 networked cameras per 1,000 citizens, meaning that
no one can escape daily surveillance and quick retribution if
  you make an 'unapproved' move. This is the sinister reality of
scientific dictatorship, and it is spreading to the whole world.

  It's also what corporatocracy does
  to profit from ‘Disaster Capitalism’
     (using emergency to mask plunder).

  Both the far left and extreme right
   plan on making a killing, literally,
 while the vast majority are silent.

 So I’m sounding the alarm!


Time to stock up on food essentials
before prices go exponential.

  If you have a pantry with food reserves,
stock up on Swedish Pollen Extract
- nutraceutical grade ‘royal jelly’ -
optimizing your immune system
to manage inordinate stress.

Network this message to family & friends.
This may be the best way to help them
unless you plan on feeding them!

Remember that the same lamestream media
who created mass mania
lockdowns for
“two weeks to flatten the curve”
 have spent the last two years
flattening democracy.

They’re in on the fix. So you’re on your own.
 Signs of the times? Handwriting on the wall?
Tribulations inbound?

Perhaps this 'reality show' is like a classic
Hallmark movie with unrequited love until
The Great Turn-Around.

So Care to Prepare and Share.
Network freely. Pay it forward.
-in-action is
for giving.