2018 Global Upgrade Series

The Ascent Event – Global Initiation

Full Moon in Aries
Sept 25, 2018

Cosmic Show podcast, Sept 29th
discussing the following narrative:

Our new instant-everywhere and interactive Internet capability has initiated a new normal – the Family of Mankind in a global village of REAL community: unity in diversity – the path of ascension for humanity.

Challenging divisive disconnect from the
Law of One and Global Community.

(3 videos added at that link)

The extreme polarization of perceptions that we now witness with mainstream media focus on Supreme Court Justice confirmation hearings is a classic example of the social chaos that happens to social networks right before coming into unity with a more enlightened love-light social conscience.

The High State challenges the Deep State
during systemic global holistic

Dimensional Shift

As I explained with a powerful in-depth
   video 3 days ago at the Equinox Update,
Full Disclosure of the ‘Ascent Event’ is
going mainstream in the ‘global mind’
– sooner or later – and this revelations
revolution is
disruption of corruption
– overcoming perception deception –
  a process of general enlightenment for
upgrading 3D vision to a higher state.

Shift from Deep State to High State

This is a process of accelerated change
   beyond prevailing perception paradigms
   that constitute change-resistant ‘reality’.

   No matter how shocking the revelations,
  be strong to handle it with fearless faith
that naturally neutralizes faithless fear.

The Event – In Brief:

The Event is the final breakthrough of 'light forces' on Earth, working in all dimensions from the spiritual and mental to the emotional and physical plane of 3-D reality as we've known it.
Upgrading global consciousness
with the Universal Law of One;
wisdom via Light Language
and the Power of LOVE.
There are many energetic aspects involved with reboot of the prevailing paradigm matrix of spirit that matters for mediating social conscience in our new global interactive social networks.
Global humanity is rediscovering a
 High State of without end;
   culturing kind men among mankind.
The EVENT of systemic global upgrade of core social, political and economic institutions is a process that requires collective self-correcting self-elevation of a salvation nature.
Global TeLeComm and TeLeCare
are raising the standard of
TLC at
the heart of global transformation.
Those who are adaptive to enlightened paradigm shift of a holistic nature will welcome the systemic shift in perspective that comes with The Event.
"We have it in our power to begin
the world over again."
~ Thomas Paine
Those who are closed-minded and not adaptive to change will not handle The Event well. Paradigm paralysis creates anxiety over paradigm shift. Faithless fear sabotages fearless faith with agitation, anger, apprehension and antagonistic contempt for any change from the old paradigm of fear-based dimitude.
We're either busy being born again
- seeing the event as ascent -
or we're busy being 'stuck' in a
'Deep State' of "
(Stuck In Negativity).
The High State of philosophic calm with a sense of humor is helpful for personal development that works through paradigm paralysis to overcome subconscious programs:

Sept 15, 2018 / Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.

Mass Awakening from Contempt to ASCENT
(from mass polarization to mass unification)

Equinox Update / Sept 22, 2018)

Time of the 'Great Revealing'
(The time of Revelations)
A world where all knowledge
is shared with all people.
- Complete release of suppressed
history and technologies;
- Complete release of all crimes
against humanity;
- Compete release of all information
regarding E.T.'s involvement
with humanity.
Conversely, partial disclosure is based on
the "BS" (Belief System) that global
humanity can't handle the truth;
a slow drip of truth over a
long period of time,
and a controlled narrative to keep
'those in power' IN power.
  Continued in the Corey Goode video HERE,
explaining ascension as a consciousness 
 renaissance; how we co-create our reality. 

The Event is truly REVELATIONS...
 a paradigm shift in how we perceive

The Big Shift is about to hit the fan as Earth enters fully into the deep space energies of Aquarius with portents of universal freedom in Cosmic - the Law of the Angles framing the Language of the Angels for a synergy that 'crystallizes' (geometrizes) the name and flame that's the same sacred order known as 'G.O.D.' (Geometric Ordered Divinity).
This process of evolutionary ascent
resonates with an energy shift
in Earth's morphic fields;
dimensional shift.
Realize (real eyes) that we don't have just the physical plane; we have the higher energy planes like the etheric plane and
coherence plane. And there are controlling factors - controlling beings - who exist on those planes to guide humanity spiritually as the cause behind the cause of physical manifestation.
These light forces are
   making great progress.
There is a certain point with an energy breakthrough on the energy planes which will then manifest on the physical plane as the reset of the financial system.
The Currency of Conscience
  underwrites the Next Economy.
According to 'White Hats' of the High State, at the same time that the financial system resets, there will be mass arrests of those power elite of the Deep State who have been nefarious in their abuse of humanity. Those 'Black Hats' will be taken into custody and will be given a fair trial, but they will not be allowed to have any access to positions of power the rest of their lives.

What is the Deep State?
Who are they?

Sept 11, 2018 / Edge of Wonder (5 parts)

This animation beautifully explores
'The War On Consciousness':

Sept 25, 2018 / Collective Evolution article

See also:
New Research on Psilocybin Benefits

Sep 27, 2018
 / GreenCamp.com

Summary Musings on The Event

Science - It's much more advanced than we are told.
The Secret Space Program is no longer secret but
fake science is still promulgated via fake news.
New technologies for free energy & healing
are suppressed because they disrupt the
status quo of Big Oil and Big Pharma.

Religion - Mankind has free will to believe whatever.
It's better to believe nothing and either know
or not know - no "BS" (Belief Systems).
Mainstream Christianity in the U.S.
has been largely corrupted by
the BS of Political Zionism.

Politics - Everything changes as the times change.
The economics behind politics are far more complex
than any real science. The love of power without
the power of love divides the public from the
 High State for Deep State subservience.

Spirituality -  Nothing changes; same ‘G..D.’
Service to others (altruism) trumps selfishness, and
what goes around comes around with the same
Cosmic Law ~ Divine Direction ~
 Unified State
for all of '
US' as United Sovereigns of Earth.

As it was in the beginning is now and
ever shall be; without end.

So Keep the Faith, See the Good
and Make it So!

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